Ai Sugiyama is appointed as the official ambassador of the gym “High Alchi” that enables “high altitude” training in the city. Aiming to achieve well-being through high-altitude training, which used to be for athletes.

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Ai Sugiyama is appointed as the official ambassador of the gym “High Alchi” that enables “high altitude” training in the city. Aiming to achieve well-being through high-altitude training, which used to be for athletes.
Supporting mental and physical health to continue to take on challenges through low-oxygen “healthy air”

High Altitude Management Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Rena Tsuboi) has appointed former
professional tennis player Ai Sugiyama as its official ambassador for the high altitude training gym “High Alchi”. The ambassador
appointment period is from January 10 (Tuesday) to February 9 (Thursday), 2023. A free first-time trial campaign is being held until January 31, 2023 (Tuesday)!
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Aiming to realize well-being for men and women of all ages through “healthy air” called low oxygen
Now that well-being (mentally, physically, and socially being healthy and happy) is becoming more and more popular, Hialchi is making low-oxygen “healthy air” a new value. It is a gym that aims to realize the well-being of men and women of all ages by providing it widely. While many people have the image of a training method practiced by athletes when it comes to high-altitude training (hereafter, high-altitude training), Hialchi was founded in 2016 with 33 stores nationwide, aiming to spread high-altitude training to the general public. We have expanded the number of stores to (including stores scheduled to open). (as of January 2023)
In an environment with low oxygen concentration, you can put a load on your body just by being in that environment. Therefore, it is a feature that you can exercise efficiently in a short time as a “short-time training”.
And it has been found that high altitude training not only improves cardiopulmonary function and endurance to create a body that is less likely to get tired, but also contributes to dieting and anti-aging by increasing cell metabolism. (For details on the effect of exercise in a low-oxygen environment, click here: For this reason, high altitude training has been popularized with the support of users, mainly ordinary people who do not have a habit of exercising.
“I want to enjoy my limited life to the fullest. To that end, I want to work on my mental and physical health efficiently.” We will support you through producing the environment (low oxygen environment). [Image 2d23729-40-0d5598fc53e7547fb6fc-2.jpg&s3=23729-40-476ebd4b1f02c8aee8429180d7471d8f-3500x2334.jpg
Former professional tennis player Ai Sugiyama who embodies well-being Ai Sugiyama is a former professional tennis player active in the world, and is now a mother of two children.
Even in the book “Ai Sugiyama’s ‘Wish List 100’ How to make a wish come true and smile”
“After retiring from my dream of becoming a tennis player, I was confused by the big changes in my life.Thanks to the ‘Wishlist 100’ where I write down what I want to do, I was able to open up a new life. ”(from text)
He says that the pursuit of well-being is exactly in line with the values ​​of high alchi.
This time, when I became an ambassador, I actually experienced high-altitude training at Hiarchi Higashi-Nihonbashi Studio. Ai Sugiyama, who was active as a professional tennis player and lost her exercise habits after retiring, said, “I don’t need an athlete’s body anymore. But I want to keep my health and beauty forever. ” says. During the ambassador appointment, High Alchi will introduce the charm that Ai Sugiyama felt in the High Alchi experience.
In addition, a campaign will be held with the appointment of Ai Sugiyama as an ambassador.
■ Campaign details
At High Alchi Studios nationwide, we will carry out a first-time trial free campaign that anyone can participate in.
・ Admission fee 11,000 yen (tax included) → Free!
・ Administrative fee 5,500 yen (tax included) → Free!
・First experience fee 3,000 yen (tax included) → Free!
Campaign period: Until January 31, 2023 (Tuesday)
Studio list:
* Campaign application and content vary depending on the studio, so please check the website for details.
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■ Ambassador profile
Ai Sugiyama
Birthplace: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Date of birth: July 5, 1975 Former professional tennis player representing Japan.
In doubles, he became the first Japanese player to win WTA No. 1 in the world. Achieved the highest ranking of 8th in singles.
Retired in 2009. She is also the mother of two children.

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■ About high alchi
“High Altitude” is a coined word taken from high altitude (high altitude state, high altitude), and it is Japan’s first high altitude training studio (TM) where you can experience a training program that “trains from the cells” based on high altitude training.
With Hialchi’s unique technology, you can exercise in a “high-altitude space” equivalent to a 2,500m class mountain.
High-altitude training can be highly effective even without strenuous exercise because the body is stressed just by being in a state of low oxygen such as at high altitude.
Due to its high efficiency, it is a training method that many top athletes have adopted.
Although high altitude training is highly effective in this way, it is not generally used because it requires overseas expeditions in search of high altitude and expensive equipment such as masks are required for indoor training. I did.
This is Japan’s first high altitude training studio “High Alchi”, which overturns such common sense and proposes high altitude training as a simple daily exercise by turning the whole space into a high altitude state.
■ SDGs
Hialchi will realize sustainability management together with our customers and other stakeholders.
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■High Altitude Management Co., Ltd.Company Profile
High Altitude Management enables high altitude training, which used to require overseas expeditions and expensive equipment such as masks, to make the whole space a high altitude state, making it easier to train. We provide it in a form that is easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. “Making high altitude training a daily routine” is our mission.
TEL: 03-6912-1820
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