Aichi Prefecture Kanie Town, Aichi Prefecture, with the cooperation of Director Yukihiko Tsutsumi, produced a short movie “Sleeping Medicine” based on an idea by Fuki Kozakai.

Aichi prefecture
Produced a short movie “Sleeping Medicine” based on Kozakai Fuki original idea in cooperation with Yukihiko Tsutsumi in Kanie Town, Aichi Prefecture.

In Kanie Town, Aichi Prefecture, we are developing a city promotion as “Town of Mystery”, but this time we have produced and released “Sleeping Medicine” as the latest work in the mystery short movie series. This is a work by Yukihiko Tsutsumi, a famous film director who is famous for “20th Century Boys”, “TRICK”, “SPEC”, etc. With cooperation, we are making it every year from 2020.
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This work, which is the fourth in a series of three that have been produced so far, “corpse candle” in 2020, “euthanasia” in 2021, and “retinal development” in 2022. Masaru Mizuno, who has devoted himself to acting after graduating from the group he worked for, has appeared in many dramas and commercials, such as “Toppa File” and the Z drama “Utako Kamiya is not there at the graduation ceremony” as his partner.・With Sara Kodaka, Mian Sakisaka, Takuro Akita, and Shoya Suganuma appear in addition to Chimasa Nishikawa, the 4th Iemoto of the Nishikawa school, who is a regular in the series.
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The story is a bold arrangement of the original, modernizing the setting. A dull graduate student, Takamichi Ibuki, meets a peerless beauty, Teruko Sakuramiya, at a party. Teruko asks Takamichi, who fell in love at first sight, for advice. It was a request to approach Professor Yokoo, who is indebted to her, and do something. Takamichi accepts the request because he wants to meet Teruko alone. . . It is a suspense story in which a graduate student is caught up in love. The main story is now available on the official YouTube channel of Kanie Town Hall.
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○What is Kozakai Fuki?
Fuboku Kosakai (1890 – 1929) was a medical doctor, translator, and writer from Kanie Town. A person who can be said to be a pioneer in the world of Japanese detective novels, who left behind a
story.Although he died suddenly at the young age of 38, he wrote more than 140 works in just five years from the Taisho era to the early Showa era.It is said to be Japan’s first science fiction novel. He has received high acclaim for his novels, which were groundbreaking at the time, such as “Artificial Heart,” which was popularized in 1988, and “Love Curve,” which became a hot topic in online videos last year. Now that the above has passed, many of them are out of print or out of the public domain, and some can only be read on the Internet.Therefore, in Kanie Town, we decided to spotlight the group of unwooded works that are being buried in the waves of the times. , with the cooperation of film director Yukihiko Tsutsumi, we are developing a business that revives the work as a short movie.
○ Title: Kozakai Fuki Original Draft “Sleeping Medicine”
Production: Kanie Town, Aichi Prefecture
Director/Screenplay: Tomoyuki Fujiwara
Starring: Masaru Mizuno, Sara Kodaka, Chimasa Nishikawa, Mian Sakisaka, Takuro Akita, Shoya Suganuma, and others
Public: Released on January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) on the official YouTube channel of Kanie Town Hall
Running time: about 38 minutes
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