Aidemy Co., Ltd. “DX News (January 2023)” Released a new course for DX human resource development

Aidemy Co., Ltd.
“DX News (January 2023)” Released a new course for DX human resource development – Newly released content in January 2023 –

Aidemy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Akihiko Ishikawa, hereinafter “Aidemy”), which accompanies digital transformation, has announced that in the online DX learning “Aidemy Business” for corporations, Newly released content will be provided from January 1, 2023
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Since its establishment in 2014, Aidemy has been developing a “DX promotion support project” centered on the development of digital human resources with the mission of “Economically implementing advanced technology.” “DX promotion support business” consists of two services, “AI/DX product service” and “AI/DX solution service” “Aidemy Business”, which supports the creation of a strong organization that can respond to changes in the environment, was launched in 2018 as one solution of “AI/DX Product Service” and has been introduced to more than 400 companies, mainly enterprise companies. I have. (As of January 23, 2023)
Recently, more and more companies are starting to train all employees to promote DX, and the knowledge and skills required of DX human resources are becoming more diverse. In response to these trends, Aidemy has developed new teaching materials for “Aidemy Business” to meet the diverse needs of clients, from those learning to acquire digital literacy to researchers involved in system operation. And we are continuously improving existing teaching materials. In January 2023, we started offering “DX News (January 2023 issue)” to companies subscribing to DX News.
Aidemy will continue to expand the content of “Aidemy Business” and provide it to enterprise companies, along with the development of company-wide digital human resources and in-house production, and support the efforts of companies to realize DX. increase.
[Contents scheduled to be released in January]
DX News (January 2023 issue)
“DX News” picks up the latest DX-related news, mainly taking up application examples in each industry and explaining them in an easy-to-understand manner from a business perspective. This time, we will explain the topical DX measure “live distribution of the number of people waiting in line” implemented by the city hall and the AI ​​matching system used in the government’s matchmaking service. [Outline of Aidemy Business]
Aidemy Business is a digital human resource development platform where you can learn the knowledge of the cutting-edge fields that will be essential for future organizations and business people. We will reskill (redevelop vocational abilities) our human resources into DX/GX human resources with cutting-edge knowledge and support the creation of a strong organization that can respond to any environment. -Features-
・ Abundant learning content
We have a wealth of over 160 contents that will be needed in the future business scene, such as cutting-edge technologies such as AI / DX, carbon neutral, and environmental knowledge for GX (green transformation).
・Curriculum by position
In order to obtain the maximum learning effect, we have prepared an optimal learning curriculum that matches the position, such as for planning positions, for management positions, for technical positions, etc.
・Support system to maximize results
There are many functions to promote learning, such as visualization of learning progress, comprehension check test, and data output. In addition, dedicated customer success will strongly support your learning.

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Examples of Aidemy screens (Left: Questions to learn while writing code, Right: Management screen for Aidemy Business users)
[Overview of Aidemy Co., Ltd.]
Aidemy Co., Ltd. is a venture company founded in 2014 with the corporate philosophy of “Economic implementation of advanced technology.”
In December 2017, we released “Aidemy Free, an AI programming learning service that starts in 10 seconds”, and it has become one of the largest AI learning online services in Japan, with over 200,000 registered users in about five years since the service started. Currently, we are developing services not only for individuals but also for corporations, and for the in-house production of AI / DX projects and GX projects for companies, we have everything from education and training to business definition, prototype development, and actual operation. We are here to support you. Through these businesses, we will do our best to remove the barriers to social implementation of advanced technology.
Company name: Aidemy Co., Ltd.
Location: Yamajin Building 3F, 1-1 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director, Executive Officer, President and CEO, Toshihiko Ishikawa
Established: June 2014
Shareholders: Management Team, The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners (UTEC), Skyland Ventures, Daiwa Corporate Investment, Daikin Industries, TechnoPro, Furukawa Electric, Zeon Corporation, The University of Tokyo Collaborative Creation Platform Development (University of Tokyo IPC), Chiba Dojo Fund, KDDI Regional
Revitalization Fund, Individual Investor
Business description: Providing an online DX learning platform “Aidemy Business” for developing DX human resources and GX human resources centered on AI, and “Modeloy”, a DX project companion support service that provides comprehensive support from project planning to operation. offer

Aidemy Free (
Aidemy Premium (
Aidemy Business (
Modeloy (
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