Aidemy upgrades DSAT (Digital Skill Assessment Test)

Aidemy Co., Ltd.
Aidemy upgrades DSAT (Digital Skill Assessment Test)
-Further enhancement of visualization of employees’ digital skills by expanding the number of questions and reviewing test requirements-
Aidemy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Akihiko Ishikawa, hereinafter “Aidemy”), which accompanies digital transformation, is an assessment (* 1) test that visualizes individual digital skills, “DSAT (Digital Skill Assessment Test)” has been upgraded on January 20, 2023, and we are pleased to inform you that we have started providing it to employees of companies that have a contract for “Aidemy Business”. The beta version of DSAT has been available since July 25, 2022, but this time, we will expand the number of questions and review the exam requirements, and provide it as a test that can further strengthen the visualization of employees’ digital skills. I will come.
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Since its establishment in 2014, Aidemy has been developing a “DX promotion support project” centered on the development of digital human resources with the mission of “Economically implementing cutting-edge technology.” “DX promotion support business” consists of two services, “AI/DX product service” and “AI/DX solution service” “Aidemy Business”, which supports the creation of a strong
organization that can respond to changes in the environment, was launched in 2018 as one solution of “AI/DX product service” and has been introduced to more than 400 companies, mainly enterprise companies. there is.
As many corporations are using Aidemy Business, there is a growing need for assessment tools as a tool for quantitatively visualizing learning outcomes. We have started providing the beta version of the web test “DSAT” that visualizes the comprehensive evaluation of digital skills for employees of companies that have We have received feedback from companies that have actually used the beta version, such as “I want the test to be able to be taken repeatedly”, “I want the questions to be a little wider”, and “the company wants to understand the skills of employees in more detail”. As a result, we have upgraded “DSAT” on January 20, 2023.
The DSAT is designed to answer questions randomly selected from a pool of questions (40 questions in each field). less likely to be asked questions. With this upgrade, the DSAT question pool has been increased to a total of 800 questions in four areas, enabling a single learner to take the exam multiple times, repeating and improving digital skill proficiency. It can now be used as a tool for accurate visualization. In addition, we reviewed the DSAT test requirements, and established “major classification” and “middle classification” (*2) in the examination requirements for each of the conventional fields of “standard,” “engineering,” “data science,” and “business planning.” It is now possible to disclose whether the number of correct answers in the large and medium categories is high (low). This will allow companies to better visualize the skills of their employees by understanding areas that need reinforcement.
The DSAT is scheduled to be updated regularly in the future, and in February 2023, the number of questions will be added by 200 questions, increasing to 1000 questions. Aidemy will continue to support company-wide digital human resource development and in-house production by expanding content and providing it to enterprise companies, and supporting companies’ efforts to realize DX.
*1: Derived from the words “evaluation” and “assessment,” it refers to the evaluation of objects based on objective indicators such as numerical values.
*2: Please refer to the test requirements in [What is DSAT] below. [What is DSAT]
The skills necessary to promote DX are classified into four fields: “Standard”, “Engineering (Python & Web)”, “Data Science”, and “Business Planning”, and each field is further linked to major and medium categories. , a test that can quantify the skill level for each category.
In DSAT, you can comprehensively evaluate a single personality by combining multiple questions from the four fields. The question pool has a total of 800 questions, randomly assigned to each area. It is a multiple-choice assessment test in which you answer 40 questions in 30 minutes in each field. It is possible to take the exam online. ■ Standard
This is a test that tests your understanding of digital literacy knowledge. The range of questions is wide ranging from basic knowledge of business / IT to basic knowledge of AI / data science.
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■ Engineering (Python & Web)
This is a test that tests your understanding of the skills and knowledge necessary for engineering.
The range of questions covers a wide range from coding ability to system architecture design knowledge and system development method knowledge.
Some questions use Python as the programming language (no actual coding required).
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■ Data science
This is a test that tests your understanding of the skills and knowledge necessary for a data scientist.
Questions range from basic knowledge of algorithms to knowledge of the latest applied technology.
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■ Business planning
This is a test that tests your understanding of the knowledge necessary to formulate a business plan that utilizes digital technology.
The range of questions is wide ranging from business basics and planning knowledge to project promotion knowledge, such as business processes and methods and various value calculation methods. (The range of questions is not necessarily limited to digital.)
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Person in charge: Fujiyama
TEL: 03-6868-0998 (Weekdays 10:00-18:00)
[Overview of Aidemy Co., Ltd.]
Aidemy Co., Ltd. is a venture company founded in 2014 with the corporate philosophy of “Economic implementation of advanced technology.”
In December 2017, we released “Aidemy Free, an AI programming learning service that starts in 10 seconds”, and it has become one of the largest AI learning online services in Japan, with over 200,000 registered users in about five years since the service started. Currently, we are developing services not only for individuals but also for corporations, and for the in-house production of AI / DX projects and GX projects for companies, we have everything from education and training to business definition, prototype development, and actual operation. We are here to support you. Through these businesses, we will do our best to remove the barriers to social implementation of advanced technology.
Company name: Aidemy Co., Ltd.
Location: Yamajin Building 3F, 1-1 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director, Executive Officer, President and CEO, Toshihiko Ishikawa
Established: June 2014
Shareholders: Management Team, The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners (UTEC), Skyland Ventures, Daiwa Corporate Investment, Daikin Industries, TechnoPro, Furukawa Electric, Zeon Corporation, The University of Tokyo Collaborative Creation Platform Development (University of Tokyo IPC), Chiba Dojo Fund, KDDI Regional
Revitalization Fund, Individual Investor
Business description: Providing an online DX learning platform “Aidemy Business” for developing DX human resources and GX human resources centered on AI, and “Modeloy”, a DX project companion support service that provides comprehensive support from project planning to operation. offer

Aidemy Free (
Aidemy Premium (
Aidemy Business (
Modeloy (
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