Aidoma Holdings Co., Ltd. Established on January 25, Key Person Marketing Co., Ltd., aiming to expand business in the inbound networking area

Aidoma Holdings Co., Ltd.
Established on January 25, Key Person Marketing Co., Ltd. aims to expand business in the inbound networking area
~A wholly owned subsidiary of Aidoma Holdings~

Idoma Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yohei Miura, hereinafter: our company), which provides reproducible management solutions with human power and technology, will be 100% on January 25 (Wednesday). We have established an investment subsidiary, Key Person Marketing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takuya Ishiguri; hereinafter referred to as KPM).
Accelerator Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shinichiro Oikawa, hereinafter referred to as Accelerator), which develops and operates a business matching service between managers, has taken over the business of “COLABO” and is in the networking area. We aim to expand in

▼ Background of the establishment of the new company
 Our company has contributed to the optimization and efficiency of new sales for many small and medium-sized enterprises by providing services using three axes: consulting, outsourcing using crowdworkers, and sales DX tools.
 In February 2022, CXO Bank Co., Ltd. became a group, and by utilizing the direct networking application “CXO Bank” and holding management exchange meetings, we are working to strengthen inbound leadership for management.
“COLABO”, which was developed and operated by Accelerator, which received the business transfer this time, is one of the largest management matching platform services in Japan. It is operated for the purpose of providing high-quality matching that is easy to connect to business for business owners, and more than 5,000 business owners have already registered.
By linking the above services with “keypersons”, a web matching service with key persons operated by our company, we will not only provide a place to match managers, but also develop into a service that introduces managers. We are planning. In addition to outbound, we expect to expand the inbound networking area, and we believe that it will be possible to create more effective business negotiation opportunities.
▼Overview of the incorporated company
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▼ Comment from Takuya Ishiguri, CEO of Key Person Marketing Co., Ltd. Aidoma Holdings has a management philosophy of “contributing to the realization of everyone’s dreams” and a vision of “expanding the possibilities of the world.” In order to realize this vision, we are working on a business that solves the social issue of Japan’s declining working population.
In KPM’s business, we believe that by further improving the quality of matching between managers and creating opportunities to connect to business, we can support new sales of many small and medium-sized enterprises and lead to business growth.
Our group will work together to provide further value so that we can help solve the various problems that companies face.
■ Our company profile
Company name: Aidoma Holdings Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Fujikyu Building East 5th Building 4F, 2-25-5 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yohei Miura, Representative Director
Established: December 22, 2008
Business: Sales support business, business support business, management support business

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