AIoT Cloud Co., Ltd. Bulk purchase of alcohol detectors and cloud services provides strong support for compliance with mandatory alcohol checks, and AIoT Cloud begins handling alcohol detectors

AIoT Cloud Co., Ltd.
Bulk purchase of alcohol detectors and cloud services provides strong support for mandating alcohol checks, and AIoT cloud starts handling alcohol detectors

AIoT Cloud Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, President: Yutaka Ishiguro) provides the alcohol check management service “Three Zero” in response to the “mandatory alcohol check for white license plate operators”. We have started handling equipment.
“Three Zero” special site:
The confirmation of whether or not you are intoxicated using an alcohol breathalyzer, which was scheduled to come into force from October 2022, has been postponed, but recent changes in the
distribution of alcohol breathalyzers in the market can be seen. According to the National Police Agency’s view, when the prospect of distribution is established, the Road Traffic Law Enforcement Regulations will be revised again, and the provisions requiring the use of alcohol breathalyzers will be applied as soon as possible. (National Police Agency: Notes on Safe Driving Supervisor System
(Notice) We have developed an alcohol check management service “Three Zero” that can be used with various breathalyzers. rice field. We have started handling alcohol detectors in preparation for early
preparation, as we can expect to have alcohol detectors in stock. In addition, we have received feedback from customers that it is difficult to operate just by introducing an alcohol breathalyzer, and the need for cloud-based operation management is increasing. By providing an alcohol breathalyzer and a cloud service together, we will contribute to the eradication of drinking accidents by providing even stronger and smarter support for the compulsory alcohol check. ■ Alcohol check management service “three zero”
It is a service that checks whether the driver is drunk with a commercially available alcohol detector, and can send and store the test results in the cloud via a smartphone app. For this reason, even if the driver is out of the office on a business trip or going straight or returning home, it can be managed from a remote location in real time.
In addition to the type that works with a smartphone with the Bluetooth function, the alcohol detector also supports a standalone type that does not have a Bluetooth function. In addition, even in the case of the stand-alone type, inspection values ​​can be automatically read from images taken with a smartphone camera (OCR function), and the driver can use it without the trouble of entering numerical values. By supporting multiple types of breathalyzers, it is a service that can be introduced immediately even if you can only purchase a different model from the alcohol breathalyzer you are using, or if you are using multiple models of alcohol breathalyzers.
Information on the alcohol check management service “three zero” can be found on the following website.
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