Air Ocean Drone School Tokyo will hold a drone license system briefing every Monday from February!

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Air Ocean Drone School Tokyo will hold a drone license system briefing every Monday from February!

“Air Ocean Drone School Tokyo School” operated by Space One Co., Ltd. will hold a free briefing on the drone national pilot license system “Unmanned aerial vehicle operator skill certificate” that started on December 5, 2022 every Monday in Tokyo. It will be held in Ueno. An active lecturer explains “I don’t know” about the drone license system! The National Drone Piloting License System “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator Skill Certificate” has finally started. We have received many inquiries about this system, including those who have already obtained a private license and those who are aiming to obtain a license on this occasion.
At the briefing session, there were questions such as, “I know that the system has started, but I don’t really understand the details,” “What will happen to existing private licenses?” I will answer your questions. We will explain everything from the contents of the system to the specific curriculum in an easy-to-understand manner, so anyone can feel free to participate.
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Necessity of Drone Licensing System
In 2022, the number of applications for the Civil Aeronautics Act exceeded 90,000, and the number is increasing year by year. This system facilitates the application for flight of drones, which will continue to spread more and more in the future, and is essential for the realization of Level 4 flight (flying over a third party without an assistant and out of sight), which is necessary for logistics. It is
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Under this license system, there are two types of licenses:
first-class unmanned aerial vehicle pilots required for level 4 flights and second-class unmanned aerial vehicle pilots who do not need to apply for permission for some flights. In addition, the time required for registration at the registered training institution (= drone school) also differs depending on the “experienced person” and the “beginner”.
In the briefing session, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the “course content”, “number of days”, “examination”, and “fees” that you are concerned about.

Information sessions are held every Monday in Tokyo.
Air Ocean Drone School Tokyo will hold a briefing session on the drone licensing system every Monday from February at 18:30 in Tokyo (Ueno). Anyone can participate as long as they apply in advance.
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– Briefing session on the drone licensing system –


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