AironWorks Less than half of companies have sufficient security measures? Fact-finding survey on corporate cybersecurity measures from the perspective of employees

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Less than half of companies have sufficient security measures? Fact-finding survey on corporate cybersecurity measures from the perspective of employees
In addition to “rules for setting passwords”, various countermeasures have become a mere matter

AironWorks Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Terada Kanehi; hereinafter referred to as “AironWorks”) surveyed 564 men and women in their 20s to 60s nationwide regarding corporate cybersecurity measures from the perspective of employees. As we carried out fact-finding investigation, we will tell about investigation result.
Survey summary
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■Survey overview
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About this survey
■ Survey background
According to the results of our previous survey, 87.6% of those who answered that they reused the same password for at least one web service or app that they use privately. In addition, the results revealed that 49.3%, which is close to half, “reuses the same password as private passwords for at least one or more business systems or applications.” The results once again highlight the risks at a time of cybersecurity incidents and rising cybersecurity threats at large global corporations. Based on this background, we conducted a fact-finding survey on cybersecurity measures in the organization to which they belong, continuing from the previous survey.
■ Survey results
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When asked, “How much responsibility do you feel you have for cybersecurity measures at your organization?”, those who answered “I feel very responsible” or “I feel somewhat responsible” The total was 53.9%, a majority, more than double the 25.9% who answered “no”. On the other hand, only 11.1% of respondents answered “strongly agree” to the question “Do you think the security measures in your
organization are sufficient?” It remained at 42.7%. While many people, regardless of their position, have a sense of crisis about
cybersecurity measures as their own, it became clear that there were many people who felt that the measures were still inadequate in the company as a whole.
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In response to the question, “Do you have a security department or a dedicated staff member?”, almost the same percentage of respondents answered “yes (37.3%)” and “no (37.7%).” In addition, regarding the question “What are the security measures that have become mere formalities within the company?”, 1st place was “Rules for setting passwords” (53.7%), followed by 2nd place “Rules for using personal PC/USB, etc.” ”(28.0%), and 3rd place was ”Rules for taking out company PCs, etc.”(26.2%). In response to the question “Are you using two-factor authentication when accessing system tools used for work?”, 44.8% of the respondents answered “No.”
In addition, when asked what kind of cases they felt they needed to pay special attention to cybersecurity measures, the first place was when damage occurred at a famous company (53.7%), and the second was when damage occurred at other companies in the same industry (53.7%). 47.1%), followed by 25.8% who received cybersecurity training at their company.
In addition, 55.9% of the respondents answered “Yes” to the question “Do you think that cybersecurity risks are increasing with the increase in remote work?” With the increase, it became clear that there is a sense of crisis about cyber security risks.
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In terms of training to maintain cyber security, in fact among the respondents “Because it’s just answering questions in e-learning, I don’t think it’s a strong awareness of security measures. I feel that many people just think of it as a task to complete the course.” (Female in her 30s, company) finance industry, insurance industry)
such as,
“The training was just plain PowerPoint materials, no demonstrations at all.” (Male in his 30s, civil servant)
A voice was sent.
There was a conspicuous opinion that even though the organization has established training systems and educational opportunities, efforts and awareness that are sufficiently effective have not yet been made. With the development of various cloud services and the rise and spread of many innovative services using AI, everything is connected to the Internet, and all kinds of information including personal information is integrated today, companies We face a greater risk from
cyberattacks than ever before. In addition, organized cybercrime is also on the rise, and the situation is like a cat-and-mouse game between advances in security measures and countermeasure tools and cybercrime. It is indispensable to accelerate the transformation of behavior itself in addition to countermeasures at the organizational level on a regular basis, and it cannot be said that the review of the current education and training system is a very important issue. Uka AironWorks Co., Ltd. Representative Director Terada Hisashi’s Comment [Image 4

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About AironWorks
◾︎About AironWorks service
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AironWorks Service Features
AironWorks is a “cyber security training and education platform” using cutting-edge technology developed by engineers from Israel Defense Forces Unit 8200, the world’s top hacker group. It enables training against attacks from various vectors such as SNS (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and SMS attacks that cannot be covered by conventional targeted email training. In addition, it is a system that allows continuous and more practical training to counter today’s cyber attacks that are individually optimized according to the target. In addition, we will implement an “original education program” that utilizes the Israeli Defense Force’s education method + gamification to achieve a high educational effect.
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◾︎Company Profile
With the corporate mission of “Enhancing Teams with AI”, AironWorks creates a better society and empowers working people and teams with cyber security solutions that make full use of advanced technology developed in Israel.
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AironWorks Company Profile
・Company name: AironWorks Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Terada Hisahito
・ Location: 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
・Foundation: August 2021
・Business: Planning, design, development, construction, management, maintenance, operation, sales, education and consulting of cyber security services
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