AironWorks, which provides cyber security training and education SaaS, won the Excellence Award at the “X-Tech Innovation 2022 Grand Prix Final” by eight companies that survived each regional competition.

AironWorks, which provides cyber security training and education SaaS, won the Excellence Award at the “X-Tech Innovation 2022 Grand Prix Final” by eight companies that survived each regional competition.
AironWorks Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “AironWorks”), which was incubated from Aniwo Ltd. (Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel, CEO: Terada Kanehi, hereinafter Aniwo), which provides innovation platform and advisory services based in Israel and Japan, has become a joint-stock company. Fukuoka Financial Group (President: Hisashi Goto), The Hokkaido Bank, Ltd. (President: Yuji Kanema), The Bank of Iwate, Ltd. (President: Toru Iwayama), The 77 Bank, Ltd. (President: Hidefumi Kobayashi), The Bank of Okinawa, Ltd. (President: Hidefumi Kobayashi) Masayasu Yamashiro) won the Excellence Award at the “X-Tech Innovation 2022 (Cross Tech Innovation 2022) Grand Prix Final”, a business contest co-sponsored by five regional banks.
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About X-Tech Innovation 2022 Grand Prix Final
■ What is “X-Tech Innovation”?
“X-Tech Innovation” is jointly held by five banks: Hokkaido Bank, Iwate Bank, 77 Bank, Fukuoka Financial Group, and Okinawa Bank. It is a business contest to As a regional co-creation event across Japan, we aim to build a new network that transcends existing frameworks and realize open innovation, provide opportunities for matching between local/major companies and start-up companies, and commercialize business ideas. We are promoting the support and utilization of existing businesses.
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■ About the Grand Prix Final
The final selection for this contest was based on original themes in the four regions of Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa.
[List of companies advancing to the Grand Prix Final]
AironWorks was selected as the best award from 9 companies that passed the first and second selections at the final selection in the Kyushu region, and at the Grand Prix Final, it became a serious problem that caused damage to the world as much as 4 trillion yen. In response to the current state of cyber-attacks, which AI analyzes the target company and enables the generation and execution of individually optimized attacks, we made a presentation on the strategy and milestones of the targeted attack countermeasure “AironWorks”, and won the Excellence Award. I got it.
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[Source] X-Tech Innovation 2022
At AironWorks, now that the global cyber security market has grown to 28 trillion yen, we will conduct research and development in Israel, which has an excellent startup ecosystem, and promote global expansion. We will continue to strive to create value and create the world’s best cyber security platform.
■AironWorks award history
December 2021: Received AWS Award and oVice Award at TechCrunch Tokyo 2021 “Startup Battle”
March 2022: Received the Excellence Award and Audience Award at “SESSA – KOBE Startup DEMODAY -” hosted by Kobe City
March 2022: Received AWS Award at “ASAC#13 Demo Day” hosted by Tokyo April 2022: Received the Japan M&A Center Award and the Grand Prize in the Management Category at the 7th Japan Entrepreneur Awards sponsored by the Kenja no Sentaku Leaders Club and supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
June 2022: Runner-up at B Dash Camp 2022 Summer in Sapporo “Pitch Arena” December 2022: X-Tech Innovation 2022 Received the highest award at the Kyushu region final screening

About AironWorks
■ About AironWorks service
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AironWorks Service Features
AironWorks is a “cyber security training and education platform” using state-of-the-art technology developed by engineers from the Israeli Defense Force Unit 8200, the world’s top hacker group. It enables training against attacks from various vectors such as SNS (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and SMS attacks that cannot be covered by conventional targeted email training. In addition, it is a system that allows continuous and more practical training to counter today’s cyber attacks that are individually optimized according to the target. In addition, we will implement an “original education program” that utilizes the Israeli Defense Force’s education method + gamification to achieve a high educational effect.
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AironWorks service image
■Company profile
With the corporate mission of “Enhancing Teams with AI”, AironWorks creates a better society and empowers working people and teams with cyber security solutions that make full use of advanced technology developed in Israel.
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AironWorks Company Profile
・Company name: AironWorks Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Terada Hisahito
・ Location: 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
・Foundation: August 2021
・Business: Planning, design, development, construction, management, maintenance, operation, sales, education and consulting of cyber security services
About Aniwo
[Image 6d12729-97-e748a972981c94715ee0-5.png&s3=12729-97-e471eb826983645c5487416b4cde2a37-159x62.png
Company name: Aniwo Ltd. (Israel) / Aniwo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Statement: October 2014 / July 2015
Representative: Kanahi Terada, Representative Director
Address: 144 Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv, Israel (Israel)
Shiroyama Trust Tower, 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Japan) Established in 2014 as the first VC-backed Japanese startup in Israel with the corporate mission of Innovation for your smile. Open innovation advisory & DX promotion services for Japanese companies, operation of online platform Axelnode that realizes next-generation recruitment, and incubation & gateway business for Israeli technology and services.
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