Akatsuki Games Co., Ltd. Produced by Kazuma Miki, an editor with a cumulative circulation of over 80 million copies! The novel “Witch’s Flow Life” with the theme of witch x hot spring x slow life is scheduled to be released on Friday, March 10, and

Akatsuki Games Co., Ltd.
Produced by Kazuma Miki, an editor with over 80 million copies! The novel “Witch’s Flow Life” with the theme of witch x hot spring x slow life is scheduled to be released on Friday, March 10, and reservations have started!

Akatsuki Games Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yuki Totsuka, 100% subsidiary of Akatsuki Co., Ltd.) is an IP creation project by Hiroaki Iwano, who has created numerous hit IPs. We have announced that the novel work will be released from Dengeki Bunko (KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.) on March 10, 2023 (Friday). We are pleased to inform you that we have started accepting reservations for the book.
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“Witch’s Flow Life” Book Information Page:
Project 1st novel release decision
It has been decided that the first novel of the “Witch’s Flow Life” project will be released from Dengeki Bunko on March 10, 2023 (Friday). This novel is the story of the beginning of “Witch’s Flow Life”, and is set in the hot spring town of Shuzenji, Shizuoka Prefecture. increase.
Produced by Mr. Kazuma Miki, an editor who has over 80 million copies of his works, such as “Sword Art Online” and “My sister can’t be this cute” (both Dengeki Bunko). (Straight Edge Co., Ltd.). And the ones responsible for writing the novels are “Ten-Year-Old Strongest Magician” (Hero Bunko) and “I’m going to marry the girl I hate in class. (MF Bunko J) Mr. Seiki Amano, also known as the author. Shota Imai (Hellarts Co., Ltd.), who is the original character designer for this project, will be in charge of the illustrations.
Novel work “Witch’s Flow Life” book information
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“One day, a witch fell from the sky. My ‘Flow Life’ began.”
Shizuoka Prefecture, Shuzenji Onsen.
Yuka Ichijo, who was visiting “Negai-no-Yu” on the outskirts of the park, meets a girl.
The girl’s name is Sapi. She was a witch from another world who lost her memory. “In the first place, what is a ‘hot spring’?”
“Onsen is a place where you can say ‘Good job’ to yourself.” Sapi, who doesn’t know about hot springs, and Yuno, who loves hot springs. A heartwarming different world exchange that began with the encounter of the two.
The hot spring club that Yuka belongs to is also involved, and before they know it, the girls are going on a hot spring tour.
While looking for clues of Sapi’s memories, it’s a blissful moment in the hot springs.
The scenery that can be seen beyond the healing is a little gentler than usual…
This is a story of bathing and healing by Yuka, who is energetic at her own pace, and Sapi, a witch from another world.
▼ Sapite Tru
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▼Yunoka Ichijo
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▼Ibuki Shibahara
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▼Yachiyo Tsukisaka
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▼ Lilya Senagawa
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-Production creator comment-
Scenario Producer: Mr. Kazuma Miki
Mr. Iwano, who is the general producer of this work, has been with us since Square Enix’s “Kyuseisei Million Arthur”. I’m going to deliver the splendor of hot springs to everyone with the “Life” project! ! We are showing extraordinary enthusiasm. I love baths so much that I always read novels while taking a bath, so let’s do it together! I was able to accept it with two replies. From now on, various developments are planned, so please enjoy “Flow Life” together!
Novel author: Seiki Amano
I love hot springs so much that I go on a hot spring trip almost every month, and I love heartwarming works of girls, so when I was offered this novel, I was convinced that “this is exactly the novel I should write!”
As a result, I think that it became a book full of passion for hot springs. If there is a hot spring that you are interested in, please definitely go there! Recommended!
Character draft / illustrator: Shota Imai
Shuzenji Onsen, the setting of the original work, is a place with many memories, such as finding a picturesque location behind Hie Shrine and encountering a snake on the mountain road to the Minamoto no Yoshitsune statue. Of course the hot springs were great too! In addition to Sapi and the Yunokata Onsen Club, various characters will appear in the Witch’s Flow Life Project, so please enjoy the world of the Witch’s Flow Life.
What is the Witch Flow Life Project?
“Witch’s Flow Life” is a project that creates works with the theme of witches x hot springs x slow life, and spreads the feeling that “life with hot springs (flow life) is good” to the world. am. Hiroaki Iwano, a producer who loves hot springs, will be the founder, and we plan to develop works in various media, starting with novel works.
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-Information related to the witch’s flow life-
・Majo no Flow Life Official Website: http://www.majyofuro.life ・ Witch Flow Life Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/majyofuro ■ Akatsuki Games Co., Ltd. Company Overview
The mission of Akatsuki Games is to color the hearts of people around the world through the mobile games we develop and distribute. As a mobile game company with the industry’s highest level of planning, development, and management capabilities that have been involved in many IP games, we will expand experience opportunities from Japan to the world. In addition, as a Japanese game maker, we will thoroughly explore the creation of games that fuse characters and stories, and aim for a world where life with games becomes richer.
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When posting information or images, please display the following copyright. (C) Witch Flow Life Project (C) Akatsuki Games Inc. (C) Straight Edge Inc. Illustration by Shota Imai / Hellarts Inc.
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