ALC Co., Ltd. Released comprehensive English learning app “booco”, TOEIC (R) mark sheet automatic scoring function

ALC Co., Ltd.
Comprehensive English learning app “booco” releases TOEIC (R) mark sheet automatic scoring function
Efficient scoring is possible with the TOEIC(R) test automatic scoring function. Equipped with weak point problem type diagnosis to improve the correct answer rate.

ALC Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomoyuki Amano, hereinafter referred to as ALC) has started offering a “mark sheet automatic scoring function” for TOEIC (R) L & R format questions on the English learning app “booco”. Did. You can improve the efficiency of checking answers and grading.
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The “mark sheet automatic grading function” added this time is developed for TOEIC (R) L & R measures. If it is a question recorded in ALC’s TOEIC (R) related book, you can check the answer on the app, and you can greatly reduce the time and effort spent on grading work. In addition, it is possible to calculate the correct answer rate and “weakness problem type diagnosis (only for some books)”, so you can objectively grasp your weak areas. Also, if you register for booco Plus, you can view not only the answers but also the explanations, so you can review.
■ Introducing mark sheet automatic scoring function for each screen ▼ You can enter again from the middle of the answer. Don’t leave problems you don’t understand with the “gut” button
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The answer sheets can be used not only for answering all questions, but also for listening only, reading only, and answering for each part. Also, even if you interrupt the answer halfway through, the completed answer sheet is automatically saved, so you can start re-entering from where you left off. The audio playback function is also substantial, so you can easily adjust the audio playback speed according to the learner’s level.
By using the “Huntu” button, you can distinguish between confident questions and unconfident ones. Even if you are not confident in your answers, you can not only challenge the questions without giving up, but you can also see at a glance the questions you answered based on your intuition, which is useful for reviewing and addressing weak points.
▼ Accuracy rate and weak points Understand your weak areas with problem type diagnosis.
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In the analysis part of the grading result screen, you can check the time taken to answer and the percentage of correct answers in a list. In addition, if the book is equipped with a “weakness problem type diagnosis”, your weaknesses will be diagnosed from a total of 10 items, 5 listening and 5 reading. The questions that are linked to the “Abilities Measured” item on the TOEIC score sheet correspond to the “Weakness Question Type Diagnosis”.
In the answer part of the grading result screen, you can use the narrowing function to display by part, by correct/wrong, or only answers with “hunch” selected, etc., depending on the purpose, supporting efficient review.
▼ All past answers will be saved. If you register with booco Plus, you can easily check the commentary.
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All graded results are saved in the past answer history screen. You can also look back on your own growth later, which helps you maintain your motivation.
In addition, only users who have registered for booco Plus (2,400 yen per month) or purchased individual books within the app can view the commentary page for each problem. You can work on learning efficiently because you can save the trouble of looking for the explanation of the problem in the book.
[Mark sheet automatic scoring function compatible books]
・ TOEIC (R) L & R test 600 supreme mock exams
・ TOEIC (R) L & R test English grammar Drill that can earn scores from zero ・ Complete capture of all parts of the TOEIC (R) L & R test taken for the first time
・TOEIC(R) L&R TEST Ultimate Seminar Part5&6
・ TOEIC (R) L & R test Part 5 555 vocabulary questions only
Supports all 15 books such as
-App URL- booco will continue to add and improve learning content that will be useful for English learners, so please look forward to it.
[What is booco]
booco is an app that allows you to study ALC’s reference books and workbooks with a single smartphone. In addition to reading the electronic version of the learning reference book and listening to the audio, you can also solve the quiz created based on the content of the book to test your skills and review. “Language ALC”, such as the “Kikutan” series, which has sold over 5.3 million copies in total, and the latest practice book “TOEIC (R) L & R Test Ultimate Practice Exam 600+” by Mr. Hiro Maeda, the leading researcher of the TOEIC (R) L & R test. We have a large number of popular books and latest publications. -App information-
English learning booco
[Offer start date] April 30, 2020
[Price] Free (with in-app purchase)
[What is ALC]
For half a century since its founding in April 1969, ALC is a comprehensive language education company that has promoted the development of teaching materials for acquiring practical language skills under the corporate philosophy of “creating a global network.” We provide a variety of support for learners in the language field, including distance learning courses, books, training, e-learning materials, learning apps, and various digital content.

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