ALL ABOUT BEAUTY Co., Ltd. “2050 TWENTY FIFTY” Collagen Sheet & Mist Experience Reception Created with Korean Patented Technology

“2050 Twenty Fifty” Collagen Sheet & Mist Experience Reception Created with Korean Patented Technology
Collagen sheet and mist experience that melts into the skin

All About Beauty Co., Ltd.
We will hold an opening reception for the skin care brand “2050 Twenty Fifty” that provides firm and healthy beauty.
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2050 TWENTY FIFTY was born as a brand new beauty brand with the slogan “Even in your 50s, your skin and mind are like those in your 20s”. The first item is a nano-low-molecular-weight collagen sheet created using Korean patented technology, and a domestically produced collagen mist.
It is a sheet mask with a new sensation that when you put a sheet on your skin and spray a mist, the sheet melts quickly on your skin and collagen penetrates into your skin.
2050TWENTY FIFTY Opening Reception
[Image 1d112794-2-04190be0b4822a7d27d4-6.jpg&s3=112794-2-7394f6a6b6b4b1ef712626a79a90e319-1568x1046.jpg
■Date ■January 18 (Wednesday) to 19 (Thursday), 2023 11:00 to 21:00 ■ Location ■ Ryuo Building 6F, 8-9 Daikanyama, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (5 minutes on foot from Daikanyama Station)
*If you would like to participate, please let us know by January 17th (Tuesday) at the contact information below.
□ Talk show
January 18 (Wednesday) 14:00-
Talk about beautiful skin by Miyoko Myeongdong and Korean actress “SUEUN” Thursday, January 19, 14:00-
Talk about beautiful skin by GUNHEE and Korean actress “SUEUN” Guest introduction
[Image 2d112794-2-c990a5ecec6cf3be99ea-1.jpg&s3=112794-2-e2f0b81dfbd35d010377fdf6e2eb6913-1638x1093.jpg

Korean actress and model.
Spouse is director and producer Jang Yong Woo.
From 2022, he will start working in Japan as an exclusive model for “2050 Twenty FIFTY”.

[Image 3d112794-2-6bb6609d7153305ed961-0.jpg&s3=112794-2-258b7b0a9ad64939d71c4bcc7692d039-958x1440.jpg
Real name: Jeon Young Hoon.
Increased recognition as a Korean hairdresser and Korean idol hair stylist, Currently, he is a hair stylist active in Asia such as Japan, Singapore, and China.In 2017, he opened GUNHEE TOKYO in Omotesando. [Image 4d112794-2-950560a25d0c605c04a0-2.png&s3=112794-2-6d41180e9fdf02984446e4d685b021b4-293x367.png
Miyoko Myeongdong
Korean medicinal tea and Korean cosmetics producer.
She has been visiting South Korea every month for more than 10 years, making use of her first-hand information on Korean beauty, and has been active, recording sales of over 200 million yen on TV shopping QVC.
Product introduction
[Image 5d112794-2-b4c04cfab15cc95030e4-5.jpg&s3=112794-2-ebffd4e29d18029f4e18fc228e353bfa-1568x1046.jpg
Premium collagen sheet, mist set
Set price: 13,200 yen including tax
Contents: 10 packs with 2 pieces (for cheeks, forehead and neck), 80ml premium collagen mist
Main Ingredient: Hydrolyzed Collagen

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