All Is Well Co., Ltd. New course started! Itadaki Inheritance Communication Course Basic & Practice

All Is Well Co., Ltd.
New course started! Itadaki Inheritance Communication Course Basic & Practice Learn from inheritance professionals and insurance sales
professionals, introduction to inheritance and practice!!

All Is Well Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director / Kazuyoshi Kawamura) has released a new course, “Itadaki Inheritance Communication Basic Edition & Practice Edition” for the life insurance business online preparatory school “Itadaki”.
Online preparatory school for life insurance business where you can learn anytime, anywhere
At Itadaki Online Preparatory School, you can learn tips and tricks for selling life insurance that cannot be taught by a company branch manager, director, or manager.
It’s a place where you can get your ideal self, your ideal annual income, your ideal title – join MDRT or win an in-house contest – and lead to your ideal life as an insurance agent.
We offer 3 courses: individual insurance course, corporation/tax accountant development course, and inheritance communication course. [Image 1

Introducing the new course “Itadaki Inheritance”
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◇ Inheritance Communication Course Basic & Practice ◇
From “just knowing” the knowledge of inheritance to a level where you can communicate with customers!
Basic edition ~ All 98 courses ~
Solve your problems with life insurance!
Practical version – All 32 courses –
[Image 3

Recommended for people like this!
・ Those who want to learn inheritance knowledge from scratch ・ Those who want to be able to communicate firmly with customers about inheritance
・Those who have studied various inheritances and acquired the qualification of an inheritance diagnostician, but have not been able to use it in the field.
・ Those who want to learn how to use life insurance practically in inheritance ・ Those who want to learn how to use life insurance in inheritance from various case studies
You can learn itadaki inheritance from two instructors!
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Itadaki Inheritance – Basics – Lecturer
Minoru Ogawa
Born in Gifu Prefecture in 1963. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Seijo University. Registered as a tax accountant in March 1998 after working at Yasuo Kawai Tax Accountant Office and an investment bank. In April 2002, he established HOP, a tax accountant corporation. Representative of tax accountant corporation HOP. Representative Director of Inheritance Diagnosis Association. Certified tax accountant and Senior Inheritance Consultant. In order to get rid of unhappiness, we spread “smile inheritance” to the world. My hobby of martial arts is like this, so I got a professional kickboxing license. Currently, he is a referee for organizations such as RISE.
[Image 5

Itadaki Inheritance -Practice Edition- Lecturer
Katsuhito Kitajiri
Born in Fujiidera City, Osaka Prefecture in 1966. Joined Haseko Corporation after graduating from Kashiwabara High School, Faculty of Law, Kyoto Sangyo University. Established Koyama Kikaku Co., Ltd. after 10 years of working in the construction and real estate business. Representative Director of Oyama Planning Co., Ltd. Started IFA (Independent Financial Advisor) business in December 1997. Currently manages a total of 18 companies, 14 life insurance companies and 4 non-life insurance companies, as well as a brokerage agency and securities brokerage business. Sales of life insurance, non-life insurance, securities, etc., advice, training of insurance agents and salespersons. The eccentric idea of ​​skillfully combining a large number of insurance products and providing customers with the most suitable financial products has earned them the nickname of the “insurance magician.”
Which one should I start with!? ?
Which one should I start with, the basic version or the practical version? I made a check sheet for those who think!
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Introducing the digest video!
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Other course introduction
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Corporate/Tax Accountant Development Course
No more fear of the first approach of the president/tax accountant!! ~ All 34 courses ~
・Beginners who have never experienced corporate insurance
・People who are reluctant to go to corporations after the tax reform ・Those who have cleared MDRT membership and are aiming for a higher COT/TOT ◇Lecturer◇
[Image 9d32662-9-376003da3fdc8e41928b-3.png&s3=32662-9-815df7cc602c6f36c25200c9da02472f-270x360.png
Tetsuma Adachi
Born in Kyoto in 1985. Graduated from Juntendo University.
Representative director of comprehensive insurance agency R&C Co., Ltd. ( Director of the General Incorporated Association of Insurance Agents Association. In 2010, he became the youngest member of TOT (Top of Table), the top member of the independent international organization MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table), which is recognized around the world as a financial services professional. At the age of 35, he has been confirmed as a TOT lifetime member (10 TOT enrollments). Privately, he is the father of five children.
In the future, we are striving to transform the closed insurance industry, which has great potential, and build a comprehensive financial agency centered on insurance that is needed by the world. ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓
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Individual insurance course
If you know the tips for creating fans, you won’t have to worry about finding potential customers anymore!
~ All 199 courses ~
・ Those who challenge the life insurance industry from now on ・ Those who want to acquire the foundation of sales and relearn ・ Those who are looking for hints for member guidance
[Image 11d32662-9-4e04183a37354f248732-0.png&s3=32662-9-f11d3f5da8f59f23b10cc11ddc329541-300x360.png
Kazuyoshi Kawamura
Joined Prudential Life Insurance Co., Ltd. in 1994. After working as a life planner, he won the PT (Presidents Trophy), which means the top annual sales performance, once as a sales office manager and twice as a branch manager. Even after being appointed as General Manager in 2011, he continued to produce many PTs from his students.As Executive Officer, he became the company’s first Teaching Fellow (professional in learning and education), and started education using online training from scratch. We will build a mechanism for training and bring about a change in the conventional way of training.
2015 Established Alliswell Co., Ltd. ( In order to support “creation of an organization full of dreams, courage, laughter and excitement”, we carry out activities such as sales consulting, leader training, and seminars. Passionate, funny, and informative lectures are gaining popularity.
“Course registration fee is now free!”
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Characteristics of “Itadaki Preparatory School”
-1- “Laughter” and “beneficial” online classes that overturn conventional training
In addition to the way of thinking for success, there are plenty of practical role-plays. It’s not just fun, it’s fun! It’s fun and worth it! There are so many courses.
-2- Make friends through Itadaki Preparatory School
Even online training, which tends to be lonely, has views ranking, a list of logged-in users, SNS functions, etc., so you can grow together as comrades aiming for the same top – Itadaki.
-3- A special program where you can receive direct support from the instructor We also offer a wide range of options for those who are not satisfied with online classes alone. (A separate fee will be charged.) Overwhelming reproducibility
The main theme of Itadaki Preparatory School is “overwhelming reproducibility”. Reproducibility is the ability to repeat the same event under specified conditions and procedures. In other words, whoever does it will do well.
If we were to compare this to sales, it would be, “No matter who does it, we can continue to produce a certain amount of results.” In other words, “anyone can sell”. Such “highly reproducible sales processes” are included in Itadaki.
Please visit the introduction page of Itadaki Preparatory School. ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓
*Search for “Itadaki Kawa P”!!
“Itadaki Preparatory School” Background
Salespersons in the Japanese insurance industry are said to be mass-hired and mass-dropped.
However, the actual situation varies greatly depending on the company, branch office, manager, and region where you are hired. In other words, there is a disparity.
“I want to create a learning environment where success is determined not by the environment of the company, region, or branch office where I was hired by chance, or the ability of the manager, but by the ability and effort of the salesperson himself.” Launched Itadaki. Going beyond the boundaries of Japanese companies, foreign companies, and agents, we will revolutionize training in the insurance industry and support those who aspire to professional sales.
All Is Well Co., Ltd. also conducts lectures and original training for corporations.
Feel free to contact us.
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