Altz Co., Ltd. Former LINE AI Company CRO Junya Iizuka appointed as alt BEO

Alts Co., Ltd.
Former LINE AI Company CRO Junya Iizuka appointed as Alt BEO Leverage experience in Salesforce and LINE to lead the expansion of Voice-to-Text services and business growth

Alt Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Chiki Yonekura, hereinafter referred to as Alt), which develops and puts into practical use personal AI created by AI cloning technology, including P.A.I. (Personal Artificial Intelligence) We are pleased to announce that Junya Iizuka has been appointed as BEO (Business Executive Officer).
Aiming to become a top runner in the Voice-to-Text market in Japan and the Asian region, alt is promoting organizational strengthening in order to further grow its business and expand support for customers specializing in industries and industries. As a BEO, Iizuka has been involved in a wide range of services related to Voice-to-Text, including SaaS businesses including AI call centers and AI GIJIROKU. We will work to realize
[Image” that utilizes speech recognition technology born from the development of an AI dialogue engine. In June 2022, we will raise 3.5 billion yen in the Series D round, bringing the total amount raised to 6.2 billion yen.

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