Ama Town Office Interaction x Challenge Recruitment exam camp! Recruiting full-time employees for Ama Town Hall, a remote island in Shimane Prefecture!

Ama Town Office
[Ama Town Office] [Interaction x Challenge] Recruitment exam camp! Recruiting full-time employees for Ama Town Hall, a remote island in Shimane Prefecture!
Reiwa 5th year Ama town office semi-official half-X staff recruitment exam

The Ama Town Office (Ama Town, Oki District, Shimane Prefecture) has started accepting applications for the 2023 Ama Town Staff
Attractiveness Promotion Frame Selection Exam. The application period for taking the exam is until February 20, 2023 (Monday). The primary exam consists of a 1-night, 2-day outdoor camp and an SPI exam. Exam schedule (2 times): 1. 14:00 on January 28th to 8:30 on January 29th 2. 14:00 on February 25th to 8:30 on February 26th
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For those who have been adopted in the selection test for the promotion of attractiveness, there are four types of “1. Tourist attraction promotion business, 2. Local industry promotion business, 3. Island digitalization promotion business, 4. Island multi-talented personnel” You will be assigned to a field of your choice within the business field. I hope that I will meet new colleagues who can make the most of my creative ideas that are not constrained by the position of “government” and the ability to execute them with my colleagues, and create the next 10 years of Ama-cho together. I am aiming. [Examination Application]
■Recommended for people like this!
・Someone who demonstrates free ideas that are not bound by the position of government officials and the ability to realize them together with colleagues
・People who find their own role from a medium- to long-term
perspective and take the initiative in participating in community development
・Someone who can cooperate with colleagues and local people based on the spirit of prejudice and enlightenment
・While valuing a sense of balance that accepts the opinions of diverse people, we take on challenges positively while involving those around us.
who can
What is the Camp Recruitment Frame Test?
“Camp recruitment exam” introduced from 2021. Until then, the main selection method was a resume, an examination, and an interview of about 30 minutes. However, it is not easy to measure whether the people in front of you will work together for the sake of the community. So, is there a better way to hire them? Camp recruitment was born at the end of thinking.
What are you thinking about when you work, and is the Ama Town Hall really a good organization? I feel like the Ama Town Hall side is being questioned every time. Camp recruitment is conducted so that the recruiting side and the recruiting side can meet each other and have a good encounter.
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▼For more information, please see the interview article.
[Reasons for hiring camps for staff recruitment exams (from Ama Town official note)]
[Mutual life-size is the motto. The best part of hiring a camp. (From Ama town official note)]
What is Hankanhan X
As one of the next new challenges for Ama Town, we have established a “half-official, half-X” concept so that the office staff can freely think outside of the “bureaucratic” position and take advantage of the ability to realize it together with their colleagues. This is the way of working.
Until now, for about 20 years, the “public” and “private” have worked together to take on the challenge of “town development” by increasing the number of fans of the island. However, with the rapid changes of the times in recent years, local issues are becoming more serious, and even in Ama Town, the issue of the lack of local leaders is becoming a big problem. The idea of ​​”half-official, half-X” was born from the idea that “wouldn’t it be nice if government officials themselves could take the lead?” This problem of lack of successors is a difficult problem because it is faced all over Japan.
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After all, if the region and the site do not revive, the town will not revitalize. In order to solve this big problem, it is important for the office staff themselves to go into the field, broaden their horizons, and work from the perspective of how they can improve society. It’s becoming
Employment (work content, selection flow, etc.)
■ Employment form
General administrative employee (full-time employee: no fixed period) ■ Selection process
Please fill out the application form below.
Exam application form

Primary exam (1 night 2 days outdoor camp recruitment exam/SPI exam) Exam schedule: 1. 14:00 on January 28th to 8:30 on January 29th, 2. 14:00 on February 25th to 8:30 on February 26th

Second interview (online or face-to-face interview)
Examination schedule: After notification of the results of the first examination, the schedule will be adjusted within 1 to 2 weeks. ↓
Recruitment * Work will start on April 1, 2023. We can discuss the timing. ■ Salary
Payment will be made in accordance with the Ama Town Office Salary Ordinance. (a) Starting Salary for General Affairs
Starting salary: 210,200 yen
*Fourth-year university graduate with eight years of experience in the private sector (as of April 1, 2022)
*Starting salary will be determined according to experience. * In accordance with the provisions of the Salary Ordinance, various allowances such as dependent allowance, housing allowance, commuting allowance, and allowance for moving away from home are provided. *Amount as of April 1, 2022. It may be changed due to revision of the salary table.
(b) For those who have work experience, etc., the amount added to the above will be the starting salary according to their career, type of job, number of years, etc.
(c) Allowances such as dependent allowance, commuting allowance, end-of-term/diligence allowance, etc. will be paid according to each condition.
■ Treatment/Benefits
・ Salary increase: System available Once a year
・Bonus: End of term / diligence allowance (equivalent to private company bonus) for April and March (2020 results)
・Insurance/Pension: Health insurance, welfare pension, civil servant accident compensation
・Housing: Housing allowance available
■ Job content
(1) Tourism industry attractiveness project
・Promotion of attracting islands to attract people from all over the world ・Building a tourism industry for the entire Oki Islands from the perspective of “Geo x Environment x Education”
・Earn foreign currency from outside the island and promote business succession on the island after capturing the market from an objective customer perspective
(2) Local industry attractiveness project
・Promote brand creation while being involved in the production of “Iwagaki Haruka”
・While working as an agriculture and fisheries extension worker on the island, we aim to commercialize (smart, etc.) and develop a
sustainable agriculture and fishery industry.・Promotion of recycling forestry (carbon neutral)
(3) Island digitization promotion project
・Formulate a DX promotion policy for the entire Ama town, including the administration, residents, and businesses on the island
・Renewal, operation and maintenance of administrative system of Ama Town Office ・Management and utilization of Ama Town version of REASAS
・Responding to and creating demand for systematization of Shimauchi offices through attracting IT companies and human resources and establishing IT companies on the island
・Promotion of ICT education, DX in education
(4) Island multi-talent
・As a coordinator of the local community, while working in the town hall and the third sector, explore flexible ways of working and explore and promote a new work style “half-official, half-X” that is unique to Ama Town.
■ Eligibility
(1) Age
22-39 years old (as of April 1, 2023)
(2) Notwithstanding (1) above, those who fall under any of the following items are not eligible to take the exam.
(a) a person who has been sentenced to imprisonment or a heavier sentence until he has completed the sentence or is no longer subject to the sentence;
(b) Persons who have been subject to disciplinary dismissal as an employee of Ama Town and have not passed two years from the date of such disposition.
(c) A person who, after the date of enforcement of the Constitution of Japan, has formed or joined a political party or other organization that advocates the overthrow of the Constitution of Japan or the government established under it by violence;
■ Inquiries
Ama Town Office Personnel Development Special Missions Aoyama Tel: 08514-2-2446
Ama Town Attractiveness Promotion Frame To those who are considering employment examination
[Image 4d73479-31-e387e750e6a07c2c617b-3.png&s3=73479-31-225b884f19020c34e53b55c960c0a18d-2048x905.png
The “Meeting to think about migration to Ama-cho while drinking in Shibuya (Island recruitment consultation meeting)” will be held on Sunday, February 19, 2023 in Shibuya, Tokyo.
A consultation meeting where you can talk in detail for those who are considering moving to Ama-cho or those who are considering employment examinations. It is an event where you can have a relaxed and fun conversation while drinking alcohol with senior immigrants who actually live and work in Ama-cho, as well as the person in charge of recruiting on the island. We look forward to your participation if you are interested in Ama Town.
■ Date and time: February 19, 2023 (Sunday) from around 18:30 to around 20:30 ■Location: Near Shibuya Participants will be contacted directly. ■ Participation fee: about 3,000 to 5,000 yen
■ Recruitment number: About 10 groups
■ Application:
What is Ama Town?
[Image 5d73479-31-870c831b93fa1df6e088-4.jpg&s3=73479-31-540ab7565fd13be4fb22324d97b2dad6-586x593.jpg
With the aim of creating a sustainable island, Ama Town has set “independence, challenge, exchange, inheritance, and solidarity” as the town administration’s management guidelines. While transmitting the way of life inside and outside the island, we continue to challenge the survival of the island in various fields.
We will continue to “inherit” the history and traditional culture of the island, value the half-farmer-half-fisher lifestyle rooted in the island, and the sense of mutual support born from community ties and trust. : means to pull strongly) We aim to create an island. ■ Values ​​unique to Ama Town
“Nothing is missing” (It doesn’t matter, everything important is here) Details about this release:


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