Amazon tablet deals Limited to the first 10 people! Android 12 4G LTE + WIFI model tablet! The lowest price in history is 15,915 yen!

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[Amazon tablet deals] Limited to the first 10 people! Android 12 4G LTE + WIFI model tablet! The lowest price in history is 15,915 yen! Sale period: 01/17~01/22 Amazon limited time 1,000 yen plus discount code “E28H4X3Y”

Original price: ¥20,900
Limited time sale price: ¥ 16,915
1,000 yen superimposed discount code: E28H4X3Y (limited to the first 10 people) Last transaction price:¥15915
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Limited to the first 10 people! Price after using the coupon: 15,920 yen,This offer is very big, so please get it as soon as possible. 1,000 yen [E28H4X3Y] Don’t forget the superimposed discount code! Powered by the new Android 12 OS, it offers a more personalized, safer and more user-friendly system experience. The system UI color scheme can be automatically adapted according to the wallpaper, and the APP widget can use some functions directly from the desktop. Designed with information security in mind, Android 12 offers new privacy features that are powerful and easy to use. Peace of mind knowing you can control who can see your data and when
[Image 2d110398-95-78f8d8f06ac6a9a69d1a-1.jpg&s3=110398-95-d07987ec2e9e9c3227bd369cf17cc51a-1600x1600.jpg
Equipped with a 10.1-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and an ultra-wide viewing angle. Coupled with the 16:10 gold scale, watching dramas, movies, and playing games is very comfortable. Effectively reduce blue light emission and make eye protection more effective. Bring more fun when reading, watching videos and chatting. [Image 3d110398-95-bfd835915df6fa455e96-2.jpg&s3=110398-95-2261e2fa095f9e9579bf80a8920e7048-1940x1200.jpg
The TECLAST P40HD Android 12 tablet is equipped with a
high-performance Unisoc T606, and supports a maximum frequency of 2.0Ghz with an 8-core CPU. The high-performance Mali-G57 GPU is used to enhance graphics processing functions. Low power consumption and low heat generation can be achieved, various functions have been enhanced, and more light operation and high-speed processing are possible. With a large capacity long-lasting 6000mAh battery, you can fully enjoy videos, music, games, etc. without worrying about time. [Image 4d110398-95-94e7254569efef92d3f4-3.jpg&s3=110398-95-1dcb2707a689c307cf288055e0c47ce6-1940x1200.jpg
Sale period: 01/17~01/22
Original price: 20,900 yen
Limited time sale price: ¥ 16,915
1,000 yen discount code: E28H4X3Y
Last transaction price:¥15915
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