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Aggressive sales with “Lumcon”, a new channel for real estate leasing sales
~ A new form of room search that is not limited to real estate portal sites. Looking for a room starting from choosing a person in charge ~ NEWS RELEASE
January 16, 2023
Ambition DX Holdings Co., Ltd.
“Acquisition of response by appointing the person in charge” Aggressive sales with “Lumcon”, a new channel for real estate leasing sales ~ A new form of room search that is not limited to real estate portal sites. Looking for a room starting from choosing a person in charge ~ Ambition DX Holdings Co., Ltd. (Securities code “3300”, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Tsuyoshi Shimizu, hereinafter “our company”), which promotes real estate DX. ”) and a rental brokerage salesperson (hereinafter referred to as “concierge”), a room search matching app “Lumcon”. We interviewed Mr. Hideo Mizukoshi, the representative of Vidax Co., Ltd., who has produced many results through matching with “Lumcon”.
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■Could you tell us your honest impressions when you learned about Lumcon’s services?
As a first impression, I thought it was a very epoch-making way to attract customers. Real estate companies have almost the same amount of information, so we knew that it was important to have “who” introduced the property before worrying about what kind of property to live in. I feel that it is an epoch-making application that eliminates the “non” that cannot be selected.
■How do you feel about the actual operation?
After registering an account, all you have to do is wait for a “message” or “worry” from the user, so I think it’s very easy. Regarding the previous portal response, there was a task of inputting property information one by one, but with Lumcon, there is no input work. I think it is very efficient because you can get a response with less man-hours. In addition, information posted on our SNS can also be posted on Lumcon, so it is good to use it because it expands the reach of users.
[Vidax SNS account]
Official website:
■Are there any differences in the user attributes between Portal and Lumcon Kyokyo?
There is no change in the fact that requests for room searches are received from users, but the reaction of Lumcon will reach the concierge selected by the user. Many customers like the concierge and make inquiries. Since it is not an inquiry but a property initiative, the number of concierges who are focusing on improving themselves, such as increasing their knowledge and grooming, is increasing. What do you think about the future of Lumcon?
If Lumcon becomes common sense when looking for a room, it will become commonplace to look for a concierge to ask for a room rather than looking for a room by yourself, and the entire industry will definitely change. Even in the career change industry, until a while ago, people used to look for things on their own on internet bulletin boards, etc., but now it’s commonplace to ask an agent to do the job. Although AI technology is progressing, I think that in the future, humanity and “human connection”, which AI will not be able to realize, will spread in the rental industry. Currently, it is a service in the Kanto region, but I believe that Lumcon will change the industry in the near future if it expands nationwide in the future.
■ Concierge voice
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■ What is Lumcon?
An SNS type application that matches users with concierges of real estate brokerage companies. Users can freely contact the concierge of their choice and enjoy contactless communication while searching for the most suitable room. On the other hand, concierges can be expected to make up for the decrease in the number of visitors to physical stores due to the corona crisis by gaining points of contact with users through “Lumcon”, which will directly lead to improved sales performance.
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[App overview]
・App title: Lumcon
・Registration: Free
・ URL:
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[About Ambition DX Holdings Co., Ltd.]
Ambition DX Holdings is a one-stop provider of development, planning, purchasing, brokerage, sales, and insurance, centered on the rental management business of urban designer condominiums. ) is a company that promotes business. We provide real estate services that utilize the latest technology, such as real estate RPA incorporating AI, IoT smart home, and automatic customer service system “AI Chat”. In the future, based on the vision of “transforming the real estate business through DX and becoming the only real estate digital platformer that fuses digital and real”, in addition to our own business growth, we will continue to expand the analog real estate industry through the development and sales of DX products. We aim for change.
Representative: Takeshi Shimizu, President and Representative Director Date of establishment: September 14, 2007
Capital: 379 million yen *As of the end of September 2022
Location: 2-34-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business description: Rental DX property management business, trading DX investment business, rental DX rental brokerage business, Incubation business, real estate DX business, overseas system business, small amount short-term insurance business
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