Ampere LLC Target amount exceeded 2367%! “Ampere Dusk smart sunglasses that can instantly eliminate glare with an app” at Makuake

Ampere LLC
[Target amount exceeded 2367%! ] “Ampere Dusk smart sunglasses that can instantly eliminate glare with an app” at Makuake
A gadget that is very popular with US club fans, is on sale at Makuake until February 27 (Monday)!

Ampere (Headquarters: Dover, Delaware, USA; Chairman and President: Chase Larson), which has developed, manufactured, and sold unique wireless chargers, mobile batteries, and showerhead-mounted speakers, announced December 21, 2022. Pre-order sales of Dusk sunglasses ( have started on the crowdfunding site Makuake from Sunday (Wednesday), and the target amount has now exceeded 2367%. I’m here.
[Image 1

Ampere, a wireless gadget brand in the United States, supports the “Dusk” series of sunglasses that allow you to instantly change the color of the lenses according to the time of day and weather conditions with a dedicated app, and also allows you to enjoy music and calls. “I will finally put it in.
[Image 2:]
[Image 3:] You can pre-order the “Dusk” series, which allows you to change your field of view with an app or button, at a special price until February 27, 2023.
“Product Summary”:
Point 1
Surprise yourself and others. Uses a lens that instantly changes density when you fiddle with the temples or the app.
Point 2
A new way of talking and listening to music. Reduce the risk of accidents with an open design that allows you to hear the surrounding sounds well.
Point 3
Don’t worry if it’s your first pair of sunglasses. Both the frame and the lens color are standard styles.
[Image 4:]
[Image 5:] ・Evaluation from the media that reported
[Image 6d112945-3-a10cb90f98a00fa67224-1.jpg&s3=112945-3-980a471fe1b1845eecaf9031c54d8219-1080x649.jpg
The evaluation of online media DIGITAL TRENDS, which has about 2 million followers on Twitter, is as follows. “Good news. Ampere’s Dusk sunglasses don’t sacrifice design in exchange for lots of technology. Good looking.”
[Image 7d112945-3-a1cca0408e319b81ac9b-2.jpg&s3=112945-3-a4f7da497ad703a79a9f3ece3dccebf8-1230x1015.jpg

[Image 8d112945-3-b90911f520add47c27dd-3.jpg&s3=112945-3-d00d4733270447fe24c93b91e46d6d45-1230x966.jpg

Product Summary
[Image 9d112945-3-4c7debf4ef12e1e08de6-4.jpg&s3=112945-3-f66dc2b98bd7cb65603e663ca113144f-3900x2600.jpg
About Ampere Inc.
Since its founding in 2018, American wireless gadget brand Ampere has continued to create “gadgets that combine fun and functionality that make you want to use them every day.” Kurafan in the United States has a series of popular projects, and this smart sunglasses “Dusk” is one of them.
Company Profile:
Company name: Ampere LLC
Established: 2018
Capital: 1,178,550,000 yen
Representative: CEO Chase Larson
Location: 8 The Green Suite Dover, DE 19901, USA
Details about this release:


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