Ams Kikaku Co., Ltd. The world’s first “sustainable recovery wear” is born! Ams Kikaku Co., Ltd. will release “AMES BALANCE” in December 2022, which was reused by Seiichi Nakamura, a first-class architect.

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The world’s first “sustainable recovery wear” is born! Ams Kikaku Co., Ltd. will release “AMES BALANCE” in December 2022, which was reused by Seiichi Nakamura, a first-class architect.
AMES BALANCE is a mixture of carbonized natural scallop shells and rice husks, and uses a unique “Ecotan Technology” developed by decomposing ions.

Started selling “AMES BALANCE” using ecotan technology on the official online site ( We are developing T-shirts and leg warmers so that more people can use Ecotan
Technology, which has been used only as a building material so far. [Image 1

ecotan technology
I have been dealing with sick house syndrome for over 20 years. After trying various combinations and failing repeatedly, I focused on the relationship between charcoal, which has high heat retention and sterilization effects, and is made by carbonizing scallops and rice husks.
“Ecotan Technology” was completed by combining natural scallop shells and rice husk charcoal and adding ion decomposition.
Both scallops and rice husks are materials that would normally be discarded. By effectively utilizing this, it has become a technology that is naturally derived and safe and secure. Further research revealed that Ecotan Technology emits high levels of natural terahertz waves and far-infrared rays.
[Image 2

Raw materials of Ecotan Technology

Ecotan Technology Development Story
I have been involved in construction for over 40 years. There was an example of a shopping center designed under such circumstances that made me feel sick. At the time, it was thought that the smell was peculiar to new buildings, but now it is called “sick building”, and it is now known that the chemical substances used in paint and wallpaper are the cause.
However, at that time, there was no such concept or standard, and it was regarded as part of the smell of paint in new buildings. After that, various organizations conducted investigations, and it was recognized as “sick house syndrome”. Sick house syndrome is caused by the fact that houses are becoming more airtight and better insulated, and building materials made with chemical substances are more likely to cause air pollution.
Not only that, but common kerosene and gas stoves also emit pollutants such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. Sick building syndrome is a phenomenon that occurs due to various factors, and the effect on people varies greatly.
Therefore, I decided to face “sick building syndrome” head-on and create things that many people can live safely and securely, which led to the development of “Ecotan Technology”.
Patented in 2013 (Patent No. 5357101)
[Image 3

Ecotan technology process
[Image 4

Reason for making AMES BALANCE
Terahertz waves and far-infrared rays are materials that are currently attracting attention in the beauty industry, and are said to activate cells. The terahertz wave, which is also attracting attention in the beauty industry, reaches deep into the body, so it is expected to expand blood vessels and promote blood flow. Far-infrared rays keep the body temperature at an appropriate temperature, waste products are smoothly excreted, and blood spreads to each cell.
After coming up with this function, I worked on the development of clothing not only for use in architecture, but also for people who are worried or in need to use it more closely.
Wearing Ecotan improves blood flow, but by doing vascular stretching and breathing stretching, you will be able to demonstrate the effect even more. By breathing properly, the parasympathetic nerves will be activated properly, leading to deep sleep, expanding the capillaries, and further improving the blood flow.
By wearing Ecotan Technology, you can make the most of its
characteristics and support your daily life more comfortably. [Image 5

[Image 6

[Video 2:]

We want you to use ecotan technology, which is friendly to the body and the environment and has no side effects, in your daily life, so we will deliver it to you in the form of an organic cotton T-shirt and silk leg warmers.
“As long as I live, I want to propose good things that are useful for the world.”
We will contribute to people in need and environmental improvement with eco-sustainable, safe and secure materials.
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