Amuse Co., Ltd. “IMAGINE OF KIYOMOTO”, the world of Kabuki that you can enjoy with your ears, presented by Saiju Kiyomoto and Ukon Onoe!

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“IMAGINE OF KIYOMOTO” Experience-type ear content “IMAGINE OF KIYOMOTO”, the world of Kabuki that you can enjoy with your ears, presented by Saiju Kiyomoto and Ukon Onoe!

Experience-based ear content “IMAGINE OF KIYOMOTO” that allows you to imagine the story of “Kiyomoto Bushi”, one of the Kabuki accompaniment music, will be released on the audio version subscription service “NUMA” from January 25 (Wednesday) in all 4 episodes. delivered all at once.
Kiyomoto, a traditional Japanese performing art with a history of more than 200 years, is a type of Joruri and one of the Kabuki
accompaniment music founded in Japan in 1814. He used the shamisen to make the listener imagine the scene, and told the story through joruri (songs).
In an era when there were no smartphones or movies, the melody of the shamisen and the song “Kiyomoto” played a role in imagining the scene of the story, and people were moved by various emotions.
This work is a new attempt to perform the digest version of four pieces of “Kiyomoto”, “Sukeroku”, “Yoshinoyama”, “Sanja Matsuri”, and “Kasane”, and also commentary on the story at the same time. challenged. Even if you can’t hear the lyrics, you can imagine Kiyomoto’s world while supplementing the story with commentary. The Joruri actor (and narrator) is Ukon Onoe, a two-sword style Kabuki actor who is also a kabuki actor and also a singer of Kiyomoto, and is active in various fields such as musicals and movies, including the Taiga drama “Seiten wo Tsuke”. Also known as Kiyomoto Eijudayu. The shamisen player is Kiyomoto Sai, the eldest son of Kiyomoto Enjudayu, the 7th head of the Kiyomoto family, who made his professional debut in 1998. Kotobuki.
In addition, the four pieces performed in this work were arranged and performed by themselves as a digest version.
Whether you are experiencing Kiyomoto for the first time in this work or have touched it many times, please let your imagination fly and be deeply immersed in the world of the story.
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cast comment
[Comment from Eijudayu Kiyomoto (Ukon Onoe)]
This project was a new attempt for Kiyomoto. I would appreciate it if you could listen to “IMAGINE OF KIYOMOTO” and feel the charm of Kiyomoto and the charm of Kabuki! Everyone, please come to NUMA! [Comment from Saiju Kiyomoto]
We hope that you will listen to “IMAGINE OF KIYOMOTO”, which is Kiyomoto’s first attempt, and enjoy Kiyomoto’s world view, which expresses scenes only with shamisen and singing. !
I would appreciate it if you could listen to a little bit of people! 【Detailed explanation】
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Title: “IMAGINE OF KIYOMOTO” (4 in total)
Delivery URL: YouTube notice URL:
Kiyomoto Eijudayu (Onoe Ukon)…singing and narration
Kiyomoto Saiju…shamisen
Planning/Screenplay/Thumbnail Design: Noichi Hagimori (Clay & Company Co., Ltd.) Director: Takashi Harada (Sha La La Company Co., Ltd.)
Studio Engineer: Ryosuke Asakawa
Producer: Rakuko Sekiya (FMG) Shuichi Ohashi
[NUMA Overview]
An audio version subscription service and year drama distribution site operated by general entertainment company Amuse.
To give an easy-to-understand analogy, NUMA is a distribution site that should be called the “audio version” of video subscription services such as “Netflix”, “Hulu”, and “Amazon Prime Video”. As one of the uniqueness of NUMA, it sets itself apart from other radio-type audio services, offering unique works centered on story-based year dramas for a monthly fee of 580 yen (*individual billing per episode). 200 yen).
A lineup of full-fledged dramas by talented actors and production staff who are active on the front lines. Artists and creators in a wide variety of genres are taking on challenges that go beyond their original areas of activity.
At NUMA, the song written and composed by Keisuke Kuwata and sung by Fuyumi Sakamoto has been made into a year drama along the world view of the lyrics, and the work with the same name as the song starring Tae Kimura, “I am dead like Buddha”. (special edition), and the drama “300 years later Nihon Mukashibanashi Lehman Taro”, in which Ryunosuke Kamiki plays seven roles with only his voice, a thriller housing complex played by Toru Sakurada and Koumi Hyodo. Director Rikiya Imaizumi and Aonagi Nakata of “Kind Neighbor” and the movie “Machi no Ue de” teamed up again for “Hana no Koto.” ”, etc., has become a hot topic, and it seems that many people are already addicted to the “swamp” of “year drama”.
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