An online event by author and lyricist Kumiko Takahashi! 1/27 (Friday) 19:00~ Participation is free

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An online event by author and lyricist Kumiko Takahashi! 1/27 (Friday) 19:00~ Participation is free

In commemoration of the release of the new book “Kurashikku” (Fusosha) by Kumiko Takahashi, a writer and lyricist who serializes “Kurashikku” on “ESSEonline”, an online event “How to enjoy living while making hot cakes” will be held. We will hold a meeting to talk about.
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event information
◆ Event name
Kumiko Takahashi’s “Meeting to talk about how to enjoy life while making hot cakes”
◆ Event date and time
Friday, January 27, 19:00-20:00
◆ Participation fee
◆ How to participate
It will be a free live event on YouTube, so please feel free to join us from the viewing URL at the delivery time on the day.
Viewing URL:
*Please feel free to write your comments in the chat field displayed on the YouTube viewing page.
*Anyone can participate in the event! Please watch from 19:00 on Friday, January 27
◆ Contents
At this online event, we will demonstrate how to make hot cakes, which is introduced in the book “Kurashikku”, and talk about how Mr. Takahashi lives in real life.
Why don’t you heal the weekend by listening to Mr. Takahashi’s fun talk, where he enjoys nothing around him and colors his life? We will introduce life-size photos of Mr. Takahashi’s lifestyle, seasonal foods, neighbors, two-base living, and more. Please feel free to join us.
Speaker profile
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Kumiko Takahashi
Born in Ehime Prefecture in 1982. Writer and lyricist. The latest novel collection “Gururi” (Chikuma Shobo) is released. In addition to a collection of travel essays “Travel is my home” (Kadokawa), a collection of poetry and paintings “Because I’m violent tonight” (Chiisai Mishima Publishing), and a picture book “Rabbit who hates tomorrow” (Micro Magazine Publishing). His major publications include the essay collection “Ippiki” (Chikuma Bunko) and “One Life’s Wish” (Chikuma Shobo). Received the Kindergarten Picture Book Award for the translated picture book “Okaasan Hane” (Micro Magazine). He has also provided lyrics to artists such as Tomoyo Harada, Sakurako Ohara, and Momoiro Clover Z. Official website: Nfufu nofu
Book information
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Kumiko Takahashi’s latest book “Kurashikku” (published by Fusosha) is polite but not polite. A collection of essays about Kumiko Takahashi’s classic (old-fashioned) lifestyle that is unadorned and unreasonable. Living in an old house, eating with homemade vegetables, bartering things without throwing them away, interacting with neighbors, About living in two bases, going back and forth between Tokyo and his hometown of Ehime. A lot of hints that make a casual life a lot more fun.
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