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Monthly Video Views-Multi-YouTuber-~ Comdot Musou / Top Tokai On Air ~-December-
This time, we will announce the top 10 weekly views ranking of multi-YouTuber videos released on the multi-YouTuber channel from December 1st to December 31st.
Of the TOP10, “Comdot” ranked in 9 videos.
Many large-scale projects such as “channel registration ball game tournament”, “24-hour live distribution friendship game”, “red team trip”, and “4 million people breakthrough live” were released and attracted attention.
Even if you look at the TOP20, “comdot” is ranked in 12 videos, making it a matchless state.
In 4th place (3.57 million views), the video “Croissant making”, which took time to plan for “Tokai On Air”, was ranked. (4 videos ranked in TOP20.)
Looking at the TOP20, the live distribution of “Repezen Foxx”, the collaboration video with “HikakinTV” on “SeikinTV”, the “Skypeace” “Jinsao Date” project and the “5 million registered live distribution” ranked.
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YouTuber video playback number ranking TOP 10
[Image 1

YouTuber Ranking [Multi YouTuber]
Comdot (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th)
The big project “Channel Registration Ball Game Tournament” set up by “Comdot”, which achieved 4 million registrants within the year, was released on December 18th, and the premiere was over 4 hours, with a maximum of about 280,000 people. Acquired co-viewers and ranked first. In addition to comdot, “Skypeace” and “Kazisak” have formed three teams as leaders, and are competing against the increase in channel subscribers in basketball, futsal, and dodgeball.
In terms of the increase in subscribers, Comdot’s “Dog Army” ranked first with 467,243, while Skypeace’s “Bird Army” was at the bottom with 158,690 new subscribers.
Fierce battles unfolded in every competition, but among them, the high physical ability of the “bird army” was the outstanding result. On the other hand, the “monkey army” led by Kajisak suffered a crushing defeat in all the games of each competition.
Among them, with the motto of “enjoying” by talking to each other, the appearance of facing all matches with full power was impressive, and many comments were received from viewers who were impressed. In the middle of the competition, accidents such as “Air (Kreiji Magnet)” falling off and “Dragonfly (Team Kajisak)” falling
vigorously, are full of highlights.
As for the collection results, the “dog army” won and received a trophy. The MVP of each team was also selected, and the “monkey army” was “Shuto (Molly [Aho and his brother])” who ran around all the games with full power, and the “bird army” kicked a free kick unanimously. “Jintan (Skypeace)” and “Inu-gun” have the most subscribers for “Mukuenachikku.” ], a picture of each team is presented.
In addition, we have declared that we will sell the uniforms and windbreakers for each team produced at this tournament, and will donate all the proceeds.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 2.6 million views to 9.74 million views.
“Comdot”, which had set a goal of 4 million registrants by the end of the year in 2022, won second place for live distribution that started at 3.95 million people.
Beginning with the one-person angle of view of “Hyuga”, members appear as the number of registrants increases, making the live distribution lively.
In addition, popular creators “Banbanzai”, “Seira”, “Mukuena”, “Skypeace”, “Espoir Tribe”, and “Ndaho (Fisher’s)” have rushed in and are gaining momentum to reach 4 million people.
It is revealed that the production staff of the terrestrial broadcast program “What is Comdot?” and “Haha Dot” that started last year also rushed, and it is a video that shows the support from various quarters. there is
Over 440,000 simultaneous viewers were recorded, attracting a great deal of attention.
About 3 hours and 40 minutes after the start of the live distribution, it reached 4 million people, and “Yamato” and “Yuta” were crying with joy.
You can see how influential it is, such as “#It’s 4 million people” and “#Comdot Execution” are trending on Twitter.
It was whispered that it would be difficult to achieve this year’s goal, but “Comdot” has achieved the goal and has shown a high level of execution.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 6.74 million views to 6.76 million views.
In order to achieve the goal of 4 million channel subscribers by the end of the year, a 24-hour YouTube LIVE distribution was performed on December 1st and ranked 3rd.
The title is “The Ultimate Friendship Game 24-Hour Live Streaming”, and the members will stream one by one in a relay method. Invite your friends to the distribution site” is set.
The comdot members are wearing matching bright red jumpsuits and wearing special scar makeup on their faces.
In addition to “☆Ini☆ (Skypeace Jin)”, “Toua”, “Miyu (Banbanzai)”, and “Katsu”, it is the same dog army at the “Channel Subscriber Number Ball Game Tournament” scheduled to be held at the end of the year. “Ena (Mukuenachikku.)” and “Kesuke (Espoir)” have appeared.
When “Skypeace Jin” appears, he calls “Sushi Ramen (Riku)” and enjoys a relaxed conversation with the three friends, including “Amugiri”. Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 4.19 million views to 4.43 million views.
A large gathering of creators who fought as the “Red Team” at the “Channel Subscriber Athletic Meet” held last year. “Comdot” is the center and “Heisei Flamingo”, “Banbanzai”, “Kiritanpo” and “Toa” are participating. (“Gishi (Banbanzai)” was absent due to poor physical condition)
As the title suggests, the video that presents a surprise
coming-of-age ceremony to “Toa”, who has reached adulthood this year, ranked 5th.
At the discretion of RIHO (Heisei Flamingo/commonly known as RinRin), pink and blue dresses were prepared, and when Toua, who chose pink, appeared, there was a big round of applause.
Other members also participated in fashionable dresses, making it a gorgeous video.
While enjoying a buffet-style meal, they talk about generation gaps, such as what was popular when they were young and what generation the iPhone was.
In particular, since the two members of “Heisei Flamingo” are the oldest, stories such as “mixi” and “Zenryaku Profile” seem fresh to other generations, which is interesting.
In addition, he looks back on the situation on the day of the Comdot member’s coming-of-age ceremony.
At the end of the project, a bingo tournament is held, and a lot of super luxurious prizes are prepared from “Comdot”.
The main character “Toa” has achieved bingo 4 times and has won many prizes like the main character.
In addition, at this bingo tournament, “Rinrin (Heisei Flamingo)” won a “JTB Travel Voucher” and declared “Let’s go on a trip with the Red Team members”, and “Hyuga (Comdot)” won a “hot spring trip”. , Declared that he will shoot a hot spring trip video with two Heisei flamingos, and I am looking forward to next year’s development. Finally, “Toa” has announced that she will “make a boyfriend” as her 20-year-old resolution, and it will be a year to look forward to in her private life.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 2.98 million views to 3.34 million views.
The introductory video of the “Registered Ball Game Tournament” held on December 18th, where the dog army team rented out a luxury villa and held a training camp, ranked 6th.
Divided into the Yamato team and the Hyuga team, they travel by car. The main video is a talk inside the train, but the “Yamato Team” stopped by “Umihotaru” and enjoyed lunch.
“Tanakaga” and “Muku” don’t say they were afraid of “Comdot”, and they reveal that sometimes the content of “Yamato” emails feels cold, and from there they talk about each other’s views on love.
The “Hyuga Team” are enjoying lunch at an iso-yaki restaurant, and the restaurant they happen to enter has a poster of “ Zenkoku Hide-and-seek” on it, and they are excited about the collaboration with the real thing.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 2.33 million views to 3.23 million views.
Like the 6th place, the second part of the video of the dog army team renting out a luxury villa for a training camp in the “Registered Ball Game Tournament” ranked 7th.
In the first part and the second part, everyone enjoyed traveling in a luxury villa, but from there, the annual “Comdot” editorial camp will be held.
You can see YouTubers editing videos, which you don’t usually get to see, and playing saunas and playing games to reset your fatigue. Another highlight is the game in which the person found in
hide-and-seek returns to the editing work.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 1.5 million views to 3.21 million views.
Similar to the video that ranked 5th, the video of the red team was ranked 8th. In the video released on December 24th, the annual Christmas party held by the red team was held again this year. (“Banbanzai” was absent because “Toa” was filmed after the coming-of-age ceremony)
In the video, men and women are divided into teams, prepare gifts for each other, and exchange gifts.
This year, there is no upper limit on the amount of money, and it is a project where each other’s tastes are tested a lot.
“Yuta”, who has a reputation for being fashionable with the release of “Hyakusta”, has chosen a hoodie and muffler from “RALPH LAUREN” and a cute plate and mug set, and the sense is shining.
“Toa”, who turned 20, has chosen a set of “CELINE” perfumes and set-up, which is a very expensive gift.
The gift chosen by “Miyu (Banbanzai)” is an extra-large diffuser that lasts for three years. I want you to go home properly and have fun,” says “Miyu”.
“Kiritanpo” is a gift that shows the character of the person who chose the extremely rare “Ace” card from the “ONE PIECE” card game and received it by “Yuta” who actually played the card game. .
In addition, because “Gishi” was absent, “Yamato” gave a stuffed toy of “LOUIS VUITTON” as a gift because he was worried that a girl who could not get it on the spot would appear, showing consideration and chivalry, and saying that he was a wonderful man. Understand. Finally, while eating the standard Christmas chicken, they proposed “things they want to do next year” such as “travel confrontation”, “snowboarding”, “explosive drink”, and “band”. ” is a video that will make you look forward to next year’s development.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 2.63 million views to 3.21 million views.
Just before the number of channel subscribers reaches 4 million within the year, the leader “Yamato” dared to discuss “I personally want to challenge overseas as a model” and ranked 9th. It will be a surprise for the first time in “Heisei Flamingo”, but viewers who saw the thumbnail may have high expectations because of the well-established project.
This time, “Yuta” is also participating as a gimmick, drawing out the true intentions of “Hyuga”, “Amugiri” and “Urata”.
“I don’t want to quit YouTube”, “I want to act as soon as I want to do it”, “I want to go abroad for about a year”, he says.
“Hyuga” clearly tells “Yamato” that “I don’t want to be seen as satisfied”, “Urata” and ” I think Yamato’s “language” is amazing,” followed “Amugiri”.
Surprisingly, in the middle of the game, “Hyuga” said, “I’ve been talking to Yamato recently, so I don’t feel like I’m talking about the truth.” However, surprise is a failure.
I thought that the video would end here, but in fact, it is a reverse surprise for “Yuta” and other members by “Yamato” and “Hyuga”. Assuming that the first prank was rejected, they hold a meeting about future plans, but Hyuga becomes displeased with this fake prank and shifts to a serious fight.
From here, you can enjoy the true value of “Comdot’s Dokkiri” with realistic acting.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 2.51 million views to 2.99 million views.
Part 2 of “24-hour live streaming”, which ranked 3rd, ranked 10th. The creators who appeared in this video are “Gachiyama (Espoir)”, “Muku (Mukuenachikku)”, “Saorin (Herahera Three Musketeers)”, “Kasu”, and “Seira”, as well as the leaders of ball game tournaments. “Kajisakku” who is a companion has appeared.
At the time of Saorin’s appearance, the dance of “Sil V President” with “Amugiri”, which was previously released on the “Herahera Three Musketeers” channel, was live-streamed, and the dance was forgotten. The scene where the two of them dance happily while laughing at each other is impressive.
In addition, we have promised to go out to eat, so we are paying attention to future friendships.
When “Kazisak” appeared, he encouraged “Comdot”, which is said to be difficult to register 4 million people by the end of the year, “I can definitely go!”
Furthermore, in the turn when “Yamato” distributes, “Tomomi Itano”, former “AKB48”, appears, and the comdot members who are the strike generation are very excited.
A video closely related to the back side of this live distribution is also released on the same channel, and it is a specification that you can fully enjoy the interaction with other creators.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 2.75 million views to 2.88 million views.
Tokai On Air (4th place)
A cooking plan to verify “Can you beat the croissants of the shop with the amateurs who practiced hard (‘Tetsuya’ and ‘Shibayu’)?” Challenge to make croissants under the rule that it is forbidden to be taught directly by others.
Ryo, who is known for being good at cooking, was surprised that he chose a croissant with a higher degree of difficulty, saying, “Isn’t it difficult to understand even among breads?” has expressed his unease about this project.
For croissants, where layers are important, butter is woven into the dough. “Tetsuya” managed to complete the first challenge croissant, even though it was a struggle, such as the butter sticking out. It was shaped and tasted delicious, so it was a good start. On the other hand, “Shibayu” was also successful in one shot, while being annoyed by the number of processes. After that, practice was repeated, and finally the actual performance.
Members other than “Toshimitsu” will evaluate while tasting each. The first and second are the members who are worried about the croissant with a high degree of perfection. However, the third one is criticized as ‘somewhat bad butter roll’. It seems that it was easy to understand who made it. I chose the second butter roll to be from the bakery and got it right. Tetsuya, who made the first croissant, has a frustrated face, but is praised by the members.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 2.8 million views to 3.57 million views.
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