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[YouTube Ranking] Number of monthly video views-music- ~ INI top monopoly / Anime theme song ranking ~ (December)

This time, we will announce the top 10 monthly playback rankings of music videos released on YouTube from December 1st to December 31st. The target is music-related videos including live videos, excluding cover videos such as “I tried singing” and “I tried dancing”. The top spot was dominated by the popular male idol group INI. Ranked 1st (30.9 million plays), 2nd (15.52 million plays), 4th (7.75 million plays), and 5th (7.27 million plays) with an overwhelming difference. In addition, “SixTONES” ranked 3rd (7.75 million views). Among other Johnny’s, the dance performance video of the song “Movin’ up” from “Snow Man” (10th place: 3.43 million views) ranked in.
In terms of anime, “Fight Song” from “Eve” and “Deep Down” from “Aimer”, both of which were the theme songs for the TV anime “Chainsaw Man,” ranked in, as well as being the theme song for the anime movie “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK.” “Zero feeling” by “10-FEET” was ranked in. The YouTube analysis tool “Digital Creators” operated by Analyzelog Co., Ltd. will announce the top 10 YouTube weekly video playback rankings independently researched. The target is the video uploaded from December 1st to December 31st. The rankings up to the 20th place are announced at Digital Creators below.
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Top 10 Music Video Views Ranking
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YouTube Ranking [Music]
INI (1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th)
The music video of “SPECTRA”, the title song of the popular idol group “INI”‘s first album “Awakening” released on December 14, 2022, ranked first.
INI is a male idol group from a Korean audition program that has gained great popularity among the younger generation.
They make full use of unique camera angles, and their sharp dances are further complemented by a production that looks like they are bathed in light of various colors, a set where snow is dancing, and flames behind the dancing members. . Towards the end of the song, the scene where the background in the video changes from a snow scene to flames seems to express the excitement of the song.
The performance video of the song “Dramatic” from INI’s 1st album “Awakening”, as well as “SPECTRA”, ranked second.
The video was filmed in South Korea and shows a dynamic dance with a container in the background. Choreographed by “ReiNa”, it attracted a lot of attention as the first Japanese choreographer to be appointed. The catchy chorus on top of the rhythmic beat is a melody that makes you want to hum once you hear it.
Ranked 4th is the performance video of “SPECTRA”, whose MV ranked 1st. In the music video, you can also watch the cut dance footage in full. You can enjoy powerful dances to Japanese-style tunes and formations that make the most of the 11 people. The image of the background and surrounding set changing from a snow scene to a set of burning flames is very realistic, and the camera angle that reflects the whole makes it possible to fully enjoy the dance that reflects the individuality of each member.
Like the 1st and 2nd place songs, the performance video of “BAD BOYZ”, a song included in INI’s 1st album “Awakening”, ranked 5th.
The song contains an homage to the 1995 action-comedy film “Bad Boys,” starring Will Smith.
The members of “INI” dance in street costumes based on black on a neon set that looks like a basketball court in a gymnasium. Not only the low-pitched choruses, but also the high-pitched long tones fully demonstrate the extremely high singing ability. The up-tempo and cool melody will make your body move unintentionally. Combined with the dynamic and powerful dance, it expresses a dignified and unique atmosphere. As the title suggests, it has a somewhat “bad” atmosphere.
SixTONES (3rd place)
The video released by Johnny’s popular group “SixTONES” for the new song “Boom-Pow-Wow!” ranked 3rd.
“WHIP THAT”, “Special Order”, etc., “SixTONES” is impressive with a hard and wild taste dance.
In this new song, it is such a hard and wild song and performance that fully expresses the character of “SixTONES”.
The six performers are surrounded by mannequins with their hands raised like spectators, and perform in a jumble of spotlights. Animation-like images with impressive vivid colors are also
The voices of the six people shouting “Raise your voice” convey a strong message that they want to regain the cheers of the live performances again due to the ongoing corona crisis.
Eve (6th)
The original music video for “Fight Song”, which was used as the ending theme song for episode 12 of the TV anime Chainsaw Man, ranked 6th.
The powerful animation MV by the animator “Mariyasu” has been released. As the title of the song suggests, there are many action scenes, and unique characters appear in a fighting game-like production. The illustrator “Mariyasu”, who worked on animation videos, has been the director of MVs for “How to eat life” and “Kokorokai”. The scenes where the characters move to the melody and the boy who seems to be the main character defeats the enemy characters are exhilarating, and it’s very cool how the scenes change according to the music.
There is also a scene that pays homage to the TV anime “Chainsaw Man”, so anime fans can enjoy it.
THE FIRST TAKE (7th place)
“NiziU” first appeared in “THE FIRST TAKE”, and the video showing the song “Make you happy” was ranked 7th.
Two years ago, “Make you happy” by “NiziU” was a big hit mainly on video posting sites such as TikTok. The dance choreography of the chorus part, which looks like you are jumping on a jump rope, became a big hit and became a hot topic among many people. The original music video has been viewed more than 300 million times.
Nine people nervously challenge “THE FIRST TAKE” for the first time. Say “Let’s have fun!” and give the signal to start the music. The comment section is like a beautiful singing voice just like the sound source,
It’s so good that it’s a sound source
I don’t know much about this group at all, but they’re so cute and the songs are so good that I played them continuously! very! !
Impressions were received from people other than WithU (fan name of “NiziU”).
Yuri Official YouTube Channel (8th place)
The MV of “Christmas Eve”, the first Christmas song of “Yuri”, ranked 8th. The music video, starring Minami Sara, an actress who is active in dramas and movies, shows scenes of memories spent with her lover against the backdrop of the winter season with a taste full of nostalgia.
“I’m in the city where you are, but it’s ridiculously far to give you a present” “I made my memories shine like decorations There are too many things that can’t be thrown away”, the heartrending lyrics and the sound of the bell resound warmly A song with an impressive melody. It is a song that is perfect for the Christmas season, where “unfading feelings and faded scenery” intersect.
Aimer Official YouTube Channel (9th)
The music video for the ending theme “Deep Down” of the 9th episode of the TV anime “Chainsaw Man” ranked 9th.
The full music video of “Deep Down”, which is included in the mini-album released on December 14, 2022, was released and attracted a lot of attention. The lyrics are written by “aimerrhythm” and the music is composed by “Kazuma Nagasawa”.
At the end of the anime, the song played against the backdrop of an aesthetic anime image, but in the official music video, the director is filmmaker Odai Kojima, and it is a live-action video with a cast of several people. You will be fascinated by the cast’s expressions full of sorrow and the movements that reveal their emotions.
Every word of the lyrics is carefully sung, and the vibrato is very artistic. It is a song with a dark and ephemeral atmosphere, with an impressive singing voice that cuts deeply.
Snow Man (10th)
The dance performance video of the song “Movin’ up” by the popular idol group “Snow Man” ranked 10th.
The members of “Snow Man” dance against a simple black background with a steel frame set that looks like a factory. A dignified and “dangerous” atmosphere is created. The speedy and sharp dance performance is powerful and very cool.
“A tailwind for Snow Man who accelerates without stopping”
You can feel the powerful emotions and will of “Snow Man” in the performance and songs expressed with the concept of “Snow Man”. You can see the unique dance of each member in the video that shows the whole.
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