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[YouTube Ranking] Weekly Video Views-Music-~Higedan No. 1 & SixTONES Making Video Released~ (January 16)

This time, we will announce the top 10 weekly playback rankings of music videos released on YouTube from January 9th to January 16th. Note that the target is music-related videos including live videos excluding cover videos such as “I tried singing” and “I tried dancing”.
The music video for “White Noise” from “Official HIGE DAN dism” ranked first with 2.76 million views. This song is attracting attention as the opening theme song for the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers Holy Night Battle Hen”.
In 3rd place, the music video for the song “Run” of the male idol group “OCTPATH” belonging to Yoshimoto Kogyo, which made its debut in 2022, ranked in with 1.58 million views.
In 5th place, “THE FIRST TAKE” featuring “Little Glee Monster”, a new member who joined last year, won 880,000 views and ranked in. Among Johnny’s, the making video of “SixTONES” was ranked 9th, and the YouTube version of the MV of “Fantasia”, the new song of “KAT-TUN”, was released at 10th.
The YouTube analysis tool “Digital Creators” operated by Analyzelog Co., Ltd. will announce the top 10 YouTube weekly video playback rankings independently researched. The target is the video uploaded from January 9th to January 15th.
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Top 10 Music Video Views Ranking
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YouTube Ranking [Music]
Top 10 Music Video Views Ranking
Official HIGE DAN dism (1st place)
The music video for the new song “White Noise” from “Official HIGE DAN dism” won first place.
It is a song that is attracting attention as the opening theme song for the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers Seiya Ketsusen Hen”. Official HIGE DAN dism has previously served as the theme song for the anime “Tokyo Revengers” with “Cry Baby”.
The music video for this song features sets and bikes reminiscent of the world of Tokyo Revengers. In addition, there are lyrics that match the story of the Tokyo Revengers, such as, “I thought I had forgotten the revenge I swore that day. Even now, my trembling heart is screaming that name so loudly.”
Ichika Nito (2nd place)
The video of “Ichika Nito” playing a 14-string guitar with the theme “When Metallica gives only 60 seconds to the audition” ranked second. Ichika Nito’s channel usually receives a lot of comments from overseas, and even in the comment section of this video, most of the comments are in English praising Ichika Nito’s guitar playing. With 14 strings, it sounded more like a harp than a guitar. Also, Ichika Nito demonstrates various playing techniques in this one-minute video.
OCTPATH ​​(3rd place)
The music video for “Run”, which is scheduled to be included in the album “Showcase” released by “OCTPATH” on February 8, ranked 3rd. OCTPATH ​​is a boy group of eight former trainees of “PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON 2” held in 2021. “PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON2” is an audition that released “INI”, and is the Japanese sequel to the audition held in Korea.
At the beginning, they danced in purple costumes, which is also the concept color of the group. After that, as the tune changes, the members change into black costumes. Something like a game screen appears in the middle, and at the end, purple costumes and black costumes appear alternately, making it a music video that you will never get tired of.
DECO*27 (4th place)
“Devil Janaimon feat. Hatsune Miku”, a collaboration song between Vocaloid P “DECO*27” and “PinocchioP”, ranked 4th.
Both DECO*27 and PinocchioP use the same virtual singer “Hatsune Miku” in this song, but their singing voices are unique due to their different adjustments. In addition, the melody and lyrics also show the individuality of the two.
In the comments section, both DECO*27 who exposes his illness and PinocchioP who loosely affirms all human beings by saying “A pop song that can be sung by both newcomers and old people”. It’s wonderful that you’re affirming your style.”, “Even though you two have completely different tunes, it’s amazing how you can create your own Miku-chan and completely complete it as one song without hurting the other Miku-chan. This is amazing. Is it a true divine song?” comments were received.
THE FIRST TAKE (5th place)
The video of “THE FIRST TAKE”, in which “Little Glee Monster” sings “The world is laughing at you”, ranked in at 5th place.
Little Glee Monster, a 6-member female vocal group that started its second chapter in 2022 after auditioning for new members.
The three new members say that this is their first THE FIRST TAKE. To the new member who said, “My heart is pounding”, senior member “MAYU” said, “My heart is pounding too.”
In this video, “The world is smiling at you” is performed along with the band sound. As the song title suggests, all the members are singing with a smile.
Ado (6th)
A video that traces the history of “Ado” from its birth to the present ranked 6th.
She has been working as a singer since 2017 (14 years old). On October 23, 2020, on the last day of Ado’s 17th birthday, he made his major debut from Universal Music with “Usseewa”. At the end of 2021, he won a special award at the Record Awards. In August 2022, he will be in charge of singing the heroine “Uta” of “ONE PIECE FILM RED” and will become a hot topic.
At the end of the video, information about his first national hall and arena tour was lifted.
*Although there is no singing scene, the person appears and reflects on his reflection as a “singer” without speaking, and detailed information on the tour is also included, so this time it is included.
Tani Yuuki (7th place)
“Tani Yuuki” appeared as a surprise guest at the tour final
performance of “Yuri” held at Pacifico Yokohama on December 18, 2022, and the two performed “W/X/Y” by Tani Yuuki. .
Both of them have a gentle and beautiful singing voice, and the collaboration that can not be easily seen on TV is impressive. The audience is lighting up the two people from the audience with the light of the smartphone. The scene is so fantastic and beautiful. When the song ended, the two of them bowed and said, “Thank you.”
nqrse (8th)
The video of the original song “Lemonade” by the male singer “nqrse” ranked 8th. With this video, nqrse has posted a video for the first time in about 5 months since “second hand”.
The cute but refreshing illustration matches the image of the song. There is also a rap-like part in the middle of the song, making it a cool song.
You can see lyrics that are close to the hearts of the viewers, such as “I haven’t forgotten because I can’t forgive you, but if you pour it into lemonade.”
SixTONES (8th place)
YouTube limited performance project “PLAYLIST – SixTONES YouTube Limited Performance -” released on January 1st and January 3rd Making video of Day.6 and Day.7.
In this video, you can see the making footage of “People People” and “Chillin’ with you”. You can also see rehearsals, performances, video checks, and even interviews about the songs.
Regarding the session with the band “Jinjinjin”, member Hokuto Matsumura said, “When we feel the band’s sound rising, we get excited, and when we feel us getting excited, the band gets excited too.” talked.
J Storm Official (10th place)
The music video for the lead song “Fantasia” of the album “KAT-TUN” will be released on February 15th ranked 10th.
KAT-TUN singing in a monotone costume is very glamorous and beautiful. The appearance of dancing in front of an object that looks like a white hand is cool and cool. After that, both a red one-piece torso and a white hand-like object appeared on the set, and the members appeared in colorful costumes that were different from before. At the end of the music video, images of monotone costumes and colorful costumes alternate.

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