Analyze Log Co., Ltd. YouTube Ranking Weekly Video Views ~Janino x Travis Japan Video/SnowMan, Naniwa Danshi Top 10~ (January 9)

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[YouTube Ranking] Weekly Video Views-Entertainer-~Janino x Travis Japan Video/SnowMan, Naniwa Danshi Top 10~ (January 9)

Announced the top 10 weekly views of videos released on the official YouTube channel of celebrities from January 2nd to January 8th. Celebrity channels are not limited to celebrities, but include channels operated by people who are active outside of YouTube, such as cultural figures and politicians.
1st place is “Obata no Oniisan to Issho” (2.25 million views). A video announcing the production of a new year’s greeting and a photo book with his wife “Yuki Yamazaki” Anna is ranked.
Johnny’s group is very popular, “Snow Man” (3rd place: 1.78 million views) “Jani no Channel” (4th place: 1.43 million views / 5th place: 1.38 million views) “Johnny’s Gaming Room” (6th place: 123 million views) 10,000 plays) “Naniwa Danshi” (10th place: 660,000 plays) ranked in, accounting for half of the ranking.
The YouTube analysis tool “Digital Creators” operated by Analyzelog Co., Ltd. will announce the top 10 YouTube weekly video playback rankings independently researched. The target is the video uploaded from January 2nd to January 8th. The rankings up to the 20th place are announced at Digital Creators below.
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Celebrity views ranking TOP10
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YouTube Ranking [Entertainer]
With my aunt’s older brother (1st place)
The first place is the official channel of the popular comedian “Obata no Oniisan”.
“Happy New Year! Maki-no,” he greeted with the classic “Hanazawa Rui”. His wife, Yuki Yamazaki, Anna also appears, and the couple is looking back on 2022. In addition, it is reported that a photo book will be produced in the video. At the sudden announcement, “Yuki Yamazaki” couldn’t help but be upset. The funds will be collected through crowdfunding, and the viewers are requested to cooperate.
EGA-CHANNEL (2nd place)
“Egashira 2:50” is a project video that treats yakiniku to three gluttony queens representing Reiwa, “Moe no Azuki”, “Masubuchi Sachiyo” and “Ebihara Mayoi”.
The stage is “Ushimiyagi”, a yakiniku restaurant run by “Hiroyuki Miyasako”. The contrast between the three people who are looking forward to the 90-minute all-you-can-eat yakiniku, and “Egashira 2:50”, which is puzzled by the high bill and says, “I don’t want to treat you!”
Three people who proceed with large orders such as “10 servings” and “Only available”. The final bill is 507,700 yen. We are all stunned by the high price. Early in the new year, the audience was excited with a project that was enthusiastic.
Snow Man (3rd place)
“Snow Man” is the first video in 2023, and the planning video with 9 full members ranked 3rd.
A fortune teller “Love Me Doo” has appeared, telling the fortunes of nine people this year. 5th place is “Watanabe Shota”. He receives predictions and advice such as “Take a stuffed animal with you when you travel!”, “There is an offer for an animal program!?” The first place is the leader “Tatsuya Fukasawa”, and the last place is “ Abe”.
Jani Channel (4th and 5th place)
A video of the members of “Janino” taking pictures for the header with their smartphones.
“Yuichi Nakamaru”, who watched the movie “From Rageri with love” starring “Kazuya Ninomiya”, praised the movie highly. After that, when asked about his impressions of the drama “With Murderous Intention to Dear Boku” starring “Ryosuke Yamada”, he evaded, “I can’t watch the entire drama.”
After chatting, I took a picture with my smartphone to update the header displayed on the channel home page. A video that will heal you with the friendly talk of the four and their friendly appearance.
A video in which “Travis Japan” appears as a guest and chats with the members of “Janino”.
The main story starts when the four suddenly start the “Yamanote Line Game”. I thought that the video would continue in a relaxed
atmosphere, but “Travis Japan” appeared as a guest.
After making their worldwide debut, they had a lively talk about their lives abroad, and then everyone watched a surprise video created by former vice president Hideaki Takizawa. The appearance of the members of “Janino” watching the video with a serious look is refreshing.
Johnny’s Gaming Room (6th)
Called the “1st JGR Award,” this video announces the Grand Prize winners in five categories by selecting nominated works from a total of 262 videos distributed over the past year.
Five divisions are set: “Quotations Division”, “Game Love Division”, “Rare Words Division”, “Reflection Division”, and “Nice Play Division”. In the “Quotations Category”, many famous quotes such as “Fukuro Igi” and “Anbaiman” ranked in. In addition, a video where you can enjoy the interesting scenes while looking back on the highlights of the gameplay video that you challenged last year.
My name is Riisa Naka. (7th place)
Explosive shopping video in which “Riisa Naka” buys gifts for her parents and grandparents as “New Year’s money”.
Daddy ordered a washing machine. It’s interesting to see how they are surprised by the unexpected large-scale project. Grandmother, aka “Dangerous Grandma,” says she wants a glove compartment. After purchasing, you can see how it is delivered to each home. When she visits her grandparents’ house, she is accompanied by her husband, “Fox-san”, Nakao Akiyoshi. It is a heartwarming video of a family that is on good terms with each other.
Kamaitachi Channel (8th place)
A video in which “Kabasawa Manager” criticizes the two members of “Kamaitachi”. He criticized “Ryuichi Hamaya” for “excessive concern” and “too many useless reports”, while for “Kenji Yamauchi” he “played cool unnecessarily during the radio location” and “clumsy response to fans”. It’s too much.”
Among them, the awkward episode of “Yamauchi” dealing with fans is impressive. A fan (face fan) who liked the face of “Yamauchi” said, “I want to be a cat of Mr. Yamauchi’s family if I was reborn.” Her partner, Hamaya, burst into laughter at the disgusting feeling. He doesn’t seem to remember it, but Kabasawa says he took notes immediately, and it’s no surprise that he’s an entertainer’s manager who doesn’t miss interesting episodes.
KAJISAC (9th place)
A special of the popular series project “Which bride bought?” As a guest, comedian “Tomonori Jinnai” has appeared.
This time, the wife team purchased cosmetics from @cosme. The husband’s team looks uneasy about the cosmetics that they don’t usually look closely at, but what is the result?
Looking at the colorful eyeshadow palette and water-resistant mascara lined up in row B, I guessed that it was Rio-chan, the wife of Hanada Dragonfly, who started dancing. However, “Hanada” himself predicted otherwise.
As a result, “Tsune,” “Jinnai,” and “Kazisak” hit the mark, but “Hanada” was the only one that failed. “Is this silver (highlight) ‘Rio-chan’!?”
Naniwa boys (10th place)
A video of “Naniwa Danshi” announcing New Year’s greetings and a large-scale project.
It is interesting to see how “Daigo Nishihata” invites “Ryusei Ohashi” to “Let’s go to New Year’s dinner,” but he refuses with “Kittsu.” You can see the normal driving entanglement of the popular duo
“Onishihata” early in the new year.
In addition, he mentions a one-night, two-day hot spring trip as a reward for “Shunsuke Michieda”, and Michieda makes unreasonable suggestions such as “I want to do a seven-person comedy” and “I want you to do a musical”. are doing. I think there are many fans who are looking forward to future videos.
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