Anema Co., Ltd., which provides SEO consulting, has started a “media operation advisory contract” service!

To the person in charge of attracting customers on the web
Anema Co., Ltd.
Anema Co., Ltd., which provides SEO consulting, has started a “media operation advisory contract” service!
– Low-cost, high-quality support for fixed pages, blog operations, and SNS operations on your business site/recruitment site-

Anema Co., Ltd. (Corporate location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Akiya Hiroyama, hereinafter Anema) will start a media operation advisory contract service for companies that operate business sites and recruitment media.
In the media operation advisory contract, the members who have been in charge of media operation in-house at listed companies play the role of “the right arm who can quickly and easily ask questions when in trouble” on websites and SNS. increase.
Because we provide spot support rather than consulting, we offer services at a lower price than other consulting companies (from 50,000 yen per month).
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Efficient methods for attracting customers through web media operations change with the times. Therefore, for startups and venture companies with limited resources, it is costly to always have human resources with the latest know-how.
Also, even if you try to outsource to an SEO consulting company or SNS marketing company, it costs a lot of money, such as 300,000 yen per month, and many companies cannot create a system to promote media operation with limited resources.
Therefore, Anema has launched a service that supports companies contracting with us efficiently and at a low price by focusing on spot resources related to media operation.
If you have a problem with taxes, go to a tax accountant. If you have a problem with the law, go to a lawyer.
Recommended for companies that are having trouble with fixed page management, SEO, and SNS operations
1. A company that wants to provide technical consultation when in trouble with web media operation
I think there will be many situations that you don’t understand when operating web media, such as SEO know-how, WordPress management methods, and SNS performance analysis.
You can get resources that can be spotted and solved when you are in trouble. 2.: Companies that want to create their own media operation system We can support in-house production of operations, such as setting KPIs for your own media, improving the operational skills of the person in charge by providing know-how, and discovering issues based on analysis.
3.: Companies with limited resources and do not want to spend money If you have personnel with SEO and SNS know-how in-house, it will cost at least 300,000 yen per month.
However, with Anema’s advisory contract, we will support mainly members who were web marketers in listed companies from a minimum of 50,000 yen per month.
Effect obtained from “Advisory contract for WEB media operation” 1.: Elimination of anxiety caused by own media
It is possible to consult on the spot about the know-how for effective operation from the parts that you do not understand in media operation.
As a result, you can deal with concerns arising from your own media and operate more efficiently.
2.: Acquisition of a long-term customer attraction window
If you can maintain your high search rankings through media management with appropriate SEO measures, you can expect to attract customers from the web over the long term.
Also, attracting customers through SEO makes it easier to acquire users who are highly motivated to buy, which is directly linked to your company’s profits.
3.: Earn trust from users and increase authority
A company that is always at the top of search results and has many followers on social media can earn the trust of users as a good company.
In addition, it can be expected to increase authority and branding effect, which is greatly involved in improving sales.
》 Free consultation with Anema Co., Ltd.
“Advisory contract for WEB media operation” service content introduction We will respond to consultations regarding the operation, analysis, and improvement of your company’s corporate site, business site, and other SNS accounts.
Details of specific measures are as follows.
1.: Analysis of goals and current issues
From setting goals for media operations to formulating KPIs for each channel and methods of numerical analysis, we will share ideas and support formulation.
2.: Chatwork or email consultation
We will answer any questions that may arise regarding media operations via Chatwork or email.
You can ask questions up to 5 times a month with the minimum plan. 3.: Hearing and information provision via Zoom
For questions that are difficult to communicate with text
communication, you can ask questions on Zoom and propose solutions. With the minimum plan, you can schedule meetings up to once a month. Person in charge introduction
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– Akiya Hiroyama
After graduating from a national university in Tokyo, joined Gaiax, which has a rich track record of producing entrepreneurs. While in charge of managing official media as part of recruitment marketing, experienced launching CtoC business and BtoB online distribution business of investees. Two years after joining the company, he turned to freelance, and half a year later he established Anema Co., Ltd., which specializes in media operation support.
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– Yuji Sato
Experienced corporate site production as an engineer at an IT venture company. After that, he launched owned media and worked as a web marketing business at Anema Co., Ltd. He conducts research on the theme of machine learning at a national university and is good at data analysis.

Proposal plan for “Advisory contract for WEB media operation” We will introduce the fees and plans for media management advisory contracts below.
Minimum plan
・Fee: 50,000 yen/month (excluding tax)
・Meeting: Up to once a month
・Consultation by text: up to 5 themes per month
・Analysis report creation: None
・Main purpose of use: Answering questions about operation
light plan
・ Fee: 100,000 yen/month (excluding tax)
・Meeting: Up to twice a month
・Consultation by text: up to 15 themes per month
・Analysis report creation: only simple ones
・Main purpose of use: Building an in-house operation system
standard plan
・ Fee: 200,000 yen/month (excluding tax)
・Meetings: Up to 4 times a month
・Consultation by text: up to 30 themes per month
・Analysis report creation: Yes
・Main purpose of use: Operational improvement based on numerical analysis We would appreciate it if you could contact us to confirm the details. ” inquiry
About Anema Co., Ltd.
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Anema’s mission since its founding has been to “Adapt to New Era Marketing Accurately-Provide marketing know-how that adapts to the changing times.” Along with the development of the Internet, media platforms such as search engines, SNS, and video content are changing in line with the trends of the times. However, the essence of marketing remains the same. We believe that the overall flow of marketing, from product development to attracting customers and sales, will remain essentially unchanged even as the times change. Anema understands the essence of marketing and uses methods that adapt to the changing times to solve corporate issues.
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