Ange web shop This is convenient for remote control storage! New release of bon moment side pocket that allows you to create “pockets” on beds and sofas

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This is convenient for remote control storage! New release of bon moment side pocket that allows you to create “pockets” on beds and sofas
It can be easily installed on a bed or sofa, creating a storage space where remote controls and smartphones can be neatly put away. “bon moment side pocket” convenient for organizing small items will be released on January 25 (Wednesday).

Selecture Co., Ltd., which operates the EC site “Ange web shop”, has released “Fake leather side pocket storage that can be used next to the bed / next to the sofa” from the original brand bon moment. It is a convenient item that can be used to store frequently used remote controls for air conditioners, TVs, lighting, etc., as well as smartphones and tablets.
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When you change the TV channel and carelessly put the remote control down, the next time you try to use it, it gets lost. “Where did you put it?” The one scene of looking around the sofa is a common scene in any home.
Even if you decide where to put the remote control so that you don’t have to search for it, it won’t last if it’s in a difficult place to put it. And then I casually put it somewhere again, repeating the “remote control lost child”…
Storage goods that relieve such daily petit stress are now on sale from bon moment. A “side pocket” that allows you to neatly store small items such as remote controls and smartphones together around the sofa or bed that tends to be cluttered.
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Simply insert or hang it on your bed or sofa to create a convenient storage space for organizing small items! The point is that it is easy to pick up and return items that are used frequently, and the “fixed position storage” such as remote controls and smartphones will continue.
Unlike furniture, it does not take up much space to install, there is no need to drill holes in the wall, and it is easy to remove and move. It is a storage item that can be easily added.
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-Product Summary-
bon moment Fake leather side pocket storage that can be used next to the bed / next to the sofa
¥ 2,200 (tax included) / 4 types in total Two types that can be selected according to the place you want to use There are two types of side pockets, a short type and a long type. The short type can be used on the seat of a sofa or sandwiched between a bed frame and a mattress.
[Image 4d103370-47-dfee56944e8e09b9d867-1.jpg&s3=103370-47-40078acea26aa517131ba3ec91230df5-1200x831.jpg
The short type can also be used as a desk if you like.
It can also be used as a storage pocket and mouse pad.
[Image 5d103370-47-b6164131f60ab07ac85a-0.jpg&s3=103370-47-f48139d615a607c72e82f4e1fdbf25e5-1200x800.jpg
And the long type is a shape that can be used by setting it on the armrest of the sofa.
The short type is attached to the foot of the sofa, but if you don’t want to bend down when storing the remote control, we recommend the long type that can be attached to the side of the armrest.
[Image 6d103370-47-5551847dace54fe72222-5.jpg&s3=103370-47-21731686b4e95db902f2b9428073fb5b-1200x833.jpg

Also in place for device charging
[Image 7d103370-47-532e685ef94f7acc0dff-10.jpg&s3=103370-47-fb24d1159eae1a9d6a7e9db51e31bc91-1200x830.jpg
There is a small hole in the front left pocket for charging cords for smartphones and tablets.
Therefore, charging while storing in a pocket is possible.
[Image 8d103370-47-fd7299efc4f1759ac561-13.jpg&s3=103370-47-9182b3596b5a2c2eaa9043f54521d913-1200x800.jpg
And in the pocket, there is also a band that can fix the cord. Prevents the cord from getting into your pocket and allows you to quickly insert it into your device for stress-free.
[Image 9d103370-47-943d2797d3ff360f37fd-12.jpg&s3=103370-47-37884cc776b3c7e8f2490c0c62b2c258-1200x800.jpg
Even if you charge your smartphone while you sleep, if you put the side pocket in place, you will be able to wake up comfortably without getting lost in the morning.

Refined fake leather that fits in your room
The material is faux leather with a texture like genuine leather. The point is that it is made of high-visibility material and does not give a sense of life.
Available in dull tone “beige” and “gray”. Both are nuanced colors that blend well with the scenery of the room.
[Image 10d103370-47-8ec8b910609df67b11bb-8.jpg&s3=103370-47-774d185be0a10e6c65d353c8736b72a5-1200x848.jpg
The moderately water-repellent PU leather can be used in daily life without hesitation. Compared to genuine leather, it is easier to handle, and even if there is a small amount of water droplets such as a spilled drink, it can be wiped off quickly.
It is a material that can be used with peace of mind even when living with children and pets.
A storage system that the whole family can continue
Small items scattered around the room while being used by someone in the family. Isn’t it a habit to clean it up behind the scenes? I feel better when my room is tidy. Even if I put my heart and soul into cleaning it up, the next moment someone uses the remote control and leaves it on the table.
Just by adding just one storage item, you may be able to solve such daily stress.
The important thing is to create new habits that are easy for the whole family to use and maintain. The “bon moment side pocket” is a storage item that may be able to help you create a small revolution in your life.
[Image 11d103370-47-db98032dac2459fca369-9.jpg&s3=103370-47-8885789dcea6de433525e2e9c058c69e-1200x800.jpg
bon moment
Original brand of Angers web shop. Happy moments are found in a comfortable life. That’s why it would be better if there was an item that makes the “everyday” a little more convenient than the
extraordinary. Make your life simple by fulfilling “Oh, I was looking for something like this”. We aim to make things that are filled with the thoughts of such happy moments. About Selecture Co., Ltd.
We are developing an online shop business centered on “Angers web shop”. We are strengthening the development of OEM products ranging from interior goods to kitchen, fashion, and baby and kids items. In an environment where online shopping demand is rising and the number of competing sites is increasing, we aim to acquire more customers by promoting the development of products that are close to today’s lifestyles.
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