Announced “ne Quittez pas” 2023 Spring/Summer Collection

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Announced “ne Quittez pas” 2023 Spring/Summer Collection
The theme of the 2023SS season is “Grandma Moses, America’s national painter.” A collection inspired by her style, which is full of the joy of living while staying close to the rich nature.

Pasand by ne Quittez pas apparel brand, “ne Quittez pas” will announce the 2023 Spring & Summer Collection.
Pasand by ne Quittez pas
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Pasand by ne Quittez pas AOYAMA Main Store
Pasand by ne Quittez pas is a lifestyle store curated by -ne Quittez pas- that combines Indian craftsmanship and modern design.
The shop, which means “favorite” in Hindi, has a modern redesign of traditional jewelry loved by Indian queens, with a focus on -ne Quittez pas- -sara mallika- -mala KALANCHOE- wear. We have a wide range of items such as jewelry from – and lifestyle miscellaneous goods selected from all over India.
All fabrics are originally designed and produced in India.
And sustainability in production is at the heart of the brand. For 15 years since the brand was established, ne Quittez pas has created more than 300 jobs related to manufacturing in India, the production base, and has supported the stable lives of each person, including women. In addition, we value the creation of a sustainable cycle while protecting human dignity, such as forming partnerships with excellent factories that have treatment technology to purify industrial wastewater from the production process.
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ne Quittez pas
ne Quittez pas is a brand that combines the heritage of traditional Indian techniques with modern design. We offer daily wear featuring vibrant color palettes, prints and hand embroidery that evoke the oriental mood of India.
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2023 Spring Summer Collection Visual
The theme of the 2023SS Collection of ne Quittez pas is the daily life of people living with rural landscapes and nature projected by the American national painter, nicknamed Grandma Moses. The 2023 SS ne Quittez pas collection is inspired by her style, which is full of the joy of living while staying close to nature.
Botanical motifs such as flowers and wildflowers dance on the dresses, tops, and bottoms, and the good old handwork techniques that Grandma Moses loved, such as nostalgic cutwork and delicate lace reminiscent of vintage, are also incorporated. The color palette mainly develops pale tones that make you feel calm. It is a collection that focuses on a rich life that is close to nature.
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Instagram: @pasand_by_nequitezpas
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