Announcement New Commerce Ventures, a VC fund specializing in the commerce area, has completed its second closing and will strengthen its support system

New Commerce Ventures Inc.
New Commerce Ventures, a VC fund specializing in the commerce area, implements second closing and strengthens support system

New Commerce Ventures Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Directors: Keita Matsuyama and Kohei Okubo; hereinafter NCV), which supports DX in retail and distribution, has established “New Commerce Explosion Investment Business Limited” formed in August 2022. Responsible Union” second closing was carried out. In this second close, GMO Payment Gateway Co., Ltd., GMO Make Shop Co., Ltd., ZeLo FAS Co., Ltd. Representative Director Tatsuya Fukano, Safey Co., Ltd. President and CEO Ryuhei Sadoshima, and other companies and individual investors invested We will continue to strengthen the support system for startups.
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What is New Commerce Ventures?
NCV is Japan’s first (*1) VC fund specializing in commerce with the mission of creating future commerce.
Currently, the retail and distribution industries are under pressure to transform due to various environmental changes, including the global pandemic of COVID-19, the declining birthrate and aging population, and environmental problems. NCV contributes to the development of the retail and distribution industry by supporting startups that solve retail and distribution issues and by supporting open innovation that connects startups and operating companies. [Image 2

A. Startup support
We support business growth by investing in seed to early-stage startups and providing know-how and networks that are unique to our area of ​​specialization. In addition, we have established an accelerator program to create future commerce with professionals in the commerce field and support pre-seed stage entrepreneurs. The accelerator program is currently looking for adopting companies. (Deadline for application is January 22nd)
▼ Click here for details and application for the accelerator program
B. Open innovation support
Through community activities such as the study group-style “New Commerce Day” and the pitch-style “New Commerce Pitch,” we connect startups and operating companies and support the open innovation of operating companies.
After this second close, we will continue to solicit investors, aiming for the final close in July 2023.
*1 It will be the first domestic venture fund specializing in retail and distribution in the Financial Services Agency’s “List of registered funds for qualified institutional investors and other special operators (as of October 31, 2022)”. (In-house research, as of January 17, 2023)

Strengthening the support system through cooperation with investors NCV will provide a support program in collaboration with GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. and GMO Make Shop, Inc., which are additional investors this time.
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GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. provides comprehensive payment-related services and financial-related services to more than 100,000 merchants, and the annual consolidated payment processing amount exceeds 11 trillion yen. GMO Epsilon Co., Ltd., a consolidated company, provides the online payment infrastructure “fincode byGMO” for the success of startups that invests its knowledge and development capabilities. (Consolidated figures as of the end of September 2022) “fincode byGMO” covers a wide range of functions and performance required not only for e-commerce, but also for platform-type and subscription-type complex and modern business models, and uses intuitive APIs and low-code components to reduce implementation man-hours It is an online payment infrastructure that can be reduced. This time, in cooperation with NCV, we will provide a support program that allows you to use “fincode by GMO” at a more attractive cost. [Image 4

GMO Make Shop Co., Ltd., which provides the EC site construction service “MakeShop byGMO”, boasts the No. 1 (*2) annual distribution amount in the EC site construction SaaS industry for 10 consecutive years, and the annual distribution amount is 300 billion in 2022. reaching the circle.
“MakeShop byGMO” supports e-commerce business operators with a wide range of design templates, gift support, customer attraction, customer management, etc., at a low price of 11,000 yen including tax, with no sales commission and initial cost and monthly fee of 11,000 yen. This time, in cooperation with NCV, we will provide a support program that allows you to make a 30-day free trial of “MakeShop byGMO” without initial costs.
Through collaboration with both companies, which are top runners in the commerce field, we will strengthen our support system for startups.
*2 Comparison based on figures announced by companies operating SaaS-type EC site construction services (as of March 2022, according to research by GMO Make Shop Co., Ltd.)
Comments from investors

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GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. Senior Executive Officer
GMO Epsilon Co., Ltd. President
Mr. Kazunari Taguchi
GMO Payment Gateway and GMO Epsilon provide payment-based services that support online, cashless, and DX. I strongly sympathized with NCV’s mission of “creating future commerce” and decided to participate in this project. We would like to create an unseen future of commerce through the chemical reaction between the new technologies of startups and the assets of our company in the PaymenTech/FinTech area. [Image 6

GMO Make Shop Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, President and CEO
Mr. Noriyoshi Mukaihata
Under the mission of “Commerce for a better future.”, GMO Make Shop is developing its business centered on EC support. As Japan’s first VC specializing in the commerce area, we have empathized with the activities of NCV, which contributes to the development of the retail and distribution industry, and decided to participate. We are currently working on opening up the EC platform “MakeShop byGMO”, which boasts the No. 1 distribution amount in Japan. By participating in the NCV community, we also expect to meet startup companies who can collaborate with our platform and combine the technical know-how we have cultivated with the latest technology to provide new value together. I’m here.
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ZeLo FAS Co., Ltd.
Mr. Tatsuya Fukano
While I was supporting startups as a professional, I was thinking about a comprehensive framework that included finance, and Mr. Okubo from New Commerce Ventures gave me the opportunity to participate as an LP this time. We hope that the uniqueness of a commerce-focused fund, and the energy and dynamism of a capitalist, will help create a new startup ecosystem.
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Make shop Safey Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, President and CEO
Mr. Ryuhei Sadoshima
I sympathize with the vision of seeding the next generation of entrepreneurs and supporting them from the early stages, and doing DX in the retail and distribution industries. Safey promotes DX for all kinds of sites from video data, and supports many DX in the retail and distribution industries. Also, I think that the worries of seed and early stage managers are endless, but I would like to support them based on my own entrepreneurial experience. Together with Mr. Okubo, Mr. Matsuyama, and other entrepreneurs from New Commerce Ventures, I will do my best to contribute to DX in the retail and distribution industries and create a better world together!

About the accelerator program
NCV is looking for commerce professionals and companies to participate in a 4-month accelerator program to create the future of commerce for those who are considering starting a business or in the early stages of starting a business. (Deadline January 22nd)
▼ Click here for details and application

New Commerce Venturesアクセラレータープログラム

The program thoroughly supports business growth by providing the following five values. If you are interested, please apply.
1. Founding capital
Investment of 10 million to 20 million yen depending on the business situation 2. Hypothesis design, verification, procurement mentoring
Mentoring through growth examples by NCV members
3. Know-how from experienced IPOs
Providing growth know-how through management mentors
4. Collaboration/sales opportunities with operating companies Providing industry knowledge and proposal opportunities from operating company mentors
5. Commerce area support solution
Provide benefits for services such as EC construction, payment, marketing, back office, etc.
■ Recruitment overview
▼Application deadline
Sunday, January 22, 2023 23:59
▼Program period
February 15 (Wednesday) to June 14 (Wednesday), 2023
▼ Target companies
Aspiring entrepreneurs and those in the early stages of
entrepreneurship who aim to create innovative businesses in the commerce and retail fields
*Companies that have already raised funds in the past can also participate. *Individuals who have not established a corporation can also apply. However, since it is premised on investment, it is necessary to establish a corporation after adoption.
▼ Flow until adoption
1. Application
Please enter the necessary information from the form on the entry page below.
2. Document screening
We conduct document screening from the product, market and team perspectives. 3.Interview selection
Applicants who pass the document screening will be interviewed once or twice with NCV members.
4. Program start
A kick-off will be held after the adoption decision, and 10 million to 20 million yen will be invested depending on the business situation. ■ Guest Mentor
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Company Profile
Company name: New Commerce Ventures Co., Ltd.
Representative name: Keita Matsuyama, Kohei Okubo
Location: Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo
Management fund: New Commerce Explosion Investment Business Limited Liability Union [PG Public Relations 1] Mr. Takarada TO

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