Announcement of Appointment of Chairman and President of SK Word Co., Ltd.

SK Word Co., Ltd.
Announcement of Appointment of Chairman and President of SK Word Co., Ltd.
SK WORD Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Directors: Keisuke Kato, Keiichi Sawada, hereinafter “SK WORD”) will assume the role of chairman on January 1, 2023. Keisuke Kato (former president), representative We would like to inform you that Keiichi Sawada (former COO) has been appointed as President and CEO.
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SK Word Co., Ltd. was founded in 1963 (Showa 38) as SK Western Phototypesetting Company, whose main business was phototypesetting and typesetting, which are the pre-processes for producing printed materials for overseas markets, such as catalogs and manuals. Since Keisuke Kato took office as president in 1991, we have been working on DTP and web production for typesetting and image processing on a personal computer from early on. We have expanded our business by responding flexibly to changes in the business environment.
In recent years, as a company that supports communication between companies and stakeholders, we have combined design thinking and technology to help companies solve problems and rebuild business models.
In January 2022, a capital tie-up with Kagoya Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture; Representative: Sadahiro Kitagawa). Utilizing synergies with the network from Hokkaido to Kyushu and cloud services, we will work to further improve the quality of our current business and develop new services.
During the 31 years of SK WARD’s history, Keisuke Kato, who has been driving growth while strategically transforming the business centered on “words”, says, “Individuals shine and we will continue to be a vessel that nurtures harmony.” Up until now, we have taken great care of people based on our philosophy. As chairman, I will support the new initiatives of the new president and contribute to the stability of management.
Keiichi Sawada, who was appointed as president this time, has contributed to the business expansion of the web division as a producer and department head since joining SK Word in May 2005, and was appointed as a director in 2015. In 2020, he launched a new organization, TOKYO BRANCH, and has been driving growth to date as a department manager and COO. In addition, as a workshop designer, he thinks about problem solving together with customers, and has a good reputation for his perspective and method of “how the customer’s business solves social issues”. there is. We have also focused on cultivating a corporate culture that embodies our management philosophy, and have built a growth foundation not only for our business but also for the company as a whole.
From now on, SK Word will have Sawada as president, Kato as chairman, and two representative directors. We will combine our know-how, including past achievements and failures (seeds of challenge), to contribute to solving the problems of client companies and grow. We will accelerate
■Comments and profiles of the chairman and president
-Comment from Chairman Kato-
“Growing and changing as a company. The world has changed greatly in the wake of COVID-19. As companies and communication methods are changing, new president Sawada will take the helm as a leader. I have decided to entrust this to you, and I would like to report here.From now on, as chairman, I will firmly support the foundation with a system of two representative directors.
60 years after its founding, SK WORD exists today thanks to the support of “people”, including customers and employees. We will continue to be a team that can contribute to the growth support and value improvement of companies as a partner of our customers. Please look forward to SK WORD, which will accelerate reform and promotion under the leadership of a new leader who will lead the new
organization. ”
-Comment from President Sawada-
“I empathize with the philosophy of SK WORD and have been
participating for 17 years. After moving my base of operations to Tokyo in 2012, I launched TOKYO BRANCH and have been leading the new organization.
We are a company that supports communication between companies and stakeholders. We use our website to correctly convey our corporate value to end users, and we look back on the past at the milestone of our anniversary and present a new image to our employees and business partners. I am responding.
In January 2022, we formed a capital tie-up with Kagoya Holdings Co., Ltd., expanding our network from Hokkaido to Kyushu.
Cross-organizational initiatives have also begun. We will continue to make unremitting efforts to develop and perpetuate the “vessel” inherited from the new chairman Kato. ”
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Representative Director and Chairman Keisuke Kato
Born in Nagoya in 1958. After graduating from Rikkyo University, joined an advertising production company as a copywriter. After establishing the planning office “IMPACT”, IMPACT was integrated with SK Photocomposite Co., Ltd., and SK Word Co., Ltd. was established. Responding quickly to globalization, we will continue to transform our business model from a new perspective, such as translation work and multilingual web page production, and expand our business. Currently, we undertake consulting, production, and operation management of communication tools such as websites for many government agencies and global companies. He also works as a small and medium enterprise diagnostician and develops a unique perspective that captures “communication” from a management standpoint.
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Representative Director and President Keiichi Sawada
Born in Ichinomiya City in 1974. About 20 years in the digital field, supporting the launch of various projects as a business producer. We are good at producing results in both “business fields we want to change” and “markets we want to develop” while staying close to the philosophy and values ​​of our client companies. As COO of SK Word, he has created a flat organization that is not bound by work place or work style. Current position from January 2023.
■Overview of the new management system
Representative Director and Chairman Keisuke Kato
President and Representative Director Keiichi Sawada
Outside Director Sadahiro Kitagawa
Outside Director Takeyasu Morishita
Outside Director Kenichiro Ueno
Auditor Hideaki Higuchi
Executive Officer Nobuyuki Eguchi
[SK Word Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Company name: SK Word Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 9th floor, Izumi First Square, 1-21-27 Izumi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya
Representative: Keisuke Kato, Keiichi Sawada
Business: Communication support business
Contact for inquiries: Kamoto, Corporate Branding Department / TEL 052-953-7166
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