Announcement Top host ROLAND has been appointed as an ambassador for the latest commercial hair removal machine “LUMIX-A9X” for four consecutive years!

Eslab Co., Ltd.
[Announcement] Top host ROLAND has been appointed as an ambassador for the latest commercial hair removal machine “LUMIX-A9X” for four consecutive years!

ESTLAB Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Hitomi Kubo), which manufactures cosmetics and beauty equipment with the aim of providing beauty and health to everyone, has launched its own product, LUMIX-A9. ” and the new product “LUMIX-A9X” will announce that Mr. ROLAND, a top host and businessman, has been appointed as an ambassador.
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We have had Mr. ROLAND as an ambassador since 2019, and we will continue to serve as an ambassador this year.
History of Mr. ROLAND and Eslab
As a charismatic host and businessman, we met Mr. ROLAND, who boasts a high profile, as far back as September 2018. About the time when you experienced our commercial hair removal machine “LUMIX-A9”, “When I used LUMIX for the first time as a user, the moment when NO PAIN, NO GAIN (no pain, no gain) was overturned. It was,” said Mr. ROLAND. After that, the project of the hair removal salon “Roland Beauty Lounge” produced by Mr. ROLAND started in earnest with the goal of realizing a world where men’s beauty is commonplace. As of January 2023, the LUMIX-A9X is active at 37 salons nationwide.
In the beauty industry, the image has become so well-established that everyone thinks of the LUMIX-A9X when they hear “Roland’s hair removal machine.”
Regarding the new model “LUMIX-A9X”, Mr. ROLAND says, “We are receiving a lot of feedback saying that it is effective.”
In October 2022, we announced the LUMIX-A9X, the successor to the LUMIX-A9. The new model LUMIX-A9X is newly equipped with “beard explosion mode” and “VIO explosion mode”. In response to the high needs of men’s hair removal and VIO hair removal, this mode enables “less painful and faster hair removal than before”.
Mr. ROLAND commented on the whisker blow-out mode and VIO blow-out mode, “We have received feedback that we were able to feel the effects at an early stage. It has just been released, so I would like to expect it in the future.”
The latest model ≪LUMIX-A9X≫ equipped with a new mode “mustache explosion mode & VIO explosion mode”
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Continuous shooting type commercial hair removal machine LUMIX-A9X Supervised design by Mr. Atsushi Nakashima, a new mode who is active in the Milan Collection.
Refined design is fused with continuous shooting high-speed hair removal machine that combines safety, security, high quality, and high performance.
Since it uses the SHR method, high-speed continuous fire is possible. Irradiation time is as short as 12 minutes (*1) even for whole-body treatments, which can be expected to improve the turnover rate of the bed.
In October 2022, [LUMIX-A9X] will be released as a new model of LUMIX-A9 with “Hige Explosion Mode” and “VIO Explosion Mode”. You can aim for early hair loss graduation even in areas where hair is thick and difficult to remove. The same model is equipped with the industry’s first BBL that can grip the customer even after graduating from hair removal. Stable salon management can be realized.
(*1) Theoretical value
[Video 2:] ▼Product page
Profile of Mr. ROLAND
Born July 27, 1992. Born in Tokyo.
Immediately after graduating from high school, he dropped out of college and made his host debut at the age of 18.
Both in name and reality, he is called the emperor of the modern host world as the top host in Kabukicho.
Currently, as a businessman, he is active in a wide range of media such as TV and magazines, while managing hair removal salons, beauty salons, and apparel brands. In addition, he has an unexpected side, such as an anime lover and a member of the prestigious Teikyo High School soccer club, and his YouTube channel has over 1.3 million subscribers.
≪ROLAND Produced Salon≫
▼ Men-only salon “Roland Beauty Lounge”
▼ Women-only salon “Roland Beauty Lounge Ladies”

[About Eslab]
Founded as a comprehensive beauty manufacturer based on salon management and cosmetics development know-how cultivated through over 30 years of involvement in the beauty industry. Since then, we have developed a number of products based on the themes of “beauty” and “health.” In recent years, the continuous shooting hair removal machine “LUMIX-A9” has been highly evaluated for its high performance and customer-first functionality, and has achieved growth. In addition, in the image survey (* 2) conducted in August 2021, it is attracting attention as it won first place in three items such as “a commercial beauty equipment manufacturer that you want to introduce to management”.
(*2) Survey overview: Conducted in August 2021. Survey by Japan Trend Research

Estrabo will continue to progress and develop together with you as the best partner for salons and as a company that pleases all customers who have skin concerns.

□ Location: Keio Shinjuku Oiwake Building 9F, 3-1-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
□ Representative Director and President: Hitomi Kubo
□Business description:
・Planning, manufacturing, wholesale, and sales of cosmetics
・Esthetic salon management
・Manufacturing, wholesale and sales of beauty equipment, development and manufacturing of OEM products
・Manufacturing and wholesale of health foods and supplements ・Import and sales of overseas brand cosmetics
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