Announcing “FMV and Fashion” and “Look”, which consists of fashion-themed illustrations that match “FM V PC”

Fujitsu Client Computing Limited
Announcing “FMV and Fashion” and “Look”, which consists of
fashion-themed illustrations that match “FMV PC”
Proposing a lifestyle with a PC to the PC debut generation

FUJITSU CLIENT COMPUTING LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as FCCL) has announced a “look” that proposes fashion that combines FMV personal computers and spring 2023 fashion trends, created for the “computer debut generation” who will start using personal computers from now on. increase. This time, it was created in collaboration with a popular illustrator, especially among the younger generation. This “look” can be viewed on the product site FMWORLD ( With the recent development of technology and SNS, there are more and more moments when everyone can freely be creative in their lives. is coming. At FCCL, we want many people to know the convenience of personal computers as tools that support creativity.
We are making efforts for those who will make a “computer debut” who will start using a computer from now on.
In this project, we will introduce the trendy fashion that the younger generation usually touches and the sophisticated fashion of the FMV PC.
We have created a “look” that combines practical designs. Through this, I will start using the computer from now on
We aim to provide an opportunity for those who are making their “computer debut” to touch FMV personal computers.
The illustration was created by Izumi Nishi, an illustrator who has a lot of support from people in their teens and 20s.
I’m Ka. Collaboration between fashionable illustrations drawn with her unique touch and FMV products
You can enjoy “looks” with a stylish world view that you have never seen before. [Image 1d58898-6-539fd83671954d67b2a0-0.jpg&s3=58898-6-9e88b82924d56d854ad4d59403ebdb33-628x397.jpg
Illustrator profile
Nishiizumi Yuka
Born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Living in Tokyo. Graduated from the fashion design department of Kuwasawa Design Institute. textiles and fur
Taking advantage of our designer experience, we have collaborated with numerous companies and created cosmetics packages, advertisements, fashion
Active in magazines, caricature events, etc.
“FMV and Fashion” “Look” (partial excerpt)

[Image 2d58898-6-b6d0674c219aa8e9d2cb-1.jpg&s3=58898-6-3c8ebf2d65ead040c5808129af13a3da-715x442.jpg
[Image 3d58898-6-813889a2326a7278662e-2.jpg&s3=58898-6-619a0f2f61a0eb5be81b1ec0ecd0b072-695x443.jpg
* Other illustrations are available on the product site FMWORLD (

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