ANYCOLOR Co., Ltd. Comments Nijisanji’s VOLTACTION original song “Watercolor” is now available for distribution and the music video is now available! Comments have also arrived from members!

Nijisanji’s VOLTACTION original song “Watercolor” is now available for distribution and the music video is now available! Comments have also arrived from members!
VOLTACTION’s 2nd original song “Watercolor” is a refreshing youth song full of speed, written by Kaito Yamada of “Novelbright” and composed by Sojiro Oki!

VTuber / virtual liver group “Nijisanji” operated by ANYCOLOR Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Riku Takuno, hereinafter “our company”) is a member of our company’s rivers “Furaku Soto” and “Watakai”. We will tell you the details of the 2nd original song “Watercolor” released by the unit “VOLTACTION” (reading: Voltaction) by Hibari, Shikinagi Akira, and Seraph Dazzle Garden. [Image 1

VOLTACTION’s long-awaited 2nd original song “Watercolor”, which has been half a year since its debut, is a youth song full of speed, written by Kaito Yamada of “Novelbright” and composed by Sojiro Oki! Release and music video released on each distribution site!
VOLTACTION is a unit consisting of 4 members: Soto Fugaku, Hibari Watarai, Akira Shikinagi, and Seraph Dazzle Garden. Since his debut on July 13, 2022, in addition to daily distribution activities, he has steadily increased the number of fans through the release of cover songs and participation in various program planning, and is dashing through the VTuber world, which is dominated by the crowd. increase. Half a year after their debut, the long-awaited 2nd original song “Watercolor” has been released. This song was written by Kaito Yamada of Novelbright ( and composed by Sojiro Oki. It is a song full of speed that the four members sing refreshingly, and it is a youth song that depicts the days they spend desperately. And in commemoration of the song distribution, comments from 4 members have arrived! Enjoy together!
[Image 2

Partial screenshots from the “Watercolor” music video
A music video has also been released along with the music
distribution, so please check it out as well.
Please continue to support VOLTACTION as they run through various activities with all their might this year!
wind music
VOLTACTION’s second original song “Watercolor”! ! It’s a wonderful song that spreads out as many memories intersect like a watercolor painting in which various colors gradually overlap, so please listen to it! !
Watari Hibari
Somewhere I can look back at myself in the past
Even if we go our separate ways now, that road will go on forever A new work (story) will be created by exuding various personalities Please listen a lot! !
Shikinagi Akira
I sang the second original song, “Watercolor”. It’s a perfect song to listen to while bathing in the beautiful morning sun. By the way, this time I updated the highest note in the song. Well, where? Please look for it.
Seraph Dazzle Garden
“Watercolor” means a watercolor painting characterized by a mixture of pale and refreshing paints. We have created a wonderful song that expresses the past and future of VOLTACTION, which has been spun by mixing the individuality of the four people!
[2nd original song “Watercolor” music distribution / music video information] [Image 3

Lyrics: Kaito Yamada Composition: Sojiro Oki
▼ Click here for music distribution
▼ Click here to watch the music video

[Video 2:]

“Watercolor” music video visual goods information
[Image 4

■ Postcard set
Using visuals taken down from the music video,
5 designs of “Furaku Souto, Tokai Hibari, Shikinagi Akira, Seraph Dazzle Garden, Gathering” are delivered in one set!
・Price: 1,500 yen (tax included)
・ Type: 1 type (1 set of 5)
・Size (approx.): 100mm wide x 148mm long (postcard size)
・Material: Paper
*This product can be purchased up to 5 items per person per transaction. *Cannot be used as a regular postcard.
■『Watercolor』music video visual goods production staff
Visual production
goods design
Post card set
Design: PBDesign (
“VOLTACTION voice drama -undertake any request-” information [Image 5

■ Synopsis
One afternoon, a child visits the contract office Room 4S.
When Shikinagi and Seraph talk to the child, they say they want to ask the laundry…?
A suspenseful action voice drama that deceives everyone!
■ Visual production
Umiwari (
■ Voice drama sales overview
・ Sales start: Friday, January 13, 2023 from 23:00
・Price: 2,200 yen (tax included)
・ Purchase privilege: Wallpaper for PC / smartphone
・Sales platform: Nijisanji Official Store
・ Sales page: [VOLTACTION information]
■ What is “VOLTACTION”?
A unit formed by four people who were always hanging out at boarding school: “Furaku Soto”, “Watakai Hibari”, “Shikinagi Akira”, and “Seraph Dazzle Garden”. They work behind the scenes every day under the common idea of ​​using the special abilities they have honed through the underworld to make people’s lives happier. While doing activities, I learned about the existence of “Nijisanji”, a group of people who have the talent to entertain people, and decided to join with all the members.
Wind Music Soto:
Watarai Hibari:
Shikinagi Akira:
Seraph Dazzle Garden:
Fuuraku Kanato:
Tokai Hibari:
Shikinagi Akira:
Seraph Dazzlegarden: VOLTACTION Official:
[About Nijisanji Project]
[Image 6

The “Nijisanji Project” is a VTuber/virtual liver project to which a wide variety of influencers belong, and aims to accelerate
next-generation entertainment through various events, sales of goods and digital content, and music production. I’m doing it. Currently, about 150 affiliated rivers make full use of their individuality and are active on video distribution platforms such as YouTube.
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Official website:
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[About ANYCOLOR Inc.]
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ANYCOLOR Co., Ltd. is an entertainment startup established on May 2, 2017. We will cast magic on the daily lives of people around the world as a pioneer in a new era where the “entertainment economy” is accelerating.
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