Aomori Prefecture Rice Demand Expansion Promotion Headquarters Expansion of Aomori Prefecture Rice Consumptio n “Rice, Masshigura Campaign 2023” held!

Aomori Rice Headquarters
[Expansion of consumption of rice produced in Aomori Prefecture] “Rice, Masshigura Campaign 2023” will be held!
1,000 people will win 5 kg of Aomori rice “Masshigura” by lottery!
The Aomori Prefecture Rice Demand Expansion Promotion Headquarters will hold a campaign from January 27 (Friday) to February 24 (Friday), 2023 to increase the consumption of Aomori Prefecture rice.
[Image 1

Special website for “Rice, Masshigura Campaign 2023”
Click here for more information about the campaign
* Scheduled to be released at 10:00 on Friday, January 27, 2023 prize
5kg of Aomori-produced rice “Masshigura” 1,000 people by lottery [Image 2

In addition to improving the taste, Aomori Prefecture’s rice “Masshigura” When cooked, it is white and shiny,
This rice is characterized by its good appearance, such as uniform grains and firm grains.

Application method
[Note] An Instagram account is required to participate in this campaign. 1. Follow the account (miss_clean_rice_aomori)
2. Comment on the target post
3. Click the URL on the profile TOP
4. Authenticate your Instagram account and draw lots on the spot 5. If you win, enter the shipping address information
*This campaign has nothing to do with Facebook and Instagram. Details about this release:


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