APHD Let’s head towards and wish for happiness and good health in 2023 with a special Eho-maki where you can taste “free-range chicken meatballs” with special tartare!

Let’s head in the direction of -south-southeast- and wish for happiness and good health in 2023 with a special ehomaki where you can taste “local chicken meatballs” with special tartar!

Tsukada Farm operated by AP Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shusaku Nomoto) and other 74 stores that handle free-range chicken, serve “Ehomaki wrapped in free-range chicken meatballs”. It will be sold only on February 3 (Friday). Pre-orders start today, January 10th (Tuesday).
How about wishing for a wonderful year with this product, which is packed with Tsukada Farm ingredients, centered on free-range chicken, on Setsubun, an important milestone that welcomes spring? Face south-southeast and bite into it.
In 2021, the ehomaki, which started small due to the corona wreck, will be the third time this year, and finally most shops will be able to handle it. The hearty Eho-maki, which uses deep-fried free-range chicken meatballs and special tartar sauce as the main ingredients, is a rarity, and is very popular not only for children but also for adults with discerning palates. It is a product that has many voices waiting for its next sale.
Also, from February 1st (Wednesday) to February 5th (Sunday), Tsukada Farm will prepare “Tsukada-maki with free-range chicken meatballs” so that you can casually enjoy it at the restaurant. This is a half size, cut into bite-sized pieces and served. Please take this opportunity to try it.
[Image 1d4635-420-95c77b2fbecb30913e5a-0.jpg&s3=4635-420-9f7d874646139f252dee7a035b0620f5-1299x899.jpg

On Setsubun, it is said that you can make a wish by facing the good luck direction and eating one without saying a word. We have deep-fried local chicken meatballs and wrapped them in consideration of ease of eating so that you can eat them all in accordance with the etiquette, even though there are plenty of ingredients and volume. Finely ground soft free-range chicken is mixed with coarsely ground thigh meat that brings out the plump texture of well-exercised free-range chicken.
-Tartar sauce-
Tsukada Farm’s popular tartar sauce is topped with Tobikko, a special recipe only available for Ehomaki. The tartar sauce is prepared from the very beginning of boiling, using the specially selected
“Tsukadama*” egg, which has a rich yolk and firm white flesh without any unpleasant taste.
-Sweet Sauce/Sushi Vinegar-
The deep-fried free-range chicken meatballs are coated with a slightly sweet sauce, and the sushi rice is combined with the sweet and sour vinegar used in Tsukada Farm’s Chicken Nanban. These two seasonings bring together a variety of ingredients, including free-range chicken, in a well-balanced manner.
In addition, tamagoyaki from “Tsukadama*”, which is carefully baked in the store, sun-dried pickled radish “Hinata-zuke” from Michimoto Foods (Miyazaki City), red core radish, and sunny lettuce are included. While the main dish is the impressive deep-fried free-range chicken meatballs, it is inspired by Miyazaki’s “lettuce rolls”, so you can eat it until the end without getting tired of it.
(*Tsukadama: not free-range chicken eggs)
-How to make-
Roll the sushi rice inside out, and then wrap the seaweed around the outside once again.
We make it wholeheartedly in the kitchens of each Tsukada Farm store. [Image 2d4635-420-54a95381c84ab9c885da-1.png&s3=4635-420-34492ab3340e0629b6eef0a2b57474ae-1440x956.png

Product Summary
Take-out “Tsukada-maki wrapped with free-range chicken meatballs” Sales stores: Please check the list below
Reservation period: Tuesday, January 10, 2023 to Thursday, February 2, 24:00 Sale date: February 3, 2023 (Friday)
Pick-up time: 15:00-20:00
Sales price: 1,580 yen (tax included)
Eho-maki half-size for eating and drinking in Tsukada Farm
“Tsukada-maki with free-range chicken meatballs”
[Image 3d4635-420-65a0c6851f2819065d4e-2.jpg&s3=4635-420-942ab99c89176d1d9443bfc5df1b2060-1200x780.jpg
Sales period: February 1 (Wednesday) to February 5 (Sunday), 2023 Sales stores: Tsukada Farm stores
Sales price: 780 yen (tax included)
Special note: No reservation required, ingredients are the same as “Ehomaki wrapped in free-range chicken meatballs”
■ How to make a reservation for take-out “Ehomaki with local chicken meatballs” 1) Online reservation
Google form https://onl.tw/HKjf3eR
2) Make a reservation directly with the staff when you come to the store ■ Sales store
“Eho-maki wrapped in free-range chicken meatballs” will be sold at the following stores.
Store information search destination: http://www.apcompany.jp/shop/ -Hokkaido and Tohoku regions-
Tsukada Farm Obihiro store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Sapporo Station North Exit (Miya
Tsukada Farm Shin Sapporo Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Sendai Nakakecho (Miya
Tsukada Farm Sendai Aoba Street Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Koriyama Station (Miya
-Kanto region (Tokyo)-
Tsukada Farm Ikebukuro East Exit Main Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Ikebukuro Sunshine Street Store (deer
Tsukada Farm Ikebukuro West Exit Park (deer
Tsukada Farm Shinjuku South Exit (Miya
Tsukada Farm Nishi-Shinjuku Kotakibashi Store (Deer
Tsukada Farm Shibuya Miyamasuzaka Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Omotesando Branch (Deer
Tsukada Farm Akihabara Chuo-dori Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Shimbashi Brick Street Store (deer
Tsukada Farm Shimbashi Karasumoriguchi Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Gotanda West Exit (deer
Tsukada Farm Tennozu Isle Store (deer
Tsukada Farm Shinagawa Takanawa (Deer
Tsukada Farm Oimachi store (deer
Tsukada Farm Kamata West Entrance (Deer
Tsukada Farm Machida Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Machida Morino Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Chofu North Exit (Miya
Tsukada Farm Kichijoji North Exit (Miya
Tsukada Farm Keio Nagayama Store (Deer
Tsukada Farm Tama Center Store (charcoal
Tsukada Farm Minamisenju
Chicken shop Tsukada Shibuya
Yaorozu Craft
-Kanto region (other than Tokyo)-
Tsukada Farm Mito Station North Exit (Miya
Tsukada Farm Tsukuba (deer
Tsukada Farm Oyama West Exit (Miya
Tsukada Farm Omiya West Exit (Deer)
Tsukada Farm Omiya East Exit (Charcoal)
Tsukada Farm Urawa Station West Exit (Miya
Tsukada Farm Musashi Urawa (Deer
Tsukada Farm Minami Urawa West Entrance (deer
Tsukada Farm Kawaguchi Station (Miya
Tsukada Farm Asaka store (Deer
Tsukada Farm Funabashi (Miya
Tsukada Farm Shin-Urayasu (Deer)
Tsukada Farm Narita Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Kawasaki Tachibana Street Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Musashi Kosugi North Entrance (Miya
Tsukada Farm Yokohama West Exit (Miya
Tsukada Farm Yokohama Minamikou Store (Deer
Tsukada Farm Kamiooka Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Hashimoto Store (deer
Nichinankan Annex Yamato
-Chubu region-
Tsukada Farm Meieki Main Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Meieki West Exit (Miya
Tsukada Farm Meieki Sasashima Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Nagoya Ozone Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Kanayama Station South Exit (Deer
Tsukada Farm Meitetsu Gifu Station (Miya
Tsukada Farm Toyama Station (Deer)
Tsukada Farm Kanazawa Station West Exit (deer
Tsukada Farm Yokkaichi Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Hankyu Ibaraki Station (Miya
Tsukada Farm Keihan Moriguchi Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Kyobashi Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Umeda Gather Hankyu Branch (deer
Tsukada Farm Umeda Hankyu Higashidori Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Keihan Kuzuha Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Sannomiya Main Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Sannomiya Ikuta Road Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Hankyu Tsukaguchi Station Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Himeji Miyuki Street Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm JR Kobe store (Miya
-Chugoku and Kyushu regions-
Tsukada Farm Hiroshima Hatchobori (Miya
Tsukada Farm Miyazaki Main Store (Miya
Tsukada Farm Tenmonkan Store (deer
Tsukada Farm Tenjin 1-chome (Miya
*The information contained in the press release is current as of the date of the announcement, and may change over time or due to various subsequent events. Please note.
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