Arithmer Co., Ltd. Provided virtual factory tour system to Keishindo Co., Ltd.

Arithmer Inc.
Provided virtual factory tour system to Keishindo Co., Ltd.
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Arithmer Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshihiro Ota) has moved to Keishindo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Representative Director: Toshio Mitsuda,
hereinafter “Keishindo”) as a virtual manufacturing factory. We delivered a tour system and it was published on the Keishindo website ( from December 2022.

Keishindo has introduced a virtual factory tour system for the purpose of conveying the commitment with a more realistic feeling.
The virtual factory tour system introduces the inside of the factory with images instead of still images, so you can experience a more realistic factory tour.
[Image 1d110888-2-126ad109401bfdbf40f7-0.jpg&s3=110888-2-80bff63e92552d7ccfb43394faa96be4-3900x390.jpg
Our company is an AI development company with a mission of “solving social issues with mathematics” and supporting the digital
transformation (DX) of our customers and partners. Based on the core elemental technology of mathematics, we develop solutions that make full use of various cutting-edge AI engines such as predictive AI, wind power AI, flooding AI, vision AI, recommendation AI, and business AI, and freely apply these advanced technologies. By combining them, we will contribute to solving the problems of our customers. About Keishindo Co., Ltd.
Keishindo is a company that manufactures and sells shrimp sweets, founded in 1866 (Keio 2). We are particular about the ingredients, and our main products, “Arare-yaki”, “Sugata-yaki” and “Iso-yaki”, are particular about hand-grilling, and are characterized by being sweets that make use of the shrimp as they are.
This time, we have introduced our “Virtual Factory Tour System” for the purpose of conveying our commitment with a more realistic feeling on the EC site. By disclosing the manufacturing process, we will appeal the added value of the product and improve the brand image. [Image 2d110888-2-a75c2936b815d91a7917-1.jpg&s3=110888-2-91bd13372dc8835225197f2303ab9045-1896x918.jpg
Keishindo Homepage
◆ About the virtual factory tour system
Our “virtual factory tour system” is a system that can reproduce the entire factory in a digital space. Unlike general virtual showrooms, the factory tours are not images but videos, so you can experience a more realistic factory tour. In addition, it is possible to move the viewpoint up to 360 degrees, and you can freely patrol the factory, even in dangerous places and spaces that are not open to the public. Furthermore, by linking explanations of each process and introduction of products, it is possible to provide site visitors with more in-depth product information.
[Image 3d110888-2-51a69b086f470236f572-2.jpg&s3=110888-2-667ab17d2ba17da30a118b5b85e5d3a8-1917x927.jpg
Virtual factory tour (image)

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