ART Co., Ltd. Collaboration between cloud-based entry/exit management system “ALLIGATE” and reservation sy stem “Riber”-Efficiency of store operation by online membership registration, reservation, and key issuance-

Art Co., Ltd.
Cloud-based entry/exit management system “ALLIGATE” and reservation system “Riber” collaborate-Efficient store management by online membership registration, reservation, and key issuance-

Art Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshifumi Sekimoto) is a cloud-based entry/exit management system “ALLIGATE” provided by the company and Round Quality Co., Ltd. (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Yoshifumi Sekimoto). Mutsuhisa Fukushima, Shinya Tajima) has started cooperation with the reservation system “Riber”.
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■ Background of cooperation
From the perspectives of a declining working population, cost reductions, and countermeasures against the spread of the new coronavirus, there is a growing need for operational efficiency, labor saving, and unmanned operation in store operations. Under these circumstances, the reservation system “Riber”, which can centrally manage member registration and reservation management, etc., and the cloud-based room entry/exit management system “ALLIGATE”, which can unlock doors with transportation IC cards and smartphones, have been linked. With this collaboration, it is possible to automate a series of administrative procedures such as membership registration, reservation, and key issuance in store-type businesses such as gyms and rental spaces, and to realize more efficient operations and unmanned operations. In addition, it is possible to provide a highly convenient service to store users, as there is no need to ask them to come to the store before using the service. .
■ What you can do with cooperation
When using “Riber” and “ALLIGATE” in conjunction, for example, when a store user completes membership registration and reservation online, the store user will be given a key (PIN or smartphone app) that allows entry. automatically notify. Also, if you have been given an IC card such as a membership card, you will be able to enter the room with your membership card at the reserved time. In addition, it is also possible to invalidate the issued key when canceling.
Please note that this service can only be used if you have a separate contract for “Riber” and “ALLIGATE Lock Pro”, and no additional costs will be incurred for cooperation.
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-Industries and business categories that can be used in cooperation- ・Facilities open 24 hours
・General fitness
・Beauty salons, chiropractic clinics, etc.
・Schools and classrooms in general
■ Future development
In addition to adding functions, ALLIGATE will continue to evolve in terms of simplifying security settings, preventing omissions in registration and changes, and utilizing entry/exit logs. By
strengthening cooperation with the excellent services and systems of other companies, we will respond to diverse needs accurately and speedily.
■ About Riber
Riber is a store management support system that packages membership management, shift schedules, store management, sales management, etc. based on reservation management. It can centrally manage multiple stores, supports reservations across stores, and provides various services such as EC functions and crowdfunding functions.
For more information on River, please visit the website below.
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ALLIGATE is a cloud-based entry/exit management system on a monthly basis, equipped with functions necessary for entry/exit management, such as key issuance/invalidation and room entry/exit history confirmation. IC cards and smartphones can replace physical keys, and web management tools (web browsers) can be used to issue or invalidate keys anytime, anywhere. In addition to centralized management of multiple locations, it also offers a wealth of highly convenient functions essential for offices and businesses. We also provide on-site maintenance support after equipment installation and installation.
For more information on ALLIGATE, please visit the website below.
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【Company Profile】
Company name: Round Quality Co., Ltd.
Representative: Mutsuhisa Fukushima, Representative Director         :Representative Director Shinya Tajima
Location: Osaka office
Ark Building, 1-8-21 Bunnosato, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
         ■Tokyo Office
1-28-2 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: May 26, 2017
Business description: System development business
         Golf course support project
【Company Profile】
Company name: Art Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yoshifumi Sekimoto, President and CEO
Tokyo head office: Gotanda 1-chome East Building, 1-25-11
Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Founded: January 14, 1976 (Established: August 1, 2003)
Capital: 42,360,000 yen
Number of employees: 150 (April 2022)
Business description: Development of access control systems and integrated control systems for various buildings
Design, manufacture and sale of various devices associated with the above system Manufacture and sale of nursing care system equipment, construction and service work related to each of the preceding items
Sales and construction of building hardware and building equipment materials Website:
*”ALLIGATE” is a registered trademark of Art Co., Ltd.
* “ALLIGATE” is a service that uses patented technology acquired by Art Co., Ltd.

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