Aruyamu Co., Ltd. Return gift 333 in the hometown tax payment using NFT provided by Takamori Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture, Aopanda Party, and Aruyamu Co., Ltd. Donations were collected for all.

Aryamu Co., Ltd.
In the hometown tax payment using NFT provided by Takamori Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture, Aopanda Party, and Aruyamu Co., Ltd., donations were made for all 333 return gifts. We got together.
Takamori-cho, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture, NFT project “Aopanda Party” (hereinafter “APP”) aiming to establish an animation studio, Aruyamu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sapporo City, Hokkaido,
Representative Director : Hiroaki Hatanaka, hereinafter “Aruyaum”) will start accepting donations from 21:00 on December 30 (Friday) for the hometown tax return gift “Travel Aopanda-Let’s go to
Takamori-machi”. . In about 9 minutes, we will report that donations have been collected for all 333 gift items.
Comments from stakeholders
Comment from Taisei, Nagakusa Village, Takamori Town
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many people who have contributed to this effort.
We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone involved in the release of the first collaboration project with “Aopanda Party” in Japan.
As the theme of “Traveling Aopanda-Let’s go to Takamori-machi” suggests, we hope that everyone who knows about this project will visit Takamori-machi and continue to support Takamori-machi. Thank you.
Also, I am looking forward to the completion of the produced animation as much as everyone who donated, and I hope that we can continue to have a good relationship with everyone involved.
Comment from “Aopanda Party” Founder/ Ao Umino
We are very pleased that many people have taken an interest in our new attempt to use animation as a gift.
I would like to work hard to create an animation full of charm that will please the people who donated and the people of Takamori Town. I hope you will look forward to it until it is completed.
Comment from Hiroaki Hatanaka, Representative of Aruyamu Co., Ltd. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved in the Takamori Town Hall for being able to implement the “Traveling Aopanda ~ Let’s go to Takamori Town ~” as the first new project in Takamori Town, Kumamoto Prefecture. Takamori Town, Kumamoto Prefecture has a high school that established the nation’s first “manga department”, and “Aopanda Party” is an NFT project aiming to establish an anime studio.
We hope that everyone who chooses this gift will become attached to Takamori Town, which is making innovative efforts, and will actually visit Takamori Town. Aruyaum will continue to help various players to beautifully combine the charm of the local area with the energy of the NFT community and the power of creators.
Traveling Aopanda ~Let’s go to Takamori Town~ Overview
◆ Issuing chain: Ethereum chain
◆ Overview of Traveling Aopanda: A total of 333 types of one-of-a-kind NFTs that combine popular APP characters with backgrounds based on local specialties and famous places. Donors (NFT holders) are given the right to participate in the credits of local government PR short movies, creating opportunities for donors to promote hometown tax destinations and directly support them.
◆ Donation reception site: Hometown tax NFT β version (Aryamu Co., Ltd.) Open the “Furusato tax NFT β version” scheduled to open on the day, select the NFT illustration you want to receive as a return gift, and enter the information necessary to prove your donation and the wallet address of the NFT destination. By filling in the necessary
information on the email notification registration page
(, you will be able to receive an email notification one hour before the start of accepting donations. * It is not a right to give priority to donations.
◆ Start accepting donations: December 30, 2022 (Friday) 21:00 (planned) ◆ Donation amount: 30,000 yen/333 types
◆ Notes: Resale is restricted for one year after NFT issuance. ◆ Publisher: Aruyamu Co., Ltd. (Sapporo, Hokkaido)
Party information
About Takamori Town, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture
Aso’s majestic scenery is created by the world’s largest caldera, the outer rim of the crater, and the five peaks of Aso, with their beautiful silhouettes. Takamori Town, located between the Aso Gogaku and the south side of the outer rim of Mt. The symbol of the town is one of the five peaks of Aso, Mt. Nekodake with a jagged head, 1,408 meters above sea level, with ridges that overlap from east to west like saw blades, and a huge Tengu rock towering in the center. Looking at its mysterious appearance, it makes sense that there is a legend that when a Higo cat turns 7 years old, it comes here to train. Takamori-cho is a wild flower village where the rich nature has been left as it is.
About APP (
APP is an NFT collection of 10,000 items, featuring Aopanda (A-chan). After the release on October 30, 2022, the total distribution amount exceeded 1,500 ETH (about 330 million yen) in just one month, and it is a notable NFT project with nearly 3000 holders.
PANDAO is a project where you can not only “buy” but also “experience and participate in the fun of making anime”. This is an advanced web3 project aiming to launch an animation studio PANDAO (provisional name).
Official Twitter: @APP_PANDAO
Ao Twitter @Devil_Kitties_
Discord invite code
About Aruyamu Co., Ltd. (
Aruyamu Co., Ltd. is a startup from Sapporo that provides hometown tax NFT and tourism NFT solutions for local governments nationwide in order to promote “regional revitalization with NFT”. By providing NFTs that express the appeal of the region, we will create new financial resources, promote city promotion, and lead to the creation of related populations and the attraction of tourism. The company name “Aryaum” means “today” in Arabic. Today, we will promote tourism DX and contribute to the revitalization of the local economy by providing NFT technology to local governments and regions who want to take on the challenge right now.
Aruyamu Co., Ltd. Company Profile
・ Company name: Aruyamu Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Hiroaki Hatanaka
・Location: Room 302, Katran Aso, Kita-ku, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Kita-ku, Sapporo ・Established: November 18, 2020
・ Capital: 23 million yen (including reserves)
・ Business content: Regional revitalization consulting and development using NFT ・URL:

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