Asabis CBD industry 2023 latest version “CBD Chaos Map January 2023” released!

[CBD industry 2023 latest version] “CBD Chaos Map January 2023” released! The CBD market has shown rapid growth over the past few years and is attracting a great deal of attention. In “CBD Chaos Map January 2023”, create and publish a chaos map that classifies over 500 brands / companies / services into 59 categories!

The CBD community CBD department operated by Asabis Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Ryota Nakazawa, hereinafter “Asabis”) has announced the CBD chaos map version 5.0 on the CBD industry / CBD-related industries. In addition, the CBD Directory (CBD Business Directory) has also been updated. We would like to inform you about updates to the CBD Chaos Map and CBD Directory.
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What is CBD (cannabidiol)
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CBD (official name: cannabidiol) is a health and chill ingredient derived from hemp that is attracting attention around the world. CBD extracted from hemp stems and seeds is legal in Japan and is treated as a health food. Against the backdrop of the global trend of cannabis utilization and the increasing importance of well-being due to the corona crisis, CBD is becoming a booming industry in Japan as well. As a product, various lineups such as CBD oil, CBD vape, CBD gummies, CBD beer, CBD balm, etc. are born every day.
CBD Chaos Map January 2023 Features/Updates
・More than 150 new elements have been added or updated since the last time, and the number of companies/brands has exceeded 500.
・More than 300 elements are grouped into 59 categories.
・Added “hemp”, which is a related area, as a category.
・Most of the listed brands/companies have been posted on the CBD directory (
We have created a chaos map not only to help you see the CBD industry at a glance, but also to help you see the CBD industry from different perspectives.
Background of CBD chaos map creation
With regard to the overall picture of the rapidly growing CBD industry, we have created a CBD chaos map with the hope that we can gather more information by using this chaos map as a trigger for discussion while simultaneously observing its transition from a fixed point.
A chaos map is an information visualization method that is organized and created to give a bird’s-eye view of each player and their position in various industries, mainly in the IT industry. As of January 2021, I couldn’t find anyone in the Japanese CBD industry to create it, so I decided to create it in the CBD department.
Click here for past versions
・Version 3.0 ( ・Version 4.0 ( As the CBD industry grows, we hope to update it regularly.
Precautions for using this chaos map
・This chaos map was created independently by the CBD Department based on the information disclosed by each company as of January 17, 2023, but the accuracy, comprehensiveness, appropriateness, up-to-dateness, and completeness of the content makes no representations or warranties about Regarding the size, placement, and number of logos, there is no relationship with the market share of the industry.
・Selected based on certain criteria set by the CBD department, such as the name and address of the representative, and the frequency of updates.
・In addition, the rights to the trademarks and logo marks used in this chaos map belong to the right holders.
・We welcome sharing this chaos map and posting it on materials and media. Future updates/inquiries
If there is a problem with the information posted in this article, or if you would like your brand to be listed in the next update, please contact us on various social media of the CBD Department or at
About the CBD Directory
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This is a summary site (commonly known as a CBD business directory) centered on CBD-related businesses. A summary of CBD brands, stores, shops and more. When we updated this CBD Chaos Map 5.0, we added 325 new ones.
The total number of postings is 418, and we will add links to various SNS (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube), aiming to be a summary site that not only has a large volume but also has easy-to-understand details.

About sponsorship/management
■ About the CBD Department
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With the mission of “correcting the asymmetry of information on CBD”, we operate various services such as CBD communities, CBD directories, and CBD calendars.
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・ CBD Department real-name online community: ・CBD Department LINE Open Chat: [CBD media]
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■ About Asabis Inc.
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Abyss maximizes the power of CBD and other cannabinoids through community and technology, contributing to productivity improvement and well-being.
・ Trade name: Asabis Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Ryota Nakazawa, President and CEO
・Location: Kuwano Building 2F, 6-23-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 ・Established: August 2, 2021
・Capital: 3,000,000 yen
・Business description: Planning, development, and operation of media, communities, and platforms specializing in CBD/cannabinoids
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