Asahi Group Foods Co., Ltd. Asahi Group Foods Business Policy for 2023 With sustainability at the core of ou r business, we will provide various “deliciousness + α” Contributing to the realization of “healthy body”

Asahi Group Foods Co., Ltd.
[Asahi Group Food Business Policy for 2023] With sustainability at the core of our business, we will provide various “deliciousness + α” values ​​through “multi-sword style” to realize “healthy mind and body” for our customers. contribute to

Asahi Group Foods Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Kawahara) has announced that its business policy for 2023 will be to “place sustainability at the core of our business, and provide various “deliciousness + α” values ​​through our multi-sword style. We will contribute to the realization of “healthy minds and bodies” for our customers.” As before, we will continue to provide a variety of products that are close to our customers’ daily lives and various life stages, and contribute to solving various social issues. We aim to be a company that can contribute.
■ Sustainability Initiatives
In response to the growing awareness and need for sustainable society and environmentally friendly initiatives, we will incorporate sustainability into our management and further strengthen activities that will be appreciated by the society of the future. Among the materiality items of “health,” “environment,” “people,” and
“community,” we have positioned “health” as a business activity itself. We contribute to the physical and mental health of our customers by providing products and services that help solve various food and health issues, such as childcare and nursing care-related issues, as well as mental health and nutritional imbalances. I will continue.
In terms of “health” initiatives, the themes are “creation of easy and delicious meals and relaxation,” “provision of information useful for nutrition and dietary habits,” “physical health,” “mental health,” and “health proposals using group materials.” I will work as To achieve these goals, we have set new sustainability targets for “relaxed time” created through products and services, and “the number of people who support customers through the provision of information.”
By using baby food, nursing care food, and freeze-dried food, it is possible to shorten the time compared to cooking the same meal. Define. Calculated by multiplying the reduced hours (*1) and the annual sales volume of the corresponding product (*2), the “relaxed time” created in 2021 was about 70 million hours. The goal for 2030 is 100 million hours. The number of people who are close to customers through the provision of information is defined as the number of people who have participated in nutrition counseling for infants and nursing care seminars that we have been working on so far, and it was about 61,000 in 2021. This year, we will strengthen our activities, such as starting an “online nutrition consultation” through the childcare support app “Wakochan App”. The target for 2030 is 100,000. In terms of “environmental” initiatives, we will work to expand environmentally friendly containers and packaging. We will reduce the amount of plastic used for Mintia, Dear-Natura, cup soup, and other products by making containers thinner and eliminating the attached spoons and lids. Based on the government’s “Plastic Resource Recycling Strategy,” we aim to reduce cumulative single-use plastic emissions by 25% per unit of sales by 2030 compared to 2019, including past efforts.
*1: We calculated the cooking time for baby food, nursing care food, and miso soup in a voluntary survey, and then subtracted the cooking time when using our baby food, nursing care food, and freeze-dried food from that cooking time Survey: 2022 November Number of people surveyed: 1500 people
* 2: All freeze-dried food items, baby food “Goo-Goo Kitchen” “Nutrition Marche”, nursing care food “Balance Menu”
■ 2023 Initiatives of Major Brands
・We will strengthen our response to refreshment, which is the essential value of the brand, and contribute to mental health through refreshment by eating “Mintia” and strive to continuously stimulate demand.
・“Mintia Cream Soda” and “Mintia Pudding”, which provide the joy of eating sweets and the feeling of happiness, will be released from March 6th. By proposing new retro-themed products, we will strengthen the lineup for young users in their teens and twenties.
・We will make the container thinner for the first time since the launch of Mintia. Assuming that the annual sales target for 2023 is entirely replaced with thin-walled and lightweight containers, this is equivalent to a reduction of approximately 170 tons in plastic usage for the entire brand. In fact, starting with “Mintia Cream Soda” and “Mintia Pudding”, we plan to gradually switch to thin-walled and lightweight containers starting in March, and switch all items in the “Regular” series and “Breeze” series. am.
“Amano Foods” (miso soup)
・Centering on the mainstay “Itsutsuno Miso Soup” series, the need for time-saving and convenient freeze-dried foods, the need for food that is useful for a rich diet, the production method that does not impair its nutritional value, and the daily life. We will work to improve the value of the “Amano Foods” brand by appealing that it is a food that can be enjoyed on a daily basis.
・We will respond to bulk purchases and stockpiling demand that have become established due to stay-at-home demand, and work to revitalize the market with a rich and original lineup.
“One satisfying bar”
・With brand communication as “Positive Eating. One satisfying bar”, we will promote energy, satisfaction and positive feelings when eating “One satisfying bar”.
・We will focus on the “Protein” series, for which needs are increasing in response to the growing health consciousness, and the “Cereal” series, which can be easily supplemented with nutrients and enjoy the taste and satisfaction of eating. We will work to expand the user base by strengthening the product lineup that matches various behavior scenes.
“Diana Chula”
・As supplements that comprehensively cover the various health needs of our customers, we offer bottle-type Dear-Natura, pouch-type
Dear-Natura Style, food with function claims Dear-Natura Gold, and protein powder Dear-Natura. We will support the growing self-care needs with the 4 series of Dear-Natura Active.
・From March 13, we will release “Dear-Natura One Supplement Grapefruit Yogurt Flavor,” a drinkable supplement containing 27 kinds of nutrients for the first time in the “Dear-Natura” brand (*3). We support the creation of valuable time and nutrition management for those who want to use time and take nutrition efficiently.
・By making the bottle thinner and changing the cap to a part of biomass-derived plastic, the spoon attached to Dear-Natura Active will be abolished (scheduled for fall 2023). is expected to be reduced by approximately 24 tons (*4) annually.
*3: Calculated based on the nutrient display standard values ​​(18 years old and over, standard calorific value 2200 kcal), with 3 meals per day, protein, 13 vitamins, 11 minerals (phosphorus 11 types excluding), dietary fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids (n-3 fatty acids) for more than one serving
*4: Calculated based on the sales target for 2023
“Wakodo” (baby food)
・Demand for baby food is increasing as it plays a role in supporting the making of baby food in childcare due to the increase in
dual-income households and changes in lifestyles. In addition to convenience and time saving needs, by reducing the burden of cooking baby food with a rich product lineup that considers nutritional support, the whole family can enjoy childcare and contribute to the creation of an environment where “relaxed time” can be created. To do. ・Strengthen the mainstay “Goo-Goo Kitchen” series to further improve Wakodo’s brand power.
・In December 2022, we will strengthen activities to support customers’ child-rearing by providing information through the “Wako-chan App,” a child-rearing support app, and by providing online nutrition counseling linked to the app.
“Balance Menu/Balance Menu PLUS” (food for seniors)
・Amid an increasing number of home nursing care opportunities, we will contribute to the creation of an environment in which more “relaxed time” can be created by providing menus that take into consideration the ease of cooking and the balance of ingredients, contributing to reducing the burden on nursing care food producers. To do.
・Just by mixing with hot water, you can easily add another item without trouble, and you can take nutrition such as protein “Balance menu Uragoshi style material grilled salmon flavor / grilled shrimp flavor / boiled bean flavor” 3 powder type nursing care food. It will be on sale from the 13th of the month.
・In particular, we will focus on the growing “soft food” and work to increase awareness of the “balanced menu” through sampling among professionals such as medical and nursing care workers and caregivers. ■ Review of major brands in 2022
 In 2022, we will solve social issues and contribute to the
realization of our customers’ “healthy mind and body” by providing various “deliciousness + α” values ​​through “multi-sword style”. ], we worked to provide value unique to Asahi Group food products, focusing on major brands.
In addition to the simultaneous renewal of the four main products of the “Regular” series, “Mintia” is a product that supports various eating scenes, such as items recommended for refreshing during the game and items that realize the strongest spicy and sour taste in the history of “Mintia”. , and conducted advertising and sales promotions. The annual sales amount was 14.8 billion yen (103% of the previous year), surpassing the previous year’s results for the first time in three years.
 By developing products that capture the need for shorter working hours and heightened health consciousness, sales of “Amano Foods”, “Ippon Manzoku Bar”, and “Dear-Natura” greatly exceeded those of the previous year, responding to diversifying lifestyles. “Amano Foods” (miso soup) achieved annual sales of 16.7 billion yen (102% compared to the previous year) due to increased demand for multi-meal (5-meal and 10-meal products) established as stockpiled food. Sales of “Ippon Manzoku Bar” increased 4% year-on-year, driven by the protein series, and “Dear-Natura” rose 6% year-on-year, with vitamin-related products and the protein product “Day-Natura Active” series doing well due to the growing awareness of self-care.
“Wakodo” (baby food) has contributed to childcare in dual-income households, etc. with its easy cooking and rich lineup, and has increased by 11% compared to the previous year. This contributed to the reduction of the burden on those who prepare nursing care food in home nursing care, and the increase was 108% compared to the previous year.

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