Asahi Group Foods Co., Ltd. “Mintia cream soda” and “Mintia pudding” released on March 6

Asahi Group Foods Co., Ltd.
“Mintia cream soda” “Mintia pudding” released on March 6
Proposing the fun and happiness of eating sweets with the theme of new retro. For the first time since the launch of Mintia, we have adopted a thin-walled, lightweight container to reduce the amount of plastic used.

Asahi Group Foods Co., Ltd. (Headquarters in Tokyo, President Hiroshi Kawahara) will release “Mintia Cream Soda” and “Mintia Pudding” from the regular series of “MINTIA” from March 6th. Under the theme of new retro, we will provide the fun of eating sweets and the feeling of happiness, and will strengthen the lineup for the refreshing scene of young users in their teens and twenties.

■ Product features
・The taste is based on the image of a popular retro coffee shop menu. The retro culture boom continues, especially among young people. We will develop products with the theme of new retro aimed at.
・ “Cream soda” is a melon soda-flavored tablet combined with vanilla ice-flavored candy chips to create a cream soda flavor with a nostalgic sweetness.
・ “Pudding” is a pudding-flavored tablet with the scent of eggs and candy chips that resemble a bittersweet caramel sauce, giving it a pudding taste with a nostalgic sweetness.
・The package has a simple and retro label design with a dot pattern for “Cream Soda” and a striped pattern for “Purin”.
・For the first time since the launch of Mintia, a thin-walled and lightweight container will be used. The amount of plastic used is reduced by 11% compared to the regular series containers. On the back of the package, a unique eco-friendly mark [Eco by reducing CO2] will be printed.
■ About the Mintia brand
The “Mintia” brand, which has the highest sales in the tablet candy market*, has developed a diverse product lineup that focuses on everything from the taste, texture, and packaging of tablet snacks. In 2023, we will strengthen our response to refreshment, which is the essential value of the brand, and contribute to mental health through refreshment by eating Mintia. 108%). In addition, we will work on the thinning of the container for the first time since the launch of “Mintia” and promote the development and deployment of environmentally friendly products.
*Intage SRI+/candy market 2021.12-2022.11 Cumulative sales amount 【Product Summary】
Product name: Mintia cream soda / Mintia pudding
Contents: 50 grains (7g)
Release date March 6th
Release area Nationwide
Details about this release:


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