Asahi Kasei Homes Corporation Launch of online service for new rental property applications

Asahi Kasei Homes Corporation
Launched online service for new applications for rental properties Improving the Convenience of Resident Applicants by Digitizing Real Estate Transactions -Smooth application for apartment search with a smartphone-

Asahi Kasei Real Estate Residence Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshiki Kodama) is a real estate information service provider At Home Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Yasushi Tsurumori; hereinafter, At Home) We are pleased to announce that we have launched a service that allows you to apply for rental properties online by introducing “Smart Application” provided by. [Image 1

With the revision of the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act in May 2022, the digital transformation (DX) of the entire real estate industry is accelerating, including the progress of computerization in real estate transactions. By introducing the online application system “Smart Application” and making the application procedure online, we aim to reduce the time and burden of applying for tenants.
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By making it possible to apply for housing on the web, we will provide “comfortable housing search” to prospective tenants.
Point 1. Paperless reduces the hassle of filling out and sending documents This eliminates the troublesome task of manually filling out the same content in multiple documents, such as those for applications and screening, and reduces the burden on prospective tenants. According to At Home’s survey, about 70% of students and working people under the age of 30 who have signed a rental contract answered that it was troublesome to handwrite the documents necessary for moving in applications and contracts. However, it is possible to meet these needs.
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At Home Co., Ltd. User Trend Survey UNDER30 2021 Rental Edition Point 2. You can register application information without worrying about location or business hours
There is no need to go to a real estate agency to apply, and you can apply anytime, anywhere.
There is also a growing need for online procedures for those who wish to move in. According to At Home’s survey, when we asked those considering moving to a rental property how they would like to proceed with the application procedure in the future, they answered, “Use a smartphone or computer at home to fill in and send a web form.” was 41.3%. With this introduction, prospective tenants do not need to come to the store and can apply online anytime, anywhere with a single smartphone.
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At Home Co., Ltd. Looking for a home in the new normal era 2021 rental edition Point 3. You can shorten the waiting time from application to contract Until now, when applying on paper, there was a time lag in mailing, etc., and it sometimes took 2 to 3 days from application to contract. can go to
The most common number of days it took for students and working people under the age of 30 to sign a rental contract was “about 1 week” for students and “about 2 weeks” for working people. There are a certain number of people who decide within three days. With this introduction, prospective tenants will be able to shorten the lead time from application to contract, making it possible to sign a contract more quickly.
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At Home Co., Ltd. User Trend Survey UNDER30 2021 Rental Edition [Service overview]
“Smart Application” is a service that has been provided by At Home since August 2019, allowing you to apply online by simply entering the necessary information in a special form. am.
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Asahi Kasei Fudosan Residence will contribute to enriching lives by proposing ways of living that are close to lifestyles and providing high-value-added rental housing through the rental housing “Hebel Maison.”
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