Asahi Logistics Co., Ltd. The 25th Safety First Dream Convention will be held on Saturday, January 28.

Asahi Logistics Co., Ltd.
The 25th Safety First Dream Event will be held on Saturday, January 28th. -Considering the corona wreck, pre-recorded video distribution and live broadcast held online-

Asahi Logistics Co., Ltd. (Omiya Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture / President and CEO Motoki Yokotsuka), a logistics infrastructure company that supports the diet of 5 million people every day with 1,400 trucks and over 2,300 drivers, announced on January 28 ( We will hold the 25th Safety First Dream Meeting on Saturday. Aiming to become “the safest company in Japan” and to raise safety awareness, this event was previously held at the venue by service drivers from each base. From this year, it will be held online by video distribution. In addition to the pre-recorded video, part of the lottery will be broadcast live in the second part of the second half. This event, which is held every January, raises safety awareness and pledges to achieve zero accidents for a year. .
What is the New Year’s Dream of Safety Contest?
This is an in-house event that has been held since 1998 as one of our company’s three major safety events (safety first dream competition, driver contest, and safety gathering). Aiming to be the safest company in Japan, this event aims to raise safety awareness.
1. Announcement of safety initiatives
2. Commendation for safety
3. A lottery to return to employees the amount of cost reductions due to the annual decrease in accidents, such as reductions in automobile insurance premiums and reductions in repair costs.
It is a festival of safety at the beginning of the year where service drivers from each base gather and swear no accidents for the year. Every year, more than 100 service drivers gathered at the venue, but in consideration of the corona disaster, it will be held online via Zoom from 2021.
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1st prize lottery live distribution (when held in 2022)

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The first prize will be a passenger car! (The photo is from 2019) Overview of the 25th Safety First Dream Contest
Date: Saturday, January 28, 2023 13:00-14:30
Venue: Online (held via Zoom video distribution)
* Only the top winners of the second part of the lottery will be live-streamed. Live broadcast venue: Asahi Logistics Co., Ltd. Namerikawa Fukuda Center (391-3 Fukuda, Namerikawa-cho, Hiki-gun, Saitama)
Part One
1. Activity announcement (introduction of safety action instructor* activities) 2. Award for Excellence in Accident-Free and Safety Measures Index 3. Painting contest and other awards, etc.
Second part
1. No-accident award lottery results announced (1st to 200th) *1st to 9th prizes will be drawn and distributed live, etc.
* Please refer to the attached document for “Safety Action Instructor”. On the day of the event, you will be able to watch the video broadcast on Zoom. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests. Attached material
About the Safety Action Instructor (SI) system
1. What is the SI system?
We are actively supporting the challenge of women and inexperienced drivers to become drivers. One of them is the utilization of the company’s own driver training facility “Namekawa Fukuda Center” (Namekawa Town, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture / opened in March 2017). This is a training facility where you can learn the characteristics of trucks, driving techniques and manners through real-life experiences under the guidance of dedicated instructors with extensive experience. We started the SI system in November 2019 with the aim of further eliminating accidents and improving the retention rate. We certify instructors as system integrators who can provide the same level of instruction as training at the Namerikawa Fukuda Center, and assign them to each base. I aim.
Currently, 36 SIs are active at each base, and we aim to have them assigned to all bases by April 2023.
[Image 3

2.Overview of SI system
1. Eradication of accidents and suppression of serious accidents by standardizing guidance for drivers company-wide
2. Secure excellent human resources and improve retention rate by improving the environment for driver education
[Operation start date]
November 15, 2019
[Job description]
1. General safety guidance such as follow-up audits, guidance on boarding, and determination of driving skills
2. Consultation on driver work and elimination of anxiety
3. Guidance and education as an operation manager regarding guidance and supervision guidelines (No. 1366)
[Flow to SI certification]
After selecting candidates (recommendation/candidacy), 10 days of in-house training (driving skills,
Preparation as a leader, teaching practice), subject / skill test, executive interview, external training
Officially accredited after taking the course. Applicants will be awarded an armband and a certificate.
[Image 4d54516-51-9ec61636f11329fa1d5d-2.jpg&s3=54516-51-ca2d2979f717dc5e67dc65eccfff7cef-3900x2600.jpg
SI certification ceremony
3. Training facility for service drivers “Namekawa Fukuda Center” The Namerikawa Fukuda Center is a training facility exclusively for drivers where they can learn driving skills and knowledge. Opened in March 2017, by the end of December 2022, more than 2,200 drivers have completed new employee training and made their debut as drivers. Instructors are nationally certified instructors with experience as driving school instructors and instructors at the Japan Trucking Association Training Center. Drivers who have newly joined our company, regardless of their experience, undergo training for 3 nights and 4 days here. In addition, after the driver’s debut, the system for follow-up is also enhanced, such as individual danger prediction training by the safety and quality management department, review, experience and sharing of worries through group training, further improving and rewarding as a driver. We have a follow-up system in place to ensure this.
[Image 5d54516-51-02279071c1acf33c6c52-4.png&s3=54516-51-22e38b2df95358c68fd25a02d5c7ef59-669x139.png
At the Namerikawa Fukuda Center, we have not only an S-shaped course, cranks, and slopes just like a driving school, but also a movable berth that is unique to the transportation industry. We have four training vehicles, mainly 4-ton wide trucks and 3-ton trucks (manual and automatic), which account for the majority of our trucks. Equipped with various safety devices such as Special equipment such as “around view monitor” and “entanglement prevention confirmation lamp” are also equipped. It is used not only as a training center, but also as a venue for events held by the company and traffic safety classes hosted by nearby schools. It can also be used by local residents as an evacuation center in the event of a disaster.
Since the opening of the Namerikawa Fukuda Center in March 2017, the number of inexperienced employees joining our company has been increasing year by year, and 40.7% of the total number of new employee training participants has been inexperienced.
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