Ashishita Industry Co., Ltd. FOOT INDUSTRY 2023 Spring/Summer New Releases Start

Ashshita Industry Co., Ltd.
FOOT INDUSTRY Spring/Summer 2023 New Releases Start

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This time, we will announce the Spring / Summer 2023 collection at FOOT INDUSTRY, a shoe brand handled by Ashshita Industry Co., Ltd. At 23SS, we propose new discoveries by combining FOOT INDUSTRY’s distinctive craft technology with carefully selected natural materials. The design is easy to match with many genres of fashion, so you can add playfulness and individuality to various styles of fashion. You can feel the craftsmanship from the stitching that has been carefully selected for details. Traditional techniques are used to create a more luxurious craft feel, and the natural material that feels good to the touch provides a comfortable fit.
Styling & Direction : Ryota Yamada
Photography : Genki Nishikawa (mild)
Model : Paul (Donna)
FOOT INDUSTRY is based on urban simplicity that eliminates waste, and uses special materials with excellent durability and knit materials that emphasize comfort in designs that have a mode and street atmosphere. It is a brand that combines design and functionality. What is Ashishita Kogyo Co., Ltd.? We create optimal “handkerchiefs” that fit Asian feet. Ashishita Kogyo, headquartered in Japan, a leader in Asian fashion, has a mission to establish a sneaker authority company, and develops the brand FOOTINDUSTRY with the vision of “creating the best “Hakimono” that fits Asian feet”. . As Lao Tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” The “first step” to advance on any path is an experience that has not changed since ancient times. Established in 2015 to create “Hakimono” as a partner to support your “first step”.
・Designer: Zhao Ming
Zhao Ming, Representative Director of Ashishota Industry Co., Ltd. Born in 1993. Influenced by Japanese street culture, in order to build an identity, he entered a shoe design department at Tokyo Bunka Fashion University after working at a shoe processing factory. In 2015, when he was still in school, he established Ashshita Kogyo Co., Ltd. Based on the urban simplicity that eliminates waste, the brand “FOOT” combines functionality with a design that has a mode street atmosphere, special materials with excellent durability, and knit materials that emphasize comfort. INDUSTRY”.
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