ASICS Marketing Letter ASICS and Google Support Visually Impaired Runners Six visually impaired runners complete “ASICS World Ekiden 2022” without an escort runner

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ASICS and Google Support Visually Impaired Runners Six visually impaired runners complete ASICS World Ekiden 2022 without an escort runner

ASICS Corporation (hereafter, ASICS), together with Google LLC (hereafter, Google), has taken on the challenge of participating in the virtual Ekiden race “ASICS World Ekiden 2022” with only visually impaired runners. supported
All six runners used the “Project Guidelines” to connect the sash and completed a total of 42.195km without an escort runner.
[Image 1d20802-134-8be3b82e07f4f6a543e6-0.jpg&s3=20802-134-6b8f8173198070d512d2860a5e2a976e-1500x843.jpg
This challenge was carried out using Google’s research and development project “Project Guideline”, and on November 12, 2022, six visually impaired runners belonging to the NPO Achilles International Japan achieved by
Under the founding philosophy of “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, ASICS aims to provide products, services, and environments that contribute to improving the physical and mental health of people around the world. Going forward, we will continue to work toward the realization of a world where everyone can be involved in exercise and sports for the rest of their lives and stay healthy in mind and body. 〇 Comment from Mr. Masatoshi Shigeta, representative of NPO Achilles International Japan
It was a really valuable experience for 6 people to run 42.195km together. It was a long-cherished wish for us to be able to run independently without an escort runner. I hope that technologies like the “Project Guideline” will develop more and more in the future. 〇Video link
〇 About “ASICS World Ekiden 2022”
“ASICS World Ekiden 2022” is an ekiden-style relay marathon held from November 10th to 22nd, 2022. 42.195km is divided into 6 sections (5km3 section, 10km2 section, 7.195km1 section), and up to 6 people can be registered per team. Anyone from anywhere in the world can participate and share the joy of reaching a common goal together.
Runners use the ASICS Runkeeper to run their own distance and aim for the goal by connecting the unique “digital sashes” provided to each team. So far, 32,919 teams and 118,844 people have participated. In total, participants have driven more than 70,000 hours and covered a total distance of 578,823 km, equivalent to more than 14 laps around the earth.
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〇 About “Project Guidelines”
About 60% of people in Japan exercise on a daily basis, but only about 30% of those with visual impairments do so. *1 Enjoying sports and having the opportunity to participate in sports is a right guaranteed by law to everyone. “Project Guideline” is an initiative that started as a small step towards a society in which all people can freely and independently pursue their potential, and is based on machine learning technology that runs on Android smartphones. I am using recognition model. It recognizes colored lines on the ground, instantly decides whether the line is to the left, right or center of the runner and sends an audio signal through headphones. Runners rely on the sound to enjoy running without straying from the line.
*1 From 2020 “Survey Research on Promotion of Participation in Sports by Persons with Disabilities” and “Public Opinion Survey on Sports Implementation Status” (Sports Agency)
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[Image 4d20802-134-331dcf1d3b2d4655e40b-3.jpg&s3=20802-134-5cfcb2116691b07404b9529d90416032-1500x844.jpg
〇 About NPO Achilles International Japan
An NPO that aims to enable people with disabilities and able-bodied people to enjoy running and walking together.
〇 ASICS Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives 〇 ASICS Blog special content Details about this release:


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