Asoview Co., Ltd. Asoview, Ridilover, Hanamaru Gakushukai, and Keio University have launched a project to eliminate disparities in collaborative experiences and nurture children’s ability to live.

Asoview Co., Ltd.
Asoview, Ridilover, Hanamaru Gakushukai, and Keio University are working together to eliminate disparities in experience and launch the “Children’s Experiential Disparity Elimination Project” to nurture children’s zest for life.
-Aiming to provide experience opportunities to 1,000 children by 2025-
Asoview Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter: Asoview) Representative Executive Officer Tomohisa Yamano, Ridilover Co., Ltd. (Location: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter: Ridilover) Representative Director Toshiki Abe, Koyu Co., Ltd. (Location: Saitama) Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, hereafter: Hanamaru Study Group) Representative: Masanobu Takahama and Professor Makiko Nakamuro, Department of Policy Management, Keio University, launched the “Children’s Experience Disparity Elimination Project” on January 26, 2023 (Thursday). increase.
Children who are lacking opportunities for various “experiences” due to difficulties such as economic difficulties and school refusal can gain “the power to live as themselves” through nature, culture, and social experiences. We will continue to work towards the realization of society.
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■ About the children’s experience disparity elimination project overview
A project that aims to solve the problem of experience disparities that Japanese children face by providing a variety of experiences so that children in difficult circumstances such as economic hardship and school refusal can develop “the ability to live as themselves”. Asoview, Ridilover, Hanamaru Gakushukai, and Keio University are collaborating and leveraging their respective strengths to make various efforts toward the realization of a society without experience disparities. First of all, we aim to provide 1,000 children with experience opportunities over the three years until the end of March 2025, conduct a fact-finding survey on “experiences with children” for policy proposals, and raise operating funds.
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Background to launching a project to eliminate disparities in children’s experience
In recent years, the importance of non-cognitive abilities such as cooperativeness and perseverance that cannot be measured numerically has been emphasized. According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, such as the 2020 report on the results of survey research on hands-on activities for young people, non-cognitive abilities also change depending on whether they have experienced nature or community activities in their childhood. has become clear. The introduction of AO entrance examinations, which emphasize experience, has progressed at national and public universities, and the number of high school students studying abroad reached a record high before the corona crisis. Getting a “good experience” that nurtures it is an important issue for modern children.
However, there are children in environments where it is difficult to gain such experiences. For example, there are children from relatively poor families, who are said to be one in seven children in Japan, and children who do not attend school, which will reach a record high of 244,940 in 2021.
In addition, changes in social conditions in recent years have further exacerbated the “experience disparity” faced by children in such an environment where economic hardship and social isolation tend to occur. For example, 40% of youth education facilities such as Shizen no Ie are expected to be abolished.
 Compared to, for example, children’s learning and eating
difficulties, this “experience disparity” has not been recognized, and it is difficult to say that the support system is sufficient. We will start this project with the aim of creating a society in which everyone can “live as they please” by guaranteeing diverse experience opportunities for children with difficulties.
Thoughts in the logo
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I cannot forget the shock I felt when I first heard the term “children’s experience gap.” An increasing number of children are unable to experience things that are taken for granted by others for various reasons. The fact that this reality must be given a “name” as a social issue. Now is the time for adults to wave their flags and move forward instead of sneaking around while looking down. I designed this flag logo because I wanted to cherish the feelings of my colleagues involved in the project. It is my sincere hope that many children will love this logo design, which looks like a carp streamer swimming energetically.
-Logo Statement Development-
Planning and production: Hakuhodo
 ECD: Satoshi Chikayama (MDX unit executive creative director) AD: Yutaro Kajikawa (3rd BX Creative Department Art Director) AE: Tatsuya Asakawa (Account Executive, Theme Business Design Department) Main activities
(Involvement of participating companies, organizations, etc. in providing experience opportunities and in surveys and research) [Image 4

1. Providing hands-on opportunities for children
 Experience nature, society, and culture at the same time, and expect children’s proactive participation. Over the three years until the end of March 2025, we will face difficulties
We aim to provide opportunities to 1,000 children. To do.
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2. Investigation and research on “children and experiences”
 Aiming to promote understanding and expand support for disparities in experience, we will work on field surveys and research on “children and experiences”. Under the supervision of Professor Makiko Nakamuro, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University, we partnered with organizations that support children in various fields such as learning and food, and based on a fact-finding survey of about 150
organizations and 10,000 households. , we aim to make proposals on the background factors of experience disparities and how better experience opportunities should be based on them.
3. Procurement of operating funds
We will set up a donation window to solicit support for eliminating experience disparities. Donations will be solicited on Japan’s largest reservation site “Asoview!” (, which specializes in providing experiences.
In addition, we will work to create a sustainable business model, such as promoting corporate sponsorship and collaboration, and utilizing various subsidies and subsidies so that children with difficulties can gain various experience opportunities free of charge.
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Aso View! Inside the dedicated page for receiving donations
“[Children’s Experience Disparity Elimination Project Fundraising] Memories of ‘experiences’ for children”

(Reference: About future efforts)
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project member
・ Asoview Co., Ltd. CEO Tomohisa Yamano
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Our company, whose mission is “To live, play,” is working on business with the desire to improve society by adding play to clothing, food, and shelter, which are the elements that color life. We also offer a variety of play and experience opportunities for families, including children, and holidays spent with friends. For us, who know the importance of such play and experience, we cannot overlook the situation where there is a disparity in them. I believe that the issues facing society are issues that need to be resolved by working together with everyone who is a member of society. Based on our mission, we will fulfill our social responsibilities by providing opportunities for play and experiences.
・ Representative Director of General Incorporated Association Ridilover / Representative Director of Ridilover Co., Ltd. Toshiki Abe [Image 9

What we have come to see in the activities of Ridilover, which faces all kinds of social issues, is that behind many social issues lies the problem of inequality of opportunity in childhood. However, in the recent social climate that emphasizes experience and experience, “education”, which is supposed to cut into such a vicious cycle, actually strengthens the reproduction of disparities and encourages the fixation of social classes. We are making progress. Stopping the fixation of this social class is the heavenly mountain for the next generation. We will work together with many people who share the same aspirations to eliminate the disparities in children’s experiences. ・Hanamaru study group representative Masanobu Takahama
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 Ridilover Co., Ltd. (
 Koyu Co., Ltd. (
Makiko Nakamuro Laboratory, Keio University
Secretariat: 3-9-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (within Ridilover Co., Ltd.) Website:
■Overview of each group
[Asoview Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Asoview Co., Ltd.
Location: Gate City Osaki East Tower 8F, 1-11-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Established: 2011
Representative: Tomohisa Yamano, Representative Executive Officer and CEO Business description: Reservation marketplace business for play and leisure activities, DX promotion business for the leisure industry, etc.
[Ridilover Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Ridilover Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-9-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Inokuchi Building 2F Established: 2013
Representative: Representative Toshiki Abe
Business: Web media and community projects dealing with social issues, education and training projects related to social issues, conference projects, educational projects, collaborative projects with companies and government agencies
[Koyu Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Koyu Co., Ltd.
Location: 9-19-10 Tokiwa, Urawa Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture Established: 1993
Representative: Representative Masanobu Takahama
Business contents: Cram school and early childhood education management business, outdoor experience event management business, lecture / workshop management business, teaching material development business, learning guidance and operation start business for public education period, Internet media business, etc.
[Keio University Faculty of Policy Management]
University/Faculty Name: Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University Location: 5322 Endo, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture (Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus)
Founded: 1990
Dean: Taiyo Tsuchiya
Research Areas: Policy Design, Social Innovation, International Strategy, Management/Organization, Sustainable Governance
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