Association for Promotion of Financial Data Utilization 2023 New Year Message from the Representative Director

Financial Data Utilization Promotion Association
2023 New Year Message from the Representative Director

The Association for Promotion of Financial Data Utilization
(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takuro Okada, hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) has announced its New Year’s impressions for 2023.
New Year’s remarks
I would like to send my New Year’s greetings.
In Japan’s financial industry, digitalization is progressing and the positioning of channels is changing significantly. I feel that we have entered a new normal era where not only stores but also digital channels are taken for granted.
Along with these changes, the amount of data held by financial institutions has increased dramatically, and it has become
increasingly important to understand customer trends and needs in a data-driven manner. . In addition, as technologies such as AI and data science have become commonplace, we have entered a practical phase where not only the novelty of the technology is attracting attention, but also whether the technology can be used to solve customer problems. did.
The Association for Promotion of Financial Data Utilization started its external activities in June last year with the mission of “updating the possibilities of people and organizations with financial data.” After that, the number of members exceeded 100 in half a year, and four committees (Planning and Publishing Committee, Data Competition Committee, Standardization Committee, and Public Relations Committee) were established as the pillars of activities, and about 60 people were core members. I was appointed as a member of the committee. More than 1,000 people have participated in the study sessions and Meetups held over the past six months. Last year was a year in which the foundation for the activities of the Association was established and exchanges across the boundaries of the financial industry became more active.
This year, we will deepen various initiatives based on the three pillars of “contributing to the development of AI and data utilization human resources,” “organizational standardization of financial data utilization,” and “establishment of industry standards for data utilization.”
Regarding the first pillar, “Contributing to the development of human resources who utilize AI and data,” we held the first “Data Analysis Competition Across the Financial Industry” using artificial data that is close to the actual practice at financial institutions in Japan. increase. In addition, we plan to publish a book that brings together the practical know-how of data scientists at each financial
institution. Through these activities, we will contribute to the creation of an environment where it is easy to learn for those who want to start data science at financial institutions.
With regard to the second pillar, “organizational standardization of financial data utilization,” a committee composed of experts representing the financial industry and experts with high-level expertise plays a central role in establishing standards for organizations that should utilize financial data. We will formulate After enactment, we will use this check sheet to conduct fixed-point observations of the status of data utilization organizations at each financial institution, thereby raising the level of data utilization in the financial industry as a whole.
Regarding the third pillar, “establishment of industry standards for data utilization,” the success stories of association members have been summarized as “industry standards for financial data utilization” so that financial institutions can refer to them when they start using data. , we will work to expand horizontally within the industry. By establishing data utilization standards for these three pillars, that is, human resources, organizations, and use cases in the financial industry, we will create an environment in which each person working at financial institutions can play an active role,
contributing to the development of the financial industry and society as a whole. I am confident that we can.
To that end, we will not only strengthen activities in which members of our association cooperate with each other, but also increase activities that are specialized for each industry and generation, and further revitalize the place where members can solve problems. We will measure. In addition, we would like to continue exchanging information with related ministries and organizations, including the Digital Agency and the Financial Services Agency, and support the creation of a new society and economy.
January 1, 2023
Financial Data Utilization Promotion Association
Representative Director Takuro Okada
About Financial Data Utilization Promotion Association
[Image 1

Amidst the rapid progress of digitalization in the financial industry, the Association aims to contribute to the development of the industry and companies and to the improvement of individual skills. Therefore, financial institutions and AI startups gathered and launched. Mission
“Let’s update the possibilities of people and organizations with financial data” vision
for personal success
Developing data utilization standards for financial institutions Communicating the attractiveness of the financial industry
[Main activities]
(1) Creation of “Standardization of Financial Data Utilization” for the purpose of promoting the utilization of AI and data by financial institutions
(2) Exchange of information and collaboration with related
organizations within the financial industry
(3) Holding and operating a data analysis competition that conveys the appeal of financial data
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Photo from left
Director: Hiroki Shiraishi, Representative Director: Takuro Okada, Director: Yuko Kawai, Director: Ichio Sato, Director: Koji Kida, Director: Satoshi Tanaka
Representative Director
Takuro Okada Digital Agency Project Manager
Ichio Sato SBI Holdings Co., Ltd. President’s Office Big Data Deputy Director Yuko Kawai Representative Director and CEO of Japan Digital Design Co., Ltd. / General Manager of Corporate Planning Department, MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Special Assignment)
Ryo Iguchi, General Manager, Data Analytics Technology Development Department, Mizuho Daiichi Financial Technology Co., Ltd.
Koji Kida Chief Marketing Officer, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. Hiroki Shiraishi General Manager, Data Strategy Department, Sumitomo Mitsui Card Co., Ltd.
Satoshi Tanaka CEO, Trust Base Co., Ltd./Senior Researcher, Digital Planning Department, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited
Ryuji Noguchi Director and CMO of ELYZA Co., Ltd.
Takahiko Yasuhara, President and CEO, Mizuho-Daiichi Financial Technology Co., Ltd.
Mitsunobu Okubo Deputy Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Security Advisor, Ministry of Finance / Solution Architect, Service Group for Citizens, Digital Agency
Name: Financial Data Utilization Promotion Association
Representative Director: Takuro Okada
Date of establishment: April 25, 2022
Address: FINOLAB, 4F Otemachi Building, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004
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