Astena Holdings Co., Ltd. Notice of Commencement of Forest Business by Astena Minerva Co., Ltd.

Astena Holdings Co., Ltd.
Astena Minerva Co., Ltd. Notice of Commencement of Forestry Business – Balancing carbon negative and regional revitalization by creating sustainable forest resources –

Astena Minerva Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Suzu City, Ishikawa
Prefecture; Chairman: Keitaro Iwaki; President: Garakuno Shimizu) has announced that it will work to realize a self-reliant and
decentralized decarbonized society that makes use of forest resources in Ishikawa Prefecture. We will start a forest business in Suzu City. The purpose of this project is to solve local issues, improve the attractiveness and quality of the area, and form a sustainable local community through the construction of a decarbonized society. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions alone is not enough to create a decarbonized society.In order to reduce emissions to “net zero” for society as a whole, it is important to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, rather than the amount of absorption. It is necessary to create a state with a large amount of carbon (carbon negative).
“New plantation” and “appropriate forest management” can be mentioned as specific methods of carbon negative, but it is economically feasible to promote effective utilization of forest resources such as “production of green energy using unused wood”. ideally to be self-sufficient.
However, in agricultural and mountainous areas with abundant forest resources, sufficient use of forests is not being carried out due to various regional issues such as a shortage of local forestry workers, sluggish lumber prices, and a large number of privately owned forests whose owners are unknown. There is no current situation. In addition, poorly managed forests can become a factor in natural disasters and animal damage.
In this project, we will build a model that can achieve both carbon negative and regional revitalization by creating sustainable forest resources. By actually owning forests and partnering with local forestry business operators, we will develop new business models that solve current forestry issues and improve the profits of the forestry business. In addition, by increasing the number of properly managed mountains, we will increase the CO2 absorption capacity and achieve carbon negative.
Furthermore, we plan to promote this business while building technical partnerships with external collaborators such as Kao Corporation’s research and development department.

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