Asuka Net Co., Ltd. We will hold our first online seminar on “Aerial Display” technology that expands the range of activities in various places!

Asuka Net Co., Ltd.
“Aerial display” technology that expands the range of activities in various places We will hold our first online seminar!
~ Talking about the future possibilities of “future technology” seen in science fiction movies ~ [February 14, 2023 (Tuesday) 14:00]
Asukanet Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hiroshima City, Hiroshima
Prefecture, President Yuji Matsuo, hereinafter Asukanet), which develops the aerial display business, will hold a free online seminar on the cutting-edge technology “Aerial Display” on February 14, 2023. It will be held on Sunday (Tuesday) from 14:00.
Aerial displays that can be operated without directly touching the screen of objects and machines are expanding their range of activities in many places where infectious disease control and hygiene management are required. At the seminar, we will introduce the basic structure, value provided, applications and introduction examples of the “Aerial Display” using the “ASKA3D Plate” developed by our company, a pioneer company in the aerial display, and discuss future possibilities. Anyone, including those working in companies and research institutes and students, can participate, so please feel free to join us. [Image 1d18498-58-a182afe23abb49dbb47e-0.png&s3=18498-58-e80efdaa309f5c7711b0ee51b266cc95-571x206.png
Seminar overview
Date: February 14, 2023 (Tuesday) 14:00-14:45
Participation fee free (held online using Zoom)
*Advance application is required to view the seminar. Please apply below. After confirming your application, we will send you the Zoom URL for participation by email.
Speaker: Asukanet Co., Ltd. Aerial Display Division Sales Team Yohei Koguchi
[Image 2d18498-58-fc9503dc89b775a08d58-1.jpg&s3=18498-58-9f4abec5c0cd164cd17763f5b3c965a5-103x145.jpg
Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
After graduating from university, he worked in sales and planning at a major financial institution, and in 2017 joined Asukanet Co., Ltd.’s Aerial Display Division with the desire to “disseminate new things that do not exist in the world.”
As a sales/consultant, I am in charge of a wide range of clients, from national clients such as manufacturers and telecommunications departments to local governments, small and medium-sized enterprises, and university research institutes.
He pursues the possibilities of ASKA3D, an aerial display that is attracting attention from all over the world, and is working hard every day to realize the world view of science fiction movies. Program (45 minutes)
[Image 3d18498-58-e557e5e8b379a8f3f84a-2.png&s3=18498-58-3c049cb96585c6db448c8a5c692d8b29-144x126.png
(1) Self introduction
(2) What is an aerial display?
(3) Values ​​provided and applications of aerial displays
(4) Introduction example
(5) Future possibilities
Overview of “ASKA3D Plate”
Technology ahead of the times ASKA 3D plate *Patented
[Image 4d18498-58-be5a9813d4cf368aa020-3.png&s3=18498-58-04476567804efa8cd5f7317a8decece2-294x165.png
What is an aerial display?
It is a technology that displays images in the air by using the reflection of light, and is also called aerial imaging technology. Images appear in front of your eyes with the naked eye, without the use of special glasses.
By adding sensors and tactile sensations, it can also be used as an aerial touch panel, and demand for non-contact interfaces is increasing.
What is ASKA3D plate?
Asukanet’s ASKA3D plate is a special plate that successfully forms a real image in the air at an equal distance on the opposite side of the real image by passing it through a special panel made of glass or resin. Our company has obtained a patent for a new aerial imaging technology that is completely different from conventional holograms and integral photography. By fusing ASKA3D plates with the latest technologies, it is possible to create an interactive interface that gives visual, auditory, and tactile sensations.
ASKA3D Plate Site: Overview of Asuka Net
Company name: Asukanet Co., Ltd. ( Location: 3-28-14 Gion, Asaminami Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture 731-0138
Established: July 6, 1995
Capital: 490 million yen
Representative: Yuji Matsuo, President and Representative Director Business description: Funeral business
     Photo book business
Aerial display business
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