At the Isetan Shinjuku store, the “ISETAN Malt Festival” will be held for a week where you can enjoy beer an d whiskey to the fullest!

Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.
At the Isetan Shinjuku store, the “ISETAN Malt Festival” will be held for a week where you can enjoy beer and whiskey to the fullest!
Date: February 1st (Wednesday) to 7th (Tuesday), 2023, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm each day
Venue: Isetan Shinjuku Main Building B1F Grand Curve Western Liquor Corner [Image 1

Last February, many customers visited the “ISETAN Malt Festival to enjoy beer and whiskey”. , It will be held at the main building B1 floor grand curve. With the theme of learning and enjoying the charm of beer and whiskey, which are mainly made from malt (barley), we will hold seminars and paid tastings to enjoy the profound world of beer and whiskey during the period. Lottery sales of rare limited products and a large number of whiskeys limited to events will be available. This is a very attractive event not only for whiskey and beer fans, but also for those who are opening the door to the new world of beer and whiskey.
Click here for the special site ↓↓ Paid tasting of limited whiskey and beer
[Image 2

During the exhibition period, there will be paid tastings of Japanese whiskey and popular brands representing the six major Scotch whiskey producing regions.
As for beer, on February 5th (Sunday), we will be holding a paid tasting of craft beer from a popular domestic brewery – West Coast Brewing – (Shizuoka Prefecture) for one day only, so please take this opportunity to try various whiskeys. and enjoy craft beer.
[Paid Tasting: Whiskey] February 1st (Wed) – 4th (Sat), 6th (Mon), 7th (Tue) [Paid Tasting: Beer] Sunday, February 5
■ Paid tasting venue: Isetan Shinjuku Main Building B1F Grand Cave Western Liquor Paid Tasting Counter
[NEW] Whiskey Seminar @ Kitchen Stage
In order to experience the charm of whiskey, we will hold a whiskey seminar by people involved in the whiskey distillery at the kitchen stage on the first basement floor of the main building.
We also offer a three-kind platter of appetizers devised by Kenichi Onodera, a Japanese restaurant – Kagurazaka Marutomi – so that you can enjoy the pairing of whiskey and food.
[Image 3

Bruichladdich Distillery Seminar
Date: February 3 (Friday) 18:45-19:30 (entrance starts at 18:30) Venue: Kitchen stage on the first basement floor of the main building  Visitor: Bruichladdich Distillery Ambassador Jack Chambers
 Seminar fee: 7,700 yen
Capacity: Up to 10 people each time
Advance reservation system: If the capacity is exceeded, a lottery will be held. ● Gaia Flow Shizuoka Distillery Seminar
Date: February 5 (Sun) 18:45-19:30 (entrance starts at 18:30) Venue: Kitchen stage on the first basement floor of the main building  Visitor: Hiroko Nakamura, representative of Gaia Flow Shizuoka Distillery  Seminar fee: 11,000 yen
Capacity: Up to 10 people each time
Advance reservation system: If the capacity is exceeded, a lottery will be held. *We also have whiskey that can be purchased exclusively for seminar participants.
-Assortment of 3 kinds of appetizers-
・Nanohana Smoked Salmon with Yuzu Jelly
・Kuruma prawn with roe, kombu seaweed, mizuna, yoro-kake
・Boiled Beef with Butterbur Miso
* For details such as how to make a seminar reservation, please refer to “Isetan Shinjuku Grand Curve Shop News”
Please check the URL → Introduction of popular brewery products in Japan and overseas We will introduce a wide range of products, from standard popular craft beer breweries to maniac items.
[This time’s recommended products]
[Image 4

– Vault City Brewing – Bruichladdich Barrel Aged Whiskey Sour 11.3% 375ml 1,952 yen
Brewed in Portobello, Edinburgh, using mixed fermented sours and aged in barrels for 9 months in Bruichladdich Distillery whiskey casks. The deep flavors from the barrels offer subtle notes of sweet oak and barley, perfected with acidity and smoky sweetness by the addition of hand-picked lemon balm, locally harvested from Islay and Scottish heather honey. A balance was created. This is a book that both beer and whiskey lovers should try.
[Other beer]
・Main domestic breweries
West Coast Brewing (Shizuoka), Shiga Kogen Beer (Nagano), Kutsubukotan Brewery (Hokkaido), etc.
・Main overseas exhibition breweries
Vault City Brewing (UK), Beavertown (UK), Brewdog (UK), Mikkeller (Denmark), etc.
Online store limited whiskey sales *Some products will be sold by lottery. For customers who cannot come to the venue, at the Isetan Mitsukoshi online store in line with this malt festival,
Lottery sales of limited whiskey and limited sales of special set products will be held.
Isetan Mitsukoshi online store
URL → -Pickup products-
[Image 5

-Ichiro’s Malt-×-Silver Oak- First Session Set ¥110,000 *Limited to 16 sets → This product is a lottery target product.
set content
・-Ichiro’s Malt- Chichibu Silver Oak Cask Finish 2022 48% 700ml×1 ・-Silver Oak- Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 750ml x 1 (This is wine.) The dream whiskey of the Japan-U.S. collaboration was completed by using unblended whiskey that has been aged for at least 8 years in bourbon barrels and maturing “Ichiro’s Malt” in barrels that were actually used to produce “Silver Oak” wine. I was.
Please enjoy the wonderful taste created by collaboration that transcends time and place, such as age of American oak, aging of wine, and aging of whiskey.
[Image 6

-Kanosuke Distillery-Single Malt Kanosuke 48% 700ml ¥9,900 *Limited to 18 bottles
→ This product is a lottery target product.
“Single malt Kanosuke” makes full use of the aging and blending techniques cultivated from the barrel storage shochu “Mellow Kozuru” created by Mr. A mellow whiskey that you can feel,” is a standard whiskey that will be the “face” of -Kanosuke Distillery-, which has been designed based on the unchanging concept.
We also sell limited whiskeys and popular French whiskey trial sets. ● About [Lottery target products]
Lottery application period: January 25 (Wednesday) 10:00 am to January 31 (Tuesday) 8:00 pm

From product lottery purchase to delivery
 STEP 1 Lottery application method
→ You can apply after logging in to the Isetan Mitsukoshi online store.

STEP 2 Lottery result
→ We will send the lottery results to your registered email address on Friday, February 3rd.
*For details, please check “From product purchase to delivery” on the special site.
 STEP 3 Method for receiving goods
→The product is scheduled to be shipped after February 15th. Once the delivery date has been decided, please email us again.
I will contact you.
● About [general products]
Sale period: January 25 (Wednesday) 10:00 am to February 7 (Tuesday) 8:00 pm Please check the details from the URL below.
URL → [About sales of alcoholic beverages]
*Drinking under the age of 20 is prohibited by law.
*If we cannot confirm that you are 20 years or older, we will not sell alcoholic beverages.
* The products of this project are sold based on the liquor sales license notification.
*All prices include tax.
* Standard tax rate (10%) and reduced tax rate (8%) are mixed for food. * Depending on the congestion situation, the number of items that can be purchased per person may be limited.
Please note.
※Please pardon the case of run out.
※The image is an image.
*Event contents may change depending on the situation. Please note.

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